The 4 Best Rifle Scopes under $200 – Reviews 2020

best rifle scope under 200

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When shopping for the best rifle scope under $200, you actually have some good options, more good than bad. You can get a quality piece of glass that has excellent light transmission and a clear image. You also get options like tactical or fingertip adjustable turrets, fully multi-coated lenses, and features like bullet drop compensators. You should also get a durable option, a scope that can take a beating and a rainstorm or two.

At around two hundred dollars, if you aren’t getting at least some of these features I suggest passing. (Disclaimer: Though these products usually are under $200, there are price fluctuations. The real, current price is the one found on the Amazon page.) With that caveat out of the way, let’s continue . . .

Here are our recommendations of the 4 best rifle scopes under $200 on the market:

Vortex Crossfire Rifle Scope

The Vortex brand of scopes has an excellent price range, with some scopes hitting the thousands of dollars, and other scopes priced at a more grounded level. These more affordable platforms are not inferior scopes; they are simply designed for different purposes. The Vortex Crossfire 2 is an affordable optic that is well suited for any hunting or tactical rifle. The Crossfire has a 2 to 7 power magnification range and a 32 mm objective lens.

The Vortex Crossfire 2 has a variety of feature you’ll commonly find on more expensive scopes. First off, the lenses are fully multi-coated to provide a greater light transmission, as well as reducing glare. The Crossfire 2’s lenses are coated on all air to glass surfaces. The scope has a one piece tube that maximizes alignment for improved accuracy and better visual performance. Another great thing is the strength that a one-piece tube allows.

The Crossfire 2 is made from premium aircraft grade aluminum that allows the optic to remain strong and feels well made. The scope also uses a one-inch tube that allows users to easily choose for a wide variety of different scope rings and mounts. The Crossfire Vortex 2 is a well made scope that is perfect for a variety of rifles and is easily one of the best rifle scopes in this price range.

Nikon P-Tactical Rifle Scope

The Nikon P-Tactical scope is an interesting design for those looking for a compact, lightweight scope that is well designed for use with America’s most popular rifle, the AR 15. The scope itself could be used for any 223/5.56 rifle, and would work well on a Ruger Mini 14, a Savage Axis, a Remington 700, or nearly any other producer of .223 caliber rifles. What makes the P-Tactical such a good fit for the 223 round is its included bullet drop compensator.

This compensator accurately predicts the rounds drop over distance. The Nikon P-Tactical has a 600-yard bullet drop compensator. The compensator’s reticle is designed with circular open aiming points that allow the user to see their target at long distance. The Nikon P-Tactical uses a generous level of eye relief, more than necessary for the recoiling of most 223 calibers weapons. The scope has a fixed hundred yard parallax that makes precise shooting possible.

The Nikon P-Tactical is nitrogen filled to protect it from internal fog buildup, and is sealed against water and debris. The scope features tactical turrets that make adjustments easy when you zero the weapon and to make field adjustments. The turrets give the optic ¼ MOA turns that give positive feedback when you make an adjustment. The Nikon P-Tactical is a well built scope that is lightweight, easy to use, and exceptional for the price.

Nikon P-Tactical MK1-MRAD Scope Review Excellent scope priced right.

Nikon BuckMaster Scope Rifle Scope

If your need for an optic is for longer range shooting then the Nikon Buckmaster 2 is an excellent option. You can get a quality four to twelve power scope for longer range hunting and target shooting. The Nikon Buckmaster 2 has a 40mm objective lenses that allows excellent light transmission, and keeps the optic smaller in size, and the ability to mount the scope low on most rifles.

The Nikon Buckmaster 2 is quite compact for its magnification range and is also relatively light in weight. The Nikon Buckmaster 2 has a few features I was surprised to see on such an affordable rifle. First off, the rifle has a zero reset turret that allows you to zero a rifle and then rezero the turrets for easy adjustments in the field. The scope has fully multi-coated lenses that works hand in hand with the 40mm objective lens to transmit 98 percent of available light.

The Buckmaster is nitrogen-filled to prevent the buildup of fog inside the scope and is sealed by an O-ring to prevent dust, debris, and water from entering the scope. The scope features a BDC reticle that works with Nikon’s on target software for nearly any caliber out there. The Buckmaster has 3.7 inches of eye relief that works with powerful, heavy recoiling calibers.

Burris Fullfield Plex II Scope

Burris has made a name for themselves, providing budget optics that also reek of quality. They’ve made high-quality red dots, mini red dots, as well as prism scopes and of course, variable optics. The Fullfield Plex II is one of those variable optics. It comes in a few different magnification settings, and to stay within a reasonable price range, you’ll have to choose the 2-7x model or the 4.5-14X model. The 4.5-14 would be my model of choice if I was trying to maximize my dough. Getting a scope this compelling for this price can be hard to do, especially when you want an optic that is well-made.

The Burris Fullfield Plex II is a great scope that is perfect for hunting in most places in the country. You won’t need anything more powerful, that’s for sure. The Fullfield Plex II has one-piece tube construction, which means it’s strong and durable as well as accurate and precise. It’s topped off with reinforced quad-seal gas seals and uses Hi-Lume lenses. These lenses are fully multi-coated and give you a crystal clear sight picture.

The Fullfield Plex II can use Burris’ software to pair it with any rifle round, barrel length, and load data. Using this information will give you precise aiming points for a variety of ranges. This versatile design allows the Fullfield to be compatible with any caliber, any rifle, and any load. Considering what you get, this is without doubt one of best rifle scopes in this price range.

The Best Rifle Scopes under $200: The Deuce

Two hundred dollars offers you a lot of options for a quality scope. Scopes at this price range are well designed and often high in quality. The two hundred dollar mark is a decent number that you could easily find a quality scope. You shouldn’t expect anything less than quality at this price range, and not only quality, but you should expect a few extra features that aren’t a necessity, but are nice to have.

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  1. I want to put a original 3-9-40 Nikon Buckmasters rifle scope that I have on sons savage axis 223 think it will be a great combination for deer & pigs

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