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Fixed power scopes are often underrated and unappreciated. They offer numerous advantages over a variable power optic, but most people ignore them and choose a variable simply for the options of different magnifications. A good fixed power scope is simple and easy to use, which is one of its main advantages. A good fixed power scope should also be tough as nails because of their simple design. Lack of moving parts, after all, means fewer things are likely to fail.

A good fixed power scope should also suit your needs. Since you are using one power, it’s important to dedicate the rifle and optic to a single task. This task can be tactical, competitive, or hunting since there are fixed power optics for all three applications. A good fixed power scope should be durable, and provide excellent optical quality, something fixed power optics does a bit better than variable optics as well. Here are the 5 best fixed power scopes on the market:

Bushnell Tactical

The Bushnell Elite Tactical is the top choice for either a long range sniping optic or for a hunter covering the plains. The Bushnell Elite Tactical is a 10 power fixed optic designed to provide its shooter with a tough and capable platform for sniping. Snipers in general live rough lives, and their equipment lives the same rough life. It is no surprise a fixed power optic is often the choice of snipers.

The Bushnell Elite Tactical provides a powerful level of magnification, as well as a wide 40 mm objective lens. This lens is wide enough to gather light with the 10 power magnification. The turrets are finger tip adjustable and very simple to re-zero after sighting the weapon in. This allows for in the field adjustments for windage and elevation.

The Bushnell Elite Tactical uses a mil dot reticle for hold overs for both windage and elevation as well. The ultra wide band coating is applied fully over all lenses to increase light transmission at the highest power of magnification. The Bushnell Elite Tactical is one of the best fixed power rifle scopes for sniping period.

Bushnell Elite Tactical 10x

Leupold FX-3

The Leupold FX-3 is a fantastic 6 power scope with a 42mm objective lens that has long been a favorite with American hunters and shooters. The simple design of a fixed power scope allows greater value for the money, while the uncompromising Leupold commitment to excellence is visible in every part of this scope. Designed for long range shooting and hunting, the FX-3 is water, fog and shock proof, as well as backed by Leupold’s famous lifetime warranty. This would be my first choice for hunting in farm country, chasing antelope, or hunting sheep, all of which call for powerful optics and long range shoots. Modestly priced (for a Leupold) and highly regarded, if you need some serious reach out and touch something in the fixed power world, this scope is it.

Weaver K Series

The Weaver K series is a classic example of a fixed power optic. The K series has a variety of different models with different magnifications but the 6 power is by far the most popular and the most well known of the series. The Weaver K 6x has a 38 mm objective lens and a decently short scope body.

The Weaver K has fully multi-coated lenses for enhanced light transmission and optical clarity. The tube itself is a 1 piece design, constructed from aircraft grade aluminum for both strength and weight savings. The combination of single piece tube, high-quality materials, and the simplicity of a fixed power optic make it one of the toughest optics on the market.

The Weaver K series is tested with 10,000 rounds of .375 H&H magnum, a might caliber with a brutal level of recoil. The K series is, of course, waterproof, shockproof (duh), and fog proof. The K series is perfect for both slow fire competition on medium bore rifles, or hunting. The Weaver K series has a long history of proven reliability. This should be on any list of the best fixed power scopes.

Weaver Classic K Series 6x38mm Dual-X Reticle Rifle Scope mfg# 849418

Ade Advanced Fixed power

The Ade Advanced fixed power optic is a simple 4 power optic designed for tactical applications. The optic is small, short, and perfect to mount on anything from an AR 15 to an AK 47, or even an MP5. The Ade Advanced has a 32 mm objective lens, and a dedicated forward sun shade. The Ade Advanced is designed for close and medium range encounters and works wonderfully for self-defense or even competition.

The Ade Advanced comes with a set of basic fixed iron sights on the very top of the optic. This set of irons can act as a backup set of irons, or as alternative option for extremely close quarters combat. The front sight is a high visibility red fiber optic rod that catches the eye in bright and low light situations. The scope’s reticle is etched into the glass, but also has the option of red, green, and blue illumination.

The Ade Advanced comes complete with two short sections of weaver rails on the right and left side of the optic for accessory mounting. The optic is made from T6 aircraft grade aluminum for increased durability, and is of course water, shock, and fog proof. The Ade Advanced is an awesome fixed power optic for tactical applications that adds a degree of versatility not commonly associated with fixed power optics. This is one of the best fixed 4x scopes for those on a budget.

Primary Arms Compact Prism Scope

If you like the feeling of a compact tactical scope, the Primary Arms Compact Prism scope is perfect. The scope comes in two configurations: 3 to 5 power. The fixed 5x is my choice. A 5x fixed power scope is dynamic enough to be used at close range and powerful enough to easily hit targets at 500 to 700 yards. The Primary Arms Compact Prism Scope uses a built-in reticle designed for shooting both 5.56mm and .308 rounds. The Prism scope uses a single battery to produce both red and green illuminated reticles.

The reticle is glass-etched, so you actually don’t need a battery. The Primary Arms Prism scope is perfect for tactical, competition, and even hunting use. One of the joys of a fixed power scope is their small size, and the Compact Prism scope really takes advantage of that. The Primary Arms scope gives shooters the ability to hit targets with what I call boring regularity. As long as you know the distance to your target you’ll always have a means to hit your target.

In a tactical scenario, the illuminated horseshoe reticle serves you as a close quarters reticle. With both eyes opened, the magnification won’t matter. The Primary Arms Prism scope is a fantastic choice for a variety of roles. While its tactical in nature, the scope itself is versatile for a wide variety of roles. If there is something that desperately needs to be smoke checked, this is the scope to smoke check ’em. This is surely one of the best fixed power scopes for the money.

Primary Arms 5x ACSS at 250 yards


Fixed power optics offer a lot more than people realize. So much so that U.S. Marines utilized a fixed power scope for decades due to how rugged and clear they are. The main downside is lack of versatility with a single magnification level. However, it’s hard to beat a fixed power optic in overall strength, durability, longevity, and of course optical clarity. Fixed power optics are worth taking a look or two at.

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