The 4 Best Gun Safes in Garages – Reviews 2023

best gun safe in garage

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Storing a gun safe in the garage is a popular option for many reasons, including too-small rooms within the house and increased security. If you are going to store a firearm safe in your garage, you need to choose one that can be bolted to the ground or too heavy to move. The safe itself should ideally also blend in with the garage to a degree unless the safe is a large premium safe. Garage safes should be made to resist the elements, which they are prone to do when exposed in a garage. Finally, the safe needs to meet your individual storage requirements, and of course, should be nearly impossible to break into.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best gun safes in garages.

Stack-On Double Door

The Stack-On Double Door safe is an interesting design for a gun cabinet. The design itself is rather unique and actually fits in well with the look and style of a traditional garage. The Stack-On Double Door looks more akin to a locker than a gun safe—i.e., something that would store tools and not guns. This little deception can be invaluable if someone was to break into your home and enter your garage. Tools are of little value at pawn shops or flea markets, so they are rarely stolen.

The two doors divide the safe into a gun side and valuables side. The gun side is capable of holding 10 traditional long guns (rifles, shotguns, etc.). This is measured without slings, scopes, or additional accessories. The safe is fifty-four inches tall and has a foam-padded bottom. This padded bottom protects the firearms from slipping and becoming damaged.

The valuables side, with the smaller locker door, comes with 4 padded steel shelves that are removable to hold additional firearms. This valuables side can also hold handguns on the shelves, scopes, ammunition, and whatever else you wish to protect.

The safe weighs roughly 120 pounds empty, and is 34 inches wide and 14.4 inches deep. The safe can be bolted to the garage floor. The Stack on has a 3 point locking system with double key coded lock. The safe itself is well-built, durable, and spacious. It’s unique look is an effective camouflage in most garages, and should be on anyone’s list of the best gun safe in garages.

Stack-On Gun Cabinet

Barska Quick Access safe

Small and thin are in, right? If so the Barska Quick Access safe is certainly in. The safe is 52 inches tall, 8 and a half inches wide, and almost 10 inches deep. The Barska Quick Access is designed for garage with barely any room to spare. It’d be hard to make the excuse you simply don’t have room when looking at the Barska Quick Access Safe.

This design is for those with a smaller, pragmatic gun collection that is unlikely to grow over time. This safe is perfect in the garage of the hunter, the skeet shooter, or the occasional plinker. The safe can hold up to three rifles, or shotguns, even more if the shotguns are slim over and under designs.

The Barska Quick Access gains its name from the biometric scanner placed on the front of the safe. This scanner reads an authorized user’s fingerprint and only open for the authorized user or users. The safe can maintain a memory bank of 120 different fingerprints. The safe also includes two backup keys in case the safe loses power, or to access the safe after a failed cracking event.

The Barska Quick Access’s biometric scanner can last 2 years on 4 double AA batteries then you have to plug in new batteries. The safe is pre-drilled for securing safes to the floor or to the wall. The safe is an unassuming black that is heavily coated with a solid finish to protect the safe. The Quick Access is unique, easy to use, and perfect for those technically inclined. It’s one of the best gun safes in garages out there.

Barska Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe

The V-Line quick access safe is a minimalist safe designed to hold one or maybe two long guns depending on their size. This small rifle safe is not just affordable but compact and easy to store. This ultra-thin safe will take up almost no room in your safe and this allows you to store rifles safely and securely. The V-Line safe is designed for modern rifles like the AR 15, but will also accommodate shotguns, handguns, bolt action rifles, and lever guns. The V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long gun safe is made from 16-gauge steel and is designed to be mounted to a wall.

The safe has pre-drilled holes that allow you to attach this safe to walls and ensure no one can just pick it up and run. The V-Line Quick Access safe is designed to be simple and easy to get into. The safe is equipped with a SIMPLEX five push button mechanical lock that makes it easy to dial into a combination code and get your weapon quick fast and in a hurry. The best news is that the lock doesn’t need batteries or a power source of any kind.

Beyond that there is two additional key locks that you engage when the quick access portion isn’t needed. No one is getting into this safe without some serious use of force. Inside the safe is a foam line backing that ensures your weapon is not scratched or beat up while being stored. It’s a well built and easy to use as well as install; it’s an excellent option for garage gun storage.

Steelwater Heavy Duty Safe

For those with a large and valued gun collection, the Steelwater Heavy Duty fits the bill. The Steelwater Heavy Duty is a large, attractive safe that is capable of holding 20 different firearms. It’s a massive 59 inches tall, 18 inches deep, and 28 inches wide. The safe weighs 425 pounds empty, and is made to withstand a 1550 degree fire for 45 minutes, and is EMP proof to protect electronic optics and accessories.

The Heavy Duty (see full specs) has a powerful, high quality gear drive system to maximize the safes locking ability. The hard plate on the safe is 8 times more capable than most competitors at the same price. The locking lugs are an inch in diameter, and there is a total of 9 of them. This massive safe may stand out to thieves, but it keeps them out as well.

Once this bad boy is in place in your garage, it’d be hard to move even if you can deadlift like Arnold Schwarzenegger, and when you factor in the ability to bolt the safe down, then it’s going nowhere. The safe comes equipped with a dehumidifier to prevent moisture from building up, a special concern when sorting a safe in a garage. The Steelwater Heavy Duty is a serious safe for serious gun owners.

Steel Water gun safe.

The Best Gun Safes for Garages: Safe At Last!

Keeping gun safes in garages is quite common these days and is an effective method from protecting your investment, and keeping unauthorized users (like kids!) from accessing your safe. These safes I’ve listed are all up to the task, and each have their individual strengths and weaknesses.

When planning for a safe you should always think about upgrading your collection and if you plan too. It’s often cheaper to buy one large safe, than two or more small safes. My last piece of advice is always bolt your safes down. That way even the most determined criminal will have to fight the locks AND the floor.

  • Owner of, Boyd Smith is a major handgun enthusiast, and although he owns Glocks, he prefers the revolving wheel type. His go-to guns are a Smith & Wesson 642 Performance Center for carry and a Ruger GP100 in the nightstand biometric safe (he has kids). He loads both revolvers with old-school 148-grain Federal Gold Medal .38 wadcutters. It’s OK if you think he’s a wimp. Email him.

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