The 4 Best Monoculars for Hunting — Compact Optics Review

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A monocular is a very simple optic that is often very easy, very compact, and very affordable. Hunters can utilize a monocular as a lightweight option that allows the hunter to scout effectively at ranges beyond normal eyesight. The advantage over a traditional rifle scope is you won’t have your weapon in a potentially unsafe area.

When shopping for a monocular, a hunter should focus on a few different factors. First off is durability since hunting can lead you into a number of harsh conditions. You’ll be exposed to everything from water, to bumps, falls and bruises. The next factor is the optic sufficient in power. If you are hunting in the plains of Texas, you’ll need something more powerful than something designed to be used in the Southeast. The monocular also needs to present a clear and bright picture so the hunter can guarantee the animal he is looking at is legal for the hunt.

Here are, in our opinion, the 4 best monoculars for hunting (and there are plenty more where these came from).

Polaris Tracker

The Polaris Tracker is a 8 x 42 monocular that is designed for nearly any environment. The Polaris Tracker is completely waterproof and capable of surviving rain and extended periods in high humidity environments. The Polaris Tracker is designed for heavy field use and is not only resistant to water but is fog and dust proof as well. The Tracker is coated with a rubberized material designed to protect the optic for short falls, and drops.

The 42mm objective lens is extremely powerful and captures a significant amount of light. The wide objective lens gives the user a 388 foot field of view. The fully multi-coated lens are crystal clear and provide a top notch high definition picture. The 8 power magnification is very powerful and capable for nearly anything in the United States.

The Polaris Tracker even comes with a complete carrying case along with some other goodies like a shoulder strap and ebooks (see full specs). This monocular is lightweight, tough as heck, and conveniently easy to carry, making it one of the best monoculars for hunting.

Bushnell Bear Grylls Monocular

Designed with input from famed survivalist Bear Grylls, this Bushnell Monocular is very compact while also being very powerful. The Bear Grylls monocular is 8 x 32, which is quite sufficient for most encounters. The smaller 32mm lens is completely capable of gathering sufficient light in most situations. While you may lose some power, you do get a near pocket sized monocular. In fact, it could easily fit in a cargo pocket with room to spare.

The Bushnell Bear Grylls monocular optic utilizes some premium glass behind it. In fact it’s a premium quality BaK-4 prism, and it’s backed up by being fully multi coated. The focus ring is adjustable and a separate forward ring allows adjustment for variable eye relief distances. The optic is very easy to use with one hand and is very light.

The Bushnell Monocular is also water and fog proof, as well as coated with rubber armor. This allows the monocular to fall, bump, or be dropped. The rubberized armor is coated with superbly tiny ribs. This increases grip in all situations, but especially when your hands are wet or sweaty. The Bear Grylls monocular comes with an embroidered case for convenient carrying as well.

Celestron Outland 6×30

The Celestron Outland is likely the best compact monocular. It weighs only a hair over half a pound and is a mere six inches long and completely disappears into a front pocket. The 6 power is completely sufficient for most hunting except for maybe the plains out west. For those on the east coast, though, this micro monocular is perfect for nearly any situation.

The Celestron Outland is small, but uses a 30mm objective lens. This is quite wide for the little optic and lends itself well to gathering light and intensifying the user’s field of view. The fully multi coated lens is crystal clear and brilliant. Aided by its premium BaK 4 lens, this optic delivers a brilliant crystal clear picture, and the lens is hooded for maximum protection.

Of course, any monocular worth its salt has to be water and fogproof, and the Celestron Outland is no different. Sealed and covered with rubber the Celestron Outland is tough enough for the down and dirty fieldwork required when it comes to hunting. As a plus the Celestron Outland can be used with glasses. If you want a small, small optic, this is the best monocular for the money.

Night Owl Optics

The Night Owl optics NOXM50 is a little different from the other optics we’ve mentioned. This optic is actually a night vision monocular. This utilizes early generation night vision technology to provide a close range night vision picture for the user. The Night Owl optics night vision monocular is a five power optic, which is impressive for a night vision monocular.

Hunters using night vision has increased greatly with the rising population of wild hogs and the loosening of regulations on hunting invasive species. Night vision allows the hunter to own the night, so to speak, when hunting. This monocular can maximize light amplification 500x. The wide 50 mm gives the user a field of view of 200 feet.

The NOXM50 has an attached infrared device to aid in providing an increased amount of perceived light. The NOXM50 is an electronic optic, and does require a battery, but is rugged and tough enough that the electronics are plenty protected. The Nite Owl optic increases a hunter’s capability, and gives him true mastery over his environment. This is among the best night vision monoculars.

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A monocular is an excellent piece of gear that can be used for a variety of tasks. Monoculars are designed to be powerful and affordable. Easier to construct than both binoculars and traditional rifle scopes, a monocular is perfect for hunters—and we hope you’ve found the best monocular for hunting here. Good luck!

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