What is the Best Single Stage Reloading Press? (ANSWERED)

Best Single Stage Reloading Press

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What is the best single stage reloading press?

Out of the three different kinds of presses for reloading, the simplest is a single stage reloading press. You get the best performance out of your guns by fine-tuning the bullets to best fit your barrel through reloading, and the process can halve your ammunition bill. The greatest cost to you is actually time – even the quickest hands can only get through 75-100 rounds in an hour.

If you’re just getting started, finding a single stage reloading press is the best option. A press connects the four parts of a bullet, and the single stage press, as its name suggests, does this in distinct stages. Even if you upgrade and get a turret or a progressive press, you will still find your single stage press useful, especially if you do any kind of sharpshooting. A single stage reloading press:

• Allows for great precision and fine-tuning
• Is designed to last for a lifetime of use
• Helps you learn the reloading process
• Is generally much cheaper than other presses

The Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Reloading Kit (see full specs) is the best single stage reloading press because it consistently stands above its peers as one of the best investments you can make to get started on the process of reloading.

Why the Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Kit is the Best Single Stage Press

This kit is designed to be sturdy, and all of the parts are reliable pieces. Built in the USA, the parts all work together effortlessly and have a higher quality standard than many other single stage press kits. Lee is a trusted brand that continues to put out top-notch products that allow beginners and pros alike to make quality ammunition. The Lee Precision Kit includes (see full specs here):

• An O-frame press
• A scale and powder measure system
• A power feeder and primer feeder
• A chamber tool, primer pocket cleaner, case trimmer tool, and sizing lube

The press is well-made and easy to assemble. The Lee Safety Scale that comes with the kit is incredibly precise and sensitive – essential for making exact measurements. The scale can be a bit complicated to understand at first, but its precision makes up for this a dozen times over. The funnel and extra tools work just like they’re supposed to, and the included manual is useful. If you’re not convinced about the durability or practicality of this press, just remember that weak products don’t sell for over 50 years. For the price, there is no better single stage reloading press and without doubt the best reloading kits for beginners.

Reloading 38 Special on a Lee Single Stage Press

Why Reload?

Reloading is a great and practical hobby for gun enthusiasts. For owners of older or uncommon guns, the process of reloading can be an especially useful and relatively cheap way to keep a stockpile of ammunition on hand. Reloading your bullets:

• Saves you money
• Can increase the effectiveness of your gun
• Can give you hours of peaceful work

Whether you would like to continue being able to use antique guns or just want to learn a new hobby and save money on your ammunition, the Lee Precision 50th Anniversary Kit is both the best single stage press and the best reloading press for the money.

If you’re interested in broadening your reloading horizons, please check out our homepage where we discuss other options (turret press, progressive press, etc.).


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