The 6 Best Rifle Scopes under $1000 – Reviews 2020

best rifle scope under 1000, best scope under 1000

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The optics market is absolutely massive, with an optic for every weapon, for every purpose, and at every price point. One thousand dollars is certainly a high price point for most, but in the world of optics one thousand dollars is certainly not the highest priced optics. If you have set your budget at around $1000, you have a certain level of expectations. The best rifle scopes under $1000 will give you a superior optic that’s remarkably clear and bright.

A short range premium optic that is about a thousand dollars is typically designed for close quarters combat. In this role the optic needs to of course be clear, and easy to use, but should be incredibly durable, as close quarters optics tend to live a rough life.

Medium range premium optics should be a combination of both good clarity, and strength. A medium range optic is more suited for hunting in brush of thick woods. You’ll need to have a durable optic to withstand the bumping into trees and limbs and exposure to the elements. You’ll also need clarity, and precision for taking longer shots across fields, up or down hills, or down rivers.

Long range optics should also be incredibly precise, and durable. A long range optic around a thousand dollars should have features like zero reset turrets, fully multi coated lenses, single piece construction, and of course should be extremely precise.

(Disclaimer: Though these products usually are under 1000 bucks, there are price fluctuations. The real, current price is the one found on the Amazon page.)

Here are our recommendations for the 6 best rifle scopes under $1000 for each of these ranges:

Trijicon Accupoint Rifle Scope (CLOSE RANGE)

The Trijicon Accupoint may not be as popular as its older brother the Acog, but it does offer more versatility and in our opinion is an overall better close range optic. The Accupoint is a versatile optic that is capable of transitioning from 1 power to 4 power. At 1 power the optic functions as an effective red dot optic for close quarters combat. When you begin upping the magnification, you are capable of engaging precisely at ranges beyond bad breath distance.

The Accupoint has an illuminated reticle that is completely battery free. The optic uses fiber optics and a built-in self-luminous Tritium phosphor lamp to provide illumination. The reticle is quite bright, but the brightness can be reduced by adjusting a cover over the red or gold illumination absorption point.

The Accupoint is made from aircraft grade aluminum and is protected from all the elements. The optic is of course both shock and fog proof. The optic excels for close range combat and allows the user a more versatile option over the fixed power Trijicon Acog. For close-combat situations this is likely the best scope in this price range.

AR15 Trijicon TR24 1-4x Rifle Scope

Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen 2 2-10x32 (MID RANGE)

If you are building a Special Purpose Rifle, or designated marksman’s rifle, then the Vortex Optics Viper PST Gen 2 is for you. This short to medium range optic gives you a 2 to 10 power magnification range. At 2x, it’s appropriate for close quarters works, and as you deal the magnification up you can take either longer range shots or more precise shots at close range. The Viper PST is a premium grade scope that the goes-to-war-and-comes-back option.

The Viper PST delivers a crystal clear picture through its extra-low dispersion glass that increases the optic’s resolution and color fidelity. The lenses are fully-multi coated with Vortex’s own XR coating. On top of that, you get the Armortek coating that protects the lens from scratches. The Viper PST delivers an illuminated reticle with ten different illumination settings. It has one of my favorite features with an off switch between each illumination setting. This allows you to turn it on to your desired setting instantly.

The Viper PST is a durable optic that is O-Ring sealed and purged with argon for fogproofing. The scope is shockproof and can withstand a brutal bit of recoil and shock. The Viper PST is a fascinating optic that is perfect for combat, hunting, or competition.

Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x32 FFP Riflescope With EBR-1 MOA Reticle

Vortex Viper PST Rifle Scope (LONG RANGE)

The Vortex Viper is one of Vortex’s premium high end optics that delivers when you need it most. The Vortex Viper is a very capable scope, and its 6 to 24 power magnification makes the optic perfect for long range shooting, up to at least a thousand meters when cranked up to 24 power. Of course, the scope is only as good as the shooters and their rifle. The Vortex Viper PST features a 50mm objective lens, which is one of the larger objective lenses you can get. This large objective lens allows the shooter to gather an impressive amount of light.

The Vortex Viper is immensely powerful and comes complete with an illuminated reticle. The reticle has multiple intensity settings, and the turret is placed on the left side of the rear lens. This allows for easy adjustment without having to look away from the sight picture. A unique feature is the ability to turn the illumination off without having to cycle through the different intensity levels. You can turn the illumination off swiftly and turn it back on at your desired intensity level.

