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best gun safe under 2000

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So why get the best gun safe under $2000? Well, the right to own a firearm comes with a certain degree of responsibility, and one of those responsibilities is ensuring your firearms are secured when not in use. A proper, heavy safe is the best way of doing just that.

To store a collection of long guns you’ll need a high-quality safe, one with a budget between a thousand or so, and should be limited to under two thousand dollars. Between these two price points, you can get a safe that can store at least 10 or more long guns.

These safes should be nice and heavy, made from thick and strong steel. A good rifle safe should also be capable of being bolted to the ground. A safe is often something that protects thousands of dollars worth of investment, so never go cheap. (Disclaimer: Though these products usually are under $1000, there are price fluctuations. The real, current price is the one found on the Amazon page.)

Our recommendations for the 4 best gun safes under $2000 are below:

Stack-On 24 Gun Safe

The Stack On 24 gun safe is a massive safe at an excellent price. The safe offers room for 24 different long arms.  (Of course, this measure is based on standard-sized rifles and shotguns, so don’t expect to fit 24 Barrett fifty caliber rifles in the safe!) That being said, the safe is quite massive and as you could imagine very heavy. The shipping weight is 448 pounds, and stands 59 inches high, is a little over 29 inches wide and 21 inches deep.

The safe allows users to securely store their weapons out of the hands of thieves, children, and all prohibited persons. The Stack On safe meets the standards of the Penal Code  section 23655, which mandates safe quality. The three number combination lock and drill resistant hardened steel plate are nearly impossible to crack without explosives.

The safe features a 4 way locking bolts and 3 dead bolts for a total of 8 locking points. The action locking bolts are over 5 inches long and quite thick. The safe itself is guaranteed to withstand a 1400 degree fire for 30 minutes before the safe is compromised.  This is a tank and one of the best gun safes around.

Blue Dot Second Amendment

The Blue Dot Second Amendment safe is a massive safe that allows the user to store 30 rifles or shotguns, and the ability to store eight pistols or revolvers on the door’s storage compartment. The door itself is outfitted with 5 large pouches that can hold ammunition, documents, optics, magazines, and anything else you may need to protect.

Protect your weapons with style: the safe (see full specs) is a granite grey with a reserved and subtle appeal. The safe is going to be taking up a lot of floor space, so it might as well look good doing it. The safe has a classic design that makes it a fixture in any room. There dark black colors match with nearly any room. The safe weighs nearly nine hundred pounds, and is easy to mount to the floor.

The Blue Dot safe has interior plush grey carpeting that is soft on the weapons. The two way locking system uses a total of 14 secure points. The 14 points are divided into 5 fixed bolts and 9 live bolts. The electronic locking system allows easy access to the safe by permitted users, and does so rapidly in case of emergency. The Blue Dot safe is an extremely well made safe, and is perfect for your home, office, or cabin. This is not only one of the best gun safes but a damn good-looking one as well!

BlueDot Gun safe review

Mesa Gun Safe

The Mesa Gun safe company is known for their all steel safes that are extremely durable and incredibly large.  This safe is made to an extremely high standard and its price reflects it. The safe is a safe capable of holding 30 long guns. The 14.4 cubic foot safe is known by its model number, MBF 6032e. The MBF 6032e falls under their line of burglary and fire gun safes.

The Mesa Safe is rated to be pry resistant and fire resistant. The fire resistance is based on independent testing, and is rated for fires up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. The all steel construction is completely and totally all steel; there is not a single plastic part in the body of the safe.

The safe weighs six hundred and sixty five pounds, so no one is going to pick it up and carry it away unless the Incredible Hulk wants to steal your guns. The safe can also be bolted into cement floors and remain secured against nearly any attempt. The Mesa Gun safe has an internal power outlet and with a USB outlet. This allows the user to install an internal light, an alarm, or even a dehumidifier. The safe itself is an extremely well made safe, which secures your rifles, shotguns, and other important goods.

Snap safe Modular Titan Safe

The Snapsafe Modular Titan safe is the perfect choice with a moderately sized gun collection and only a small area to store the safe. The safe is large enough to store 12 long guns, with room left over to fit handguns, ammunition, optics, and anything else you’d wish to keep safe. The safe itself is very easy to install, and must be built by the user. The safe does not require tools to assemble, and can be done by anyone.

The safe relies on a six digit combination and a electronic keyboard. The inside of the safe can be converted in a variety of different ways, which allows the user to add room for more rifles, or more handguns. The titan modular safe is an interesting design which would work well in apartments, manufactured homes, and any other light weight bearing homes.

The Titan is the lightest safe, weigh only three hundred and seventy five pounds. The safe has 8 locking bolts and is pre drilled for floor mounting. The Modular Titan is capable of withstanding a 2300-degree fire for up to one hour. The Titan Modular platform is an excellent all around safe with one of the most interesting designs out there.

SNAPSAFE Titan Assembly Video with Tom Delattre

The Best Gun Safes under 2000 Bucks Conclusion

A solid safe can not only protect your firearms from thieves and children, but from fires, floods, and falls. These safes allow the user to own a large collection of firearms, and store them safely.  A safe is an investment that keeps you, your family, and others safe, and prevents the wrong people from obtaining your firearms. Always a remember a safe is an investment into security, and we hope you’ve found the best gun safe under $2000 for your needs.

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