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best sks scope mount

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There is something about Russian designed weapons and scopes: they just seem to hate the idea of an optically enhanced rifle. This is evident in 5 generations of modern battle rifles, the Mosin Nagant, SVT 40, SKS, and AK 47 and 74 series rifles. The SKS is an excellent example of a rifle that could benefit from a scope, but first you’d need to find a way to mount it.

Like any scope mount, a SKS mount should be rock solid, be free of any kind of slop and movement once mounted. The mount needs to lock down as tight as possible to guarantee the accuracy and needs to stay locked down after extensive firing. Since the SKS lacks a traditional scope mounting system, the user has to make use of a variety of different mounts from different companies. These mounts vary significantly, so the user should ensure the mount will work for a traditional optic or a long eye relief. These are, in our opinion, the 3 best SKS scope mounts.

UTG Pro SKS Scope Mount

The UTG Pro SKS Scope mount is designed to allow the use of powerful and large optics. The UTG SKS mount mounts to the rear of the receiver and a section of metal runs over the bolt. This piece of metal acts as a brass deflector to insurance reliable operation regardless of how big and powerful your scope is. The UTG SKS Pro Scope mount is long but strong, and the metal is strong enough to resist bending under a heavy optic.

The mount is a solid one-piece construction and will add some significant weight to your weapon, but if you are putting a heavy optic on there I doubt you care. The optic mount offers 22 slots on a Picatinny rail, which provides plenty of room for most scopes. The scope mount also rides high enough to utilize iron sights for close range work, a feature I love.

The UTG Pro SKS scope mount (see full specs here) is easy to install and has zero wiggle room when properly installed. The UTG Pro will also work with all aftermarket stock on the market since it bolts onto the gun and not the stock. The UTG Pro is a welcome addition on any SKS and is probably the best SKS scope mount period.


Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount

Crazy Ivan, as a name for an accessory to a Russian rifle, is a brilliant name. It’s funny but accurate—the Russians wiped out the Nazis by jumping in front of their tanks, after all. Likewise, this is a crazy mounting system, but it’s ingenious. The Crazy Ivan SKS Scope Mount has a plate that attaches to your SKS, and then the scope mount attaches to the plate. The SKS Scope Mount offers shooters both long rails and short rails. The long rail goes over the ejection port and allows you to mount larger variable optics like 3-9x scopes. The shorter rail gives you a lightweight option for mounting shorter scopes or red dots.

The Crazy Ivan’s rail is standard Picatinny, and this allows near-universal access to any scope on the market. The Crazy Ivan design is unique and does require a little tooling and know-how to install and use. Luckily they do include a template for easy mounting. The Crazy Ivan Scope Mount’s complicated installation is somewhat of a blessing. It is super stable, and stability is essential when it comes to mounting a scope.

The Crazy Ivan scope mount also allows you to use nearly any optic you want, something rare for SKS scope mounts. The SKS was never intended to be a scoped weapon, so scoping it can be tricky. Of all the SKS scope mounts I’ve ever seen, this particular model does seem to be the best overall option for stability and accuracy—one of the best SKS scope mounts period.

Magwedge SKS Rail Scope Mount

Want to scope your old battle rifle, but you don’t want to permanently alter a piece of history? Good, we can help you. Feast your eyes on the Magwedge SKS scope mount. This full-length scope mount attaches to the back of your receiver and replaces your rear sight. Installation takes a few minutes, longer if your rear sight is a little stiff, but it won’t alter the gun permanently. The Magwedge Scope mount is quite long and offers plenty of room for larger scopes.

What is also offers is lots of room for a red dot and magnifier combo. This kind of setup would be great on the SKS. It’s not a long range rifle but can touch a target out to 300 yards without much issue. Additionally, you could add a night vision or thermal device in front of your optic if you roll that way.

The Magwedge mount uses standard picatinny rails, which makes essentially universal in the modern scope market. The built-in shell deflector will keep steel cases from striking aluminum optics and scuffing and scratching them. The Magwedge mount is an affordable and precise means to add a little optics love into your rifle’s life–and one of the best SKS scope mounts period.

MagWedge KWIK mount for SKS rifles

The Simonov

An SKS has never been known as a long range platform, but it is an excellent lightweight, low recoiling rifle that has remained popular. The SKS platform is a simple and very affordable weapon that is a sufficient hunter and all-around fun gun to own and operate. However, the main weakness of the weapon is its poorly designed Russian open sights. Anyway, you look at it, adding an optic, any optic, is a definite improvement for the rifle. However, without a solid mounting system your optic is useless.

I am a stickler for keeping historic rifles historic.  While this doesn’t mean avoiding upgrades, it does mean avoiding permanent modification to the rifle. The three scope mounts I’ve listed do not require any permanent modifications and are easy to install and uninstall. There is no reason your rifle cannot be historic and precise. Good luck!

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