The Vortex Viper’s customizable rotational stop prevents the user from dialing more than one rotation below your zero. This prevents the user from totally losing zero when making large adjustments in the field. If you’re a long-range hunter, the Vortex Viper just might be the best rifle scope.

Vortex Viper PST 6-24x50 FFP MOA

Sightron Slll SS Rifle Scope (LONG RANGE)

The Sightron series of optics have always been known for their superb optics and the Slll is no different. The Sightron Slll is a remarkable optic designed specifically with long range shooters in mind. The Sightron would be at home in the field, hunting across the plains, or in the patient hands of the benchrest shooter. The Sightron provides a high level of magnification, from 6 to 24 power.

The Sightron optic uses a massive 50mm objective lens that is not exactly lightweight but does provide an exceeding amount of light transmission, especially when using the rifle at its highest level of magnification. Sightron also uses a 7 layer coating to provide shooters with even more light transmission, and a high definition sight picture. The Sightron Slll is capable of extreme precision due the ⅛ MOA adjustments. These small adjustments allow the user to dial in to the farthest and smallest target.

The fast focus eyebell allows shooters to make quick and precise adjustments in the field as well. The Sightron Slll is one of the most precise and accurate rifle scopes on the market. With a scope like this even a novice long range shooter can ring steel at one thousand yards.

Sightron S3 6-24x50mm MOA-2 Reticle Overview

Bushnell Elite Tactical Rifle Scope (LONG RANGE)

The Bushnell Elite Tactical is the top of the line optic designed for snipers and shooters needing a long range tactical advantage, The Elite is the top of line series from Bushnell and it offers a magnification of to 24 power with a 50 mm objective lens. This level of magnification is perfect for a shooter looking to reach out and touch their target.

The lenses are fully multi coated with an ultra wide band coating to provide both superb optical clarity and light transmission at long ranges. This coating is absolutely superb, and provides the user with the clearest picture possible at the highest level of magnification. The scope is also reinforced with Bushnell’s rainguard HG anti fog coating which resists water and prevents it from obscuring your sight picture.

The scope is argon purged to prevent internal fog build up and the entire design is shockproof and made from a high-quality aluminum. The Bushnell Elite Tactical is a well thought out design that addresses the needs of long range tactical shooters.

Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x50mm Rifle Scope Review Part 1

Armasight Vampire 3X (NIGHT VISION)

If you are wanting to do a little night time hog removal, I have the perfect scope for you. In general, hunting is typically illegal to do at night. Some animals, like hogs, are such nuisances that hunting them at night is not only legal but encouraged. The Armasight Vampire is an excellent jumping off point if you are interested in doing a little night time shooting. The Vampire takes advantage of Armasight’s CORE technology that gives 2nd gen performance without the 2nd gen price.

On average, you are getting 60 lp/mm and up to 70 lp/mm. If you’re new to night vision, you may not know this means. Essentially LP/MM is a measure of clarity and 60 to 70 is quite clear. This will allow you to decipher between what’s actually a hog in the wild versus a large log. The Vampire has a 3x magnification and mounts to any standard picatinny rail.

The Armasight Vampire also includes a long-range illuminator that tosses infrared light to make the image clearer on especially dark nights. The Vampire is water and fog resistant, and shock protected. It’s an excellent means for anyone looking to invest in night vision without getting too crazy. It’s one of the few options in the night vision scope realm to be so utterly perfect when it comes to performance and price.

Armasight Vampir 3X CORE Night Vision Scope

The Best Rifle Scopes under 1000 Bucks Conclusion

At around a thousand dollars your options are quite broad in the scope world. With that budget you do have an expectation for a high quality, precise, and durable optic. A thousand dollars may seem like a high budget for an optic, but an optic is an investment, and a high quality optic pays off over time. And we hope you’ve found the best rifle scope under $1000 for your needs here. Good luck!

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  1. I would like to throw the Minox zx5i 5x25x56mm with lighted reticle in the mix for long range hunting/precision scopes they can be found on sale from 650_750$ i compare alot of scopes includimg Viper bushnell elite 6500 .i Jave a vipers pst and the minox has better image qaulity and low light performance and it’s too bad Minox is so under rated or advertised also the box test is on
    the viper I had a variance of about .078″ the minox i found no measurabke difference my groups tightened up considerably

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