The 4 Best Deer Attractant Foods – Reviews 2024

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Bringing deer to the stand is the key to a successful hunt. The old classic is corn, and the use of heavy and often expensive feeders. This is great, but can be illegal to use in some states. Plus, corn is almost always eaten by birds, squirrels, hogs and more.

A good deer attractant will bring deer to your standard be inconsequential to other animals. They should have a unique scent, one which only draws in deer. It also needs to be easy to disburse and hopefully easy to carry into the woods. The flavoring is important as well and needs to reflect what deer can eat in their environment.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best deer attractant foods on the market:

Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Deer Attractant

Evolved Habitats Deer cane is a mineral based spread that is designed to attract deer. The spread itself has an apple flavoring and scent to it. Perfect for Northeastern deer used to eating in apple orchards. The flavoring is supposedly slightly sweeter. I say supposedly because I haven’t personally eaten it, but it certainly smells sweeter. The Evolved Habitats deer cane mixture is easy to spread and can be done around your tree stand or in your pasture, or even in your yard if you just like seeing deer.

It’s plenty affordable for a five-pound package. It’s easy to carry, and can be thrown into a backpack or into the UTV or the back of an ATV. It’s very easy to tell if the Evolved Habitats deer cane is drawing the deer in. First and foremost, it’s so small they’ll have to paw, rut, and dig to get to the small sections. This leaves tell-tale signs of deer activity in your area. The deer cane leaves a vapor trail that brings deer in at the trail of your choosing.

The mixture has a variety of different minerals in it for deer health. Most of the minerals have a direct effect on the deer’s antlers. They encourage the growth and health of antlers, and when used throughout a deer’s life you’ll achieve a bigger, thicker, antler growth. This is a great and cheap deer attractant.

Evolved Habitat's Deer Cane Mix

Primos Molasses Stuffed Protein Block Deer Attractant

A nice thick brick of molasses is always attractive to deer. The PrimosStuffed Protein Block is a big, sticky mess that draws the deer in for a treat. The Primos brick is 18 percent protein that aids in overall deer health. That 18 percent protein aids in bone growth and health, as well as increased antler weight and length. The overall appearance of the antlers is going to improve significantly, and the deer get a healthy, tasty treat.

This block of protein weighs a mighty fifteen pounds. 15 pounds of protein and molasses that is made to last. This brick isn’t designed to be moved around, but put in place and left there. This is perfect for hunter’s using motion sensing cameras to capture pics of the game. This brick brings deer where you want them. This would be the perfect choice for the photographer or nature lover who wants to see deer up close and personal.

The brick has a lot of added vitamins as well. This is for just general deer health. The use of these bricks in the same area season after season will keep deer coming back. These will also keep deer healthier generation after generation. There are added sugars that also keep it sweet and has deer coming back over and over. This is among the best deer attractant foods around.

Antler King plot Mix Deer Attractant

The use of food plots to feed deer is quite common for landowners and hunters. Food plots are purposely placed in strategic locations. These locations are chosen in high traffic areas and in areas where hunters can easily cover. Food plots are areas where land is cleared and then a variety of grasses and plants are put in place. These draw in deer and keep them coming back until hunting seasons. The Antler King No Sweat, No-till Food Plot Mix is perfect for this.

These are all natural plants that deer already love. They are hardy plants and are provide a good source of nutrients for deer around the country. The mix, of course, requires zero tilling. This means all you have to do is spread it by hand. Reach in the bag, grab a handful and toss it out onto your food plot as you walk. Alternatively, you can use a seed spreader, but it’s not necessary.

Each bag is capable of planting a ¼ of an acre. The mix is perennials and annuals, something deer love. The downside is that it’s not instant. The upside is that they can pollinate and eventually reproduce and form as part of the environment. They will also not be washed away by a heavy rain. This should be on anyone’s list of the best deer attractant foods.

Wildgame Innovations Sugarbeet Crush Deer Attractant

Deer can be picky creatures, cautious creatures, and creatures that tend to dislike change. If you want deer for any length of time you can easily observe how peculiar they are. Fascinating creatures who like what they like. This includes sugar beets. Sugar beets are tricky to find, and you aren’t going to be regularly hauling produce to the woods with you. Instead, you can purchase the well-priced Sugarbeet crush deer attractant. This product comes from Wildgame innovations and is sold by 15 pound bags.

From the start you are getting plenty of deer food for very little money. The Wildgame innovations Sugarbeet Crush is extremely concentrated into dry bits. It’s easy to spread the Sugerbeet Crush around, and even comes with a carry package for easy spreading. The Sugarbeet Crush is made with both Sugarbeet and soybeans so it’s a healthy mixture and treat for deer.

This will keep them coming back time and time again. The Sugarbeet crush is affordable enough, and comes in a big enough bag that you can spread it in multiple locations and keep those deer coming back. Undoubtedly, Sugarbeet Crush is among the best deer attractant foods you can buy.

Bring the Deer to the Yard

Deer attractant is something that is often used by hunters. However, many types of people can benefit from these attractants. People who generally love nature can bring deer closer to making them easier to see. Nature photographers are another who can benefit from attractants. Either way, make sure when you buy one, buy one that matches your environments. That’s the biggest failures I see with people using attractants.

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