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The Eotech series of holographic red dots are some of the best holographic sights on the market. These optics have been adopted by the U.S. Military, hundreds of different police forces including the famed F.B.I. Hostage Rescue Team. Eotechs are known for their dependability and their precision and ease of use. There is a variety of different Eotech models and each serves a specific purpose.

Some Eotechs are designed for certain rounds and others designed to be as small and lightweight as possible. Eotechs are excellent optics all around. The entire line is well-built, but the best is the one designed for your specific needs. Shooters need to identify the right Eotech for their rifle, shotgun, or handgun and use it accordingly. There is something in the Eotech line for everyone and nearly any use.

Here are the best Eotechs for the money for the money:


When running an AR 15 or M4 rifle, there are issues regarding rail space. The AR 15 is equipped with plenty of rail space to use nearly any combination of accessories. However, not all weapons are that blessed with rail estate. For example, a traditional AK series does not have much room for accessories. To mount an optic use must use a small side mounting scope rail or a gas tube rail. When it comes to this amount of space, smaller is better. The XPS2 is a compact model of the famed Eotech design.

This allows not only the optic to be mounted on weapons with limited rail space, but allows the use of other accessories like a magnifier. The XPS2 is just as durable as its bigger brothers, and it not only waterproof but submersible to 33 feet. The XPS2 is shock and fog proof, as well as being made from high quality, aircraft-grade aluminum.

The XPS2 has an average battery life of six hundred hours at the 12th brightness setting. The optic also has a low battery indicator, and an auto shut-off after 8 hours. The optic turns on very fast and is instantly ready for action. The XPS2 is an excellent compact optic for rifles, shotguns, and even sub machine guns. If you want small, this is the best Eotech sight on the market.

Eotech XPS2-0/American Defense review

Eotech 512

The Eotech 512 is by far the most popular optic in the Eotech line. The 512 is Eotech’s flagship optic and is the most widely used by police and military. The 512 is a full sized optic and runs off of two standard double A batteries. The optic is designed for standard 1-inch Picatinny and Wweaver rails so it is not advised on proprietary rail systems.

The Eotech 512 excels in close range combat and was the first popular holographic optic for a reason. The optic is well known for its rapid speed to get on target, and its simple and easy-to-use reticle. The reticle is a 65 MOA circle, with a small red dot in the center. The reticle is used as a combination device. First, at extremely close ranges the user simply fills the circle with the target and pulls the trigger. At longer ranges, the dot is used for more precise engagements.

The Eotech 512 is compatible with a 3x magnifiers and multiple brightness settings. The 512 has 20 different brightness settings and has a 4 or 8-hour auto shutdown. The 512 is waterproof and submersible to 10 feet and is shock and fog proof. If you want the classic, then this is the best Eotech sight.

EOTech 512 Holographic: Unboxing and Impressions


The Eotech EXPS 3 is another compact variant of the famed Eotech design. The optic is designed to be used with both eyes opened for rapid target acquisition, and easy, comfortable use. The EXPS 3 can be used with both a magnifier and a night vision optic, and its compact size allows it to be mounted on weapons without expansive rails, and have enough room for a NVG device or magnifier.

The EXPS 3 is extremely waterproof, and can be submerged up to 33 feet. It is no surprise this optic is favored with Naval units like the SEAL teams. The optic has two options for an auto shutdown, either 8 or 4 hours, programmable by the user. The battery life is five to six hundred hours on a single CR 123 battery and is incredibly lightweight.

The optic has thirty different setting, with ten of them designed for night vision use. The EXPS 3 has an operating temperature of 40 below zero to 150 degrees. The EXPS 3 is the perfect optic for those needing something compact but with night vision.

EOTech EXPS3-0 Holographic Sight Unboxing and Review

Eotech Transverse 300 Blackout / Whisper

The 300 Blackout is a new and popular rifle round derived from the wildcat 300 Whisper round. The 300 Blackout is SAAMI (Sporting Arms and Ammo Manufacturers institute) approved and has begun to become very popular. The 300 Blackout is extremely unique and since it is relatively new, it is difficult to find optics for it. However, Eotech sensed its rising popularity and produced a 300 Blackout optic. (If you want a scope for the 300 Blackout, well, we have a pretty decent article on that too.)

The Eotech Transverse features a unique reticle, which is not uncommon. But how the reticle works is what sets the optic apart. The 300 Blackout has a wide variety of different loads available for it, and they range from light supersonic rounds to heavy, subsonic rounds. The reticle features two dots that work with both subsonic and supersonic loads. The top circle is a holdover for 50 yards with subsonic ammo, and 100 yards for supersonic ammo. The bottom dot is a holdover for 150 yards for subsonic, and 300 yards for supersonic. With the Eotech, there is no issue when swapping rounds.

The Eotech 300 Blackout optic is perfect for those running a 300 Black AR or even a bolt or single shot rifle, as long as the barrel is sixteen inches the holdovers will align. This optic is among the best Eotech sights if you want incredible versatility, and it fills a need that is a long time coming.

Introducing the EOTech 300 Blackout/Whisper Holographic Sight


As we’ve stated above, the Eotech line is absolutely fantastic and extremely varied. These optics are designed to be run hard, whether it’s military or law enforcement use, hunting, or competition. The Eotech line is easy to use, precise, durable, and incredibly useful. Any rifle, shotgun, or in some cases handgun is well served when outfitted with an optic by Eotech, and we hope you’ve found the best Eotechs for the money with this article. Good luck!

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