The 4 Best Ruger P345 Accessories – Sight, Holster, Laser Reviews 2024

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Why get accessories for your Ruger P345? Well, the hard-hitting .45 ACP pistol is a titan that will last just about forever, and since it’ll last forever, you might be as well upgrade some parts. Even though it’s an older gun, there are a number of options to accessorize, improve, and customize the gun to your liking.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best Ruger P345 accessories on the market:

Ruger P345 Accessory 1: Streamlight LTR 3

The Ruger P345 was one of the earliest pistols to be outfitted with a picatinny rail system. In fact, some of the very models of this gun weren’t outfitted with a rail at all. The vast majority were though (make sure to check if your model does first) and if you are using this gun for home defense you need a white light. The Streamlight TLR 3 is a compact and powerful white light that will give you an edge when it comes to home defense. It has a variety of rails keys to ensure it fits just right on your firearm.

The Streamlight is necessary for identifying your target in a dark environment. You can use the darkness to your advantage as you move to meet a potential threat and then shine them once they are in front of you. The light allows you to identify the threat and ensure its an actual threat and not your favorite cat bumping in the night. The TLR 3 ensures you’ve gained positive identification before you’ve pulled the trigger.

Let’s say you are now facing a threat and you’ve hit them with your flashlight. The Streamlight TLR 3’s blinding 125 lumens (see full specs) will temporarily distract and blind them. This gives you a few precious moments that are an immediate advantage. A white light is a must have and its hard to beat the price, quality and size of the Streamlight TLR 3.

Ruger P345 Accessory 2: Meprolight Tru Dot Night Sights

A light is a bit hard to carry when you are attempting to conceal carry, but you’d still need a way to effectively aim your firearm in low light situations. If you want to go low profile, while still being able to engage at night, the only real option you got is night sights. Which night sights? Well, I’m going to suggest the Meprolight Tru dot night sights. These are fixed night sights that give you as a shooter a durable and bright set of sights (see full specs).

They set the standard when it comes to bright night sights and they are easily the brightest night sights I’ve ever used. These Ruger P345 sights are custom made for your gun so you have a sure fit at all times. They are a three-dot style with all three dots being bright and illuminated. The Meprolight Tru Dot night sights are fixed, but you really want to go with fixed sights for concealed carry. They tend to be tougher and lower profile.

Meprolights are built to military standards and are rugged, reliable and designed to last. They are easy to install if you are engineering-literate, but if not any gunsmith can do it for you. Never go into the night without a means to hold back those who bump.

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Ruger P345 Accessory 3: Foxx IWB Holster

Everyone is different when it comes to concealed carry. Choosing the greatest holster for all people in all situations isn’t possible. Instead of trying to do the impossible, I can suggest one of the most versatile carry options for both men and women. It’s the Foxx hybrid IWB holster. This particular holster is one of the most versatile and comfortable options on the market for the Ruger P345.

The Foxx hybrid holster uses a kydex shell that is molded to the Ruger 345. It aids in retention and makes the gun easier to conceal and hide. The backing is a vegetable-tanned leather. It’s insanely soft and comforting against the body. This soft shell prevents chafing when wearing and walking with it all day long. The Foxx Hybrid even has a sweat guard built into the actual holster and that keeps your body from encountering your gun.

This holster is also adjustable with each clip has five different positions. This allows you to adjust the holster and how high it rides, and if you want cant or not. The holster is also tuckable, meaning it can be worn with a tucked in shirt. The Foxx Hybrid is an excellent example of a well-thought-out and versatile concealed carry holster. It’s the best Ruger P345 holster for the money.

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Ruger P345 Accessory 4: LaserLyte Training cartridge

Training with your firearm should be something you always put a priority on. All it take sis 15 minutes a day to drastically improve your shooting skills, and to maintain your skills between range visits. Dry fire is one effective means of keeping and building your skills with the P345. However, standard dry fire gets old pretty fast. To make things a bit more dynamic you can toss in the Laserlyte training cartridge.

The Laserlyte Training cartridge looks somewhat like a bullet, but is completely safe. It fits into the chamber of your gun just like a bullet and has a soft rear rubber button where the primer would be. When the firing pin strikes this button, the cartridge emits a laser. So every time you pull the trigger the gun fires a laser built into the cartridge. This laser allows you to actually see where you are hitting when you pull the trigger.

The LaserLyte training cartridge is a great tool to have to train with your Ruger P345. This gives you a safe and effective means to train yourself and to make dry fire training a bit more fun and a bit more useful. This little cartridge can replace 1,000 rounds worth of training.

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Rugged and Reliable

A properly customized Ruger P345 is up to defensive or duty based task. It’s a reliable and accurate handgun that can be improved upon greatly with the addition of just a few accessories. The accessories listed above are some of the best we could find for the design and are as reliable and rugged as the Ruger P345. Good luck!

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