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Everyone should agree that having good vision is critical for any hunter. If you aren’t able to see the environment around you, then how can you expect to see your game (and shoot safely)?

Wearing sunglasses during hunting doesn’t just serve the purpose of protecting your eyes. If the sun is out and your vision is being hindered as a result, it also serve the purposes of enhancing your ability to spot game and make an accurate shot. Nonetheless, too few hunters take the time to actually research proper hunting sunglasses, and even fewer will take a pair of sunglasses with them.

The reality is that bringing a proper pair of sunglasses with you on your next hunt is important. Even if the weather forecast doesn’t say there will be sun, you should still always be prepared for everything.

To help you out, we’ve made an outline of 4 of the best hunting sunglasses on the market today:

Hornz Polarized Sunglasses

These are a strong and lightweight pair of sunglasses that are designed specifically for the outdoors, and not just because of the camouflaging design on the outside. These sunglasses are coated in a soft, rubberized material that makes them perfect for withstanding a number of different outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, hunting, or hiking. They also fulfill the intended purpose of sunglasses and provide excellent protection for your eyes. Features of these glasses include UV400 protection, a filters glare, polycarbonate build, shatterproof and scratch resistant qualities, and a free microfiber pouch included as an extra.

Ducks Unlimited Shooting Eyewear Kit

This is another high quality pair of polycarbonate sunglasses that are designed to optimize your clarity while also providing the best defense against the rays of the bright sun. To be more specific, these sunglasses over 99% UV protection. But the real standout of these glasses (see full specs) is the five different anti-fog lenses that they choose from. Each are equal in capability but different in color so you can choose the pair that best meet your style. The color options are clear, sun block bronze, amber, infinity blue, and orange. These are among the best hunting sunglasses you can buy.

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Under Armour Captain Sunglasses

The Under Armour Captain Sunglasses are built for men (unfortunately, to find the ones for women, you’d have to go off Amazon). With a height and width of two inches each, Under Armour markets these sunglasses (see full specs) as being over ten times stronger vision than its closer competitors who use polycarbonate lenses. The Under Armour sight lenses are impact and shatter resistant, while the frames have titanium built into them for optimum durability. The cushioned nose pads add to the comfort and are fully adjustable too.

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Motelan Polarized Casual Sports TR90 Sunglasses

The first thing you will notice about the Motelan TR90 sunglasses is how lightweight they are. You would think that for a pair of sunglasses to be shatter and impact resistant that they would have to be heavy, but the reality is that you will barely feel these glasses on your head. Of course, the real purpose for any pair of sunglasses is to adequately protect your eyes from the sun, and Motelan has coated the TR90 sunglasses lens to offer one hundred percent UV protection. If there’s a fault to be had with these sunglasses, it’s that the camouflage design on the case doesn’t match the camouflage design on the frames themselves. But then again, is this really even a fault?

Tips for Choosing the Best Hunting Sunglasses

High quality sunglasses will do a superb job of adequately shielding your eyes from the sun while also offering you optimal and crystal clear vision. To help you find a pair of glasses that will do exactly that, we’ve come up with a series of tips for you to follow.

The most durable sunglasses that can offer you the best protection from debris, scratching, and light are going to be wrap-around sunglasses. You are also going to want to check that the lens are shatter-resistant; any pair of glasses that has a rating of at least Z87.1+ will be more than sufficient.

Something else you want to look for in your sunglasses that many people forget to look for is for the glasses to be adjustable. Some sunglasses are not just adjustable around the temples, but even around the nose pads as well. The latter isn’t an absolute necessity, but it is definitely a nice feather that will make a real difference between how comfortable and uncomfortable your glasses are.

Speaking of nose pads, while you will absolutely want to have foam padding around the nose for extra comfort, you should also look for padding around the frame of the sunglasses. Not only does this make your sunglasses more comfortable, but it also keeps debris and dust out. Granted, this could also serve the unintended consequence of fogging your lenses (requiring you to wipe them clean more often) so you can look at it from either way. Having foam padding around the frames of your sunglasses is not a must have, but it is something to consider.

Something that is definitely a must have, however, is to have sunglasses with anti-fog lenses. Temperatures can change dramatically when our outdoors hunting, not to mention that you can easily perspire while hiking up and down steep hills while being wrapped in warm clothing. Anti-fog lenses are critical or else they can severely inhibit your vision, which would be detrimental if you happen to come across your prey at that time.

As far as colors are concerned for your lenses, you have options but each color offers advantages and disadvantages. Orange yellow colored lenses are the best for blocking haze and seeing in dim situations, while grey lenses are the best for reducing overall glare. Meanwhile, purple lenses are best for enhancing targets against a backdrop of trees. With these ideas in mind, you’re sure to find the best hunting sunglasses for your needs Good luck!

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  1. Have to agree with you on the Hornz Camo Sunglasses. Great polarized lens, and in my opinion the best looking camo pattern around. Enjoy your reviews. Thanks!

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