The 4 Best Compact Binoculars Under 100 Dollars – Reviews 2020

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So why get the best compact binoculars under 100 bucks? Well, binoculars are one of the most popular pieces of camping kit. Their ability to reach out and spot something is an invaluable tools to certain professions and certain hobbies. A good set of binoculars should be tough and ready for the outdoors. They should also provide you with a solid picture of the environment around you. Ideally, their magnification should be at least 8 power.

That’s great for normal sized binoculars, but what about compact binoculars? Luckily you can get all those features in any number of different sets of compact binoculars, even ones under 100 dollars. (Disclaimer: Though these products usually are under $100, there are price fluctuations. The real, current price is the one found on the Amazon page.)

Below are our recommendations for the best compact binoculars under 100 dollars on the market:

Barska Floatmaster Compact Binoculars

Barska has been a long time producer of affordable optics, the package a low price with excellent quality. The Barska Floatmaster binoculars are no different. The binoculars themselves are nearly indestructible, and designed for use on the water. Be it freshwater lakes or the Atlantic ocean, the Floatmaster stands ready. However, their general overall waterproof nature makes them handy for a variety of other roles off the water like hunting or general adventuring. The Floatmaster binoculars of course float and come in either black or in bright yellow for easy location in low light.

The Barska Floatmaster is compact and lightweight, but well padded for protection against drops and falls. The Barska has a 10 power magnification and a 30mm objective lens, which give a nice and wide field of view. At 100 yards you get a 262 foot field of view. The lens are fully coated for increased clarity and greater light transmission. The BK 17 glass is also very clear and resistant to abrasions and scratching. The Barska Floatmaster weighs a little under 18 ounces and is just a hair over six inches long.

The Floatmaster is equipped with a center focus dial and rubberized eye caps. Clarity is superb during the entire day, and the adding of ribs on the binocular make it easier to grip with wet or sweaty hands. These are really hard to beat for the best compact binoculars on a budget.

Nikon Aculon Compact Binoculars

If you want a set of superbly compact and lightweight binoculars and price isn’t a major issue, the Nikon Aculon set of compacts binoculars is perfect for you. They are priced right, but they worth every penny. The Aculon binos are among the lightest, compact binoculars I’ve ever held. They weigh a little less than ten ounces and fold small enough to fit in a jeans pocket. They can also be worn unobtrusively around the neck without the feeling of a neck workout or having something kick you in the chest every few minutes.

The Aculon (see full specs) has some of the best visuals I’ve seen in a set of Micro binoculars, especially when you consider the 25 mm lenses. The view is bright, clear, and provides a high definition view of the environment around you. This clear picture is brought to you by the Multicoated eco glass lenses. The prism is a BAK 4 as well, which contributes to the lens clarity.

In the field they work wonderfully. They have a 10 power magnification that allows you to get up close and personal with most objects of desire. They’d work well for hunters looking to keep it light as they move through the field, and they’d work well with hikers and scouts who need to carefully plan their expeditions. The weight makes them impossibly tempting and impossible to leave behind.

OutNow Tech Ultra Compact Binoculars

Maybe you’re not a big outdoorsmen, a fisher, or hunter, you’re just a guy or gal who likes watching the occasional animal or seeing a little further than normal. There are a set of Ultra compact binoculars that are designed to be pocket friendly. Perfect for the urban birder or occasional nature enthusiast. The OutNow Tech Ultra compact binoculars are designed to be as small as possible while remaining efficient and useful.

The Ultra Compact binoculars fold into each other to reduce overall size and weighs less than one pound. These small binoculars still pack a 10 power magnification, they cut the objective lens size to a more compact 25mm. You still get a nice and wide field of view though. These bad boys are housed in rubber to protect them from water and they are completely shockproof.

The picture viewed through the Ultra Compact is crystal clear, and you get a vivid image of the world in front of you. You lose some light gathering by having the smaller lenses, but it’s hard to notice if you aren’t already an optics enthusiast. These set are perfect for lightweight camper, or the occasional naturalist. The OutNow Tech Binoculars are small, lightweight, and easy to use, they are also priced to move, which easily makes them among the best compact binoculars.

Leupold Rogue Compact Binoculars

I could probably begin and end this review by saying these binoculars are sold by Leupold. That is all it would take for me to go and buy them. I guess I’m a bit of a Leupold fanboy, but it’s for good reason: they make great products. The Rogue compact binoculars are no different. These compact binoculars are a 8 power set with a 25mm objective lens.

The Rogue Compact (see full specs) takes all the well known features from the standard Rogue and shrinks everything just a bit. You don’t lose much, if any performance from the binoculars. You still get the award-winning Porro prism design, which isn’t affected by the shrinking of the binoculars. You get a remarkable level of clarity from this prism design, which is compounded by the fully multicoated lenses.

When you take a gaze through the Rogue compact your world changes, and yes I’m being dramatic, but it’s like going from an old-school Youtube to 4K in an instant. You just get a remarkably clear picture, it’s bright, and you can see everything. The Rogue compact is an amazing set of binoculars and is bound to satisfy your needs for a micro set of binoculars.

Leupold Rogue 8x25 Binoculars ''TABLE TOP REVIEW''

Buying the Best Compact Binoculars Under 100 Bucks

Compact binoculars doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality for size. There is no reason to get a cheap, toy grade set of binoculars just because you want to go small. Do not settle on the cheapest and smallest binoculars out there—pick a quality set of compact binos that can last through your adventures. Good luck!

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