The Best Cast Bullet Lube You Can Buy

Why Finding the Best Cast Bullet Lube is Important

Lubricating your bullet has multiple purposes. Professional shooters will lube their bullets (and the tracks/grooves in the gun) to help increase accuracy and performance, especially when they’re using handloaded rounds. Lubricant on cast bullets helps:

– Protect both the bullet and the bore
– Increase the speed at which the bullet exits the gun
– Reduces the chance of lead building up in the gun

The lubricant allows you to shoot bullets that don’t fit snugly down your gun’s throat. It also helps align the bullet with the grooves if the grooves or bullet isn’t perfectly straight. It doesn’t necessarily matter what kind of lubricant you use – if you use cast bullets, lubricant is an effective and necessary addition to help improve your shooting experience.

Why Lee Precision Alox Lube is the Best Cast Bullet Lube

When you balance quality with price, Lee’s Alox lube comes out on top. It’s a soft lubricant that uses the alox formula to create a consistent texture and performance in your gun. The bottle is small – only 4 ounces – but is squeezable to make it easy to lubricate your bullets and barrel. Despite the seemingly small size, this will cover hundreds (if not thousands of bullets) during its lifetime.

You can thin the mixture to make it go even further, but that is mostly unnecessary when you take into account the price. There are certainly cheaper bottles out there, but for the simplicity, quality, and price, this can’t be beat. Your batch of bullets might be a bit sticky if you don’t let it dry enough, but that can be simply remedied by giving yourself enough time between lubricating and shooting.

Lee liquid alox bullet lube

Do I Need Lube for my Cast Bullets?

Lubricant moves from the grooves to the barrel through the process of acceleration and compression. The firing process causes the lube to move through the barrel. Lubricant helps build pressure in the chamber by preventing gas from leaving prematurely, which allows the bullet to leave faster. In addition, the lube creates less friction between the bullet and the barrel, which allows it to move more smoothly. This also prevents the metals in the barrel and the bullet from rubbing on each other in a way that leads to leaving lead behind.

If you’re looking to increase precision and accuracy with your bullets, then lube is a cheap, simple way to help you gain the extra inch or two. How much lube your gun needs before more lubricant becomes redundant depends on:

– The quality of your bullets
– The type of gun you fire
– How often you shoot either the gun or the bullet

There comes a certain point where lubricant makes no difference.  As long as you use something that has decent quality–and the Lee Precision Alox Lube is beyond decent quality–you will get the results you want with your shooting. Hard lube, soft lube – it doesn’t matter how you lubricate your bullets and grooves, if you do it, you can improve your shooting.

So we hope you’ve enjoyed this article on bullet lubes.  For everything else related to the reloading process, please visit our homepage with its wealth of handloading information.  And for more info on gun maintenance, please visit our articles on that subject.  Good luck!

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