The 6 Best AK Parts Kits – AK 47 / 74 Build Reviews 2019

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Getting the right AK parts kit isn’t too hard if you know what you’re doing. While it is true the heyday of cheap AK’s made from Soviet bloc parts kits is pretty much over, the AK-47 itself is not going anywhere anytime soon. Once the cheapest modern sporting rifle on the market, the AK is becoming a mid-range to premium product, with high end guns coming from Europe and entry-level guns being made to various qualities in the United States.

Now that AK’s are somewhat respectable again, there is one question on everyone’s mind: what are the best AK-47 parts? Well, that’s a pretty loaded question, but as always we like those sorts of questions and have endeavored to answer them in a helpful fashion. We’ve scoured the internet to find the right parts “kits,” though they’re really individual parts that, clobbered together, will beat any generic kit.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best AK parts kits on the market:

AK Adjustable Gas Piston Part

AK’s work well. They work well when dirty, they work well when dug out of a Ukrainian field after thirty years, and they work well with ammo that was pulled up off the bottom of a lake. This is great for a combat weapon, but accuracy can suffer from such loose tolerances.

A properly maintained AK is zeroed in for greedy capitalists, nosy journalists, and other enemies of the state, and while that is even good enough for deer hunting, it doesn’t allow the full potential of the rifle to be reached. AK’s are overgassed, which means more gas than is needed to cycle the piston. We aren’t fighting in mud though; we are shooting at the range.

This adjustable gas piston allows you to take control of your AK’s gas system, and dial it down to a reasonable, and functional level that will improve your accuracy and reduce wear and tear on your gun.

Quick Tip: Installing the KNS AK Adjustable Gas Piston

Magpul Zhukov Folding Stock Part for AK 47’s

AK-47’s are designed for use by conscripted soldiers the world over. Often from Third World countries and the former Soviet Union. Compared to the better fed western troops, Soviet troops could be smaller in stature. This is reflected in the almost tiny size of the AK stock. Designed for men sixty years ago, they just don’t fit a modern American fed on healthy fare like cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and Doritos Nacho Cheese. Plus, well, the design is pretty dated. But what to do?

Well, the good folks at Magpul have designed a five position adjustable, folding stock that can be fitted with cheek risers. This takes a one size fits all peasant rifle, and turns it into a one-size-fits-all modern humans rifle. And this wicked addition will make even the best AK parts kits better.

Magpul Zhukov AK-47 Stock Review (with Saiga SGL-21)

Enhanced AK-47 Trigger Part

You know what sucks more than a factory AR-15 trigger? A factory AK-47 trigger. Illiterate peasant-grade triggers are find for spray and pray human wave fighting, but not so much if you want to hit your target or at least be certain of where you rounds are going.

Probably one of the least appealing parts of the AK platform, triggers have long been a target for enhancement. This particular trigger features polished engagement points, a light pull, and is designed to improve accuracy for home defense or sport shooting.

It’s one great way to bring your AK kicking and screaming into the Free World, where men like their guns like they like their women: polished and refined.

AKT trigger (ALG DEFENSE) Best AK trigger ever

Ultimak AK Scout Rail Part

AK’s are not easy to scope. While newer ones often come with a side scope mount, we all know it’s better to mount over the barrel whenever possible. For decades, all sorts of weird Mickey Mouse schemes have been tried, ranging from dust cover mounts that are incapable of holding a zero, to more advanced scope mounts.

Ultimak simply decided the best thing to do was to throw out the leaky, old fashioned gas tube, and replace it with a modern, precision gas tube with a scope mount on top that stabilizes by clamping directly to the barrel. Not only does a precision gas tube enhance your accuracy but finally allows AK owners a way to attach a scope without weird side mounts or funky scout scope mounts—which makes this a necessary component of the best AK parts kits.

Ultimak AK-47 Scope Mount

Krebbs Custom Safety Part for AK 47 and 74

AK safeties work. That’s about all that can be said about them, along with the fact they were probably copied from the Remington Model 8, which means there is a little bit of John Moses Browning in the AK.

However, because this is the 21st century and we like our safeties to be a bit more ergonomic, and in the case of the AK-47, maybe lock the bolt back for added safety when we are at the range, something had to be done.

While it’s hard to improve on a Browning design, it was done, and Krebbs Custom offers what is probably the best AK-47 safety on the market today. Browning and Kalashnikov would be proud.

How To Install A Krebs Custom Enhanced AK-47 / AK-74 Safety (HD)

Blackheart Firearms AK-47 Barreled Action Part

You’ll want an AK-47 to go with these parts. Might as well build one from the bare minimum. Blackheart Firearms does all the hard work of welding receiver rails, riveting trunions, and pinning the barrel in place. You just build it with your choice of surplus and new production parts to get your dream AK-47.

AK 47 Underfolder Stock Assembly / installation (close up)

Best AK Parts Kits Conclusion

The best AK-47 parts are readily identified by the ways in which they enhance the utility and function of your rifle. We know the AK-47 is a fine rifle, but it is rarely refined for civilian sport shooting and hunting. However, it is fairly easy to do so. Purpose built sporting AK’s come from the factory built to a higher standard than milspec guns. But even milspec AK’s are easy to tune up.

Using the parts we showed you today, you can take even a dull, bone-stock AK and turn it into a more accurate, better performing, more comfortable shooting platform. By investing in the premium parts most military users don’t care about, you can turn the world’s most prevalent rifle into a hunting, home defense, and sport shooting carbine that you (and even Comrade Kalashniko)could really be proud of. Good luck!

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