What is the Best Shotshell Reloader? (ANSWERED)

best shotshell reloader

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What is the Best Shotshell Reloader?

The cartridges for standard weaponry are mostly the same, and consist of only four parts: the case, the primer, the propellant, and the bullet. Shotguns use more complex cartridges (i.e., shells), as they have two additional components that set the shotgun apart from other firing weapons. Shot is loaded in the cap, and a wad of paper or cotton separates the shot from the powder.

Unlike standard ammunition reloading presses, shotguns need unique presses to put together the extra components, which complicates the reloading process. While experienced reloaders can rig up a single stage reloading press to reload shotshells, this is usually neither time-effective nor incredibly safe. If you regularly shoot shotguns, you can save money on ammunition and enjoy a fantastic pastime by investing in a shotshell press. A shotshell press:

– Comes in single stage and progressive variations
– Allows you to load your shot, wad, and powder with ease
– Is a very economic alternative to buying boxes of shotgun shells

Most shotshell presses are easy to use and produce quality shells. The weakness of a shotshell press is simply that it is hard to switch gauges, which means you need to buy unique presses to be able to reload different calibers.

Fortunately, good starter shotshell presses are about half as expensive as standard single stage presses, so it is not incredibly expensive to buy extra presses for various gauges. Lee has some of the best shotshell reloaders for almost any caliber, but we’ll concentrate on the 12 gauge and the 20 gauge shotshells since they’re the most popular gauges. If you want to reload .410 shotgun shells, you can check out our article on that here.

Lee Precision II Shotshell Reloading Press 12 GA Load All

The Lee Precision II Shotshell Press is a self-contained shotshell press that is light, convenient, and easy to handle (see full specs here). It loads both 3 inch and 2 ¾ inch 12-gauge shells with 24 shot and powder bushings. You can make over 100 shells in an hour with this press, and it easily reloads trap shells, slugs, and standard shells. The crimp it makes on the shells is nice, and all the shells come out with factory quality (or better).

The press is accurate and is a great deal for the money. The set-up is quick and simple to manage, and the handle is effective for carrying and usage. Other presses may be able to produce higher numbers of shells per hour, but this shotshell press will certainly get the job done, and you will have better shotgun shells for it!

Lee Precision II Shotshell Reloading Press 20 GA Load All

While the unit may feel cheap, as it is made primarily of plastic parts, the quality of the shells that come out is at least as good as, if not better than, factory-made products. Like its 12-gauge brother, the 20 GA Precision II press (see full specs) can handle all kinds of shells with ease and accuracy, from slugs to trap shells and everything in between.

The ease of use and set-up for this press set it apart from similar presses, and, while you won’t be able to load for an army, the casual and beginning reloader will find that it is more than sufficient for all intents and purposes, and is versatile enough to allow for experimentation on all levels.

So we hope this article has answered your questions as to the best shotgun reloading press. If you have any guns that fire traditional bullets, please check out our homepage to see what other reloading options there are. Take care.

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