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best glock 17 holster

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The Glock that started it all, the 17 remains today one of the most widely used handguns that the company manufactures. More than just a popular option in pistols, the Glock 17 is a reliable choice in sidearm, and the top choice for military, law enforcement, and civilians around the globe.

With that in mind, when it comes to selecting the best holster for your Glock 17, you want to ensure that your holster is at the very least matching the reliability that you’ve grown to expect from your Glock.

There are a number of options in holsters. Whether ankle, in-waist-band, shoulder, or some other style, you have many great choices in holsters. What’s the best Glock 17 holster depends a lot on your personal preference in the type of holster.

The holsters listed here are those that have demonstrated to be reliable, comfortable, and of course a good option for almost any budget.

Fobus Evolution Holster

This lightweight, at just 2oz, holster is a great option for your Glock 17. It will also work perfectly with your other Glocks, should you wish to have options in the firearm you carry. The low profile of the holster will help you to avoid printing, which is of course something many of us who conceal carry are concerned about.

The paddle is rubberized and has good retention tabs so that you are assured of a firm grip that will not pull the holster loose when you draw. All one piece and maintenance free, the holster was initially developed for military and law enforcement, so you can be assured of comfortable durability from a holster that has been heavily tested in live field situations.

The holster will not breathe or sweat and can withstand the most rigorous use in even the most severe of environments. Keep it clean with soap and warm water, it’s that easy.

While not adjustable, the holster does have some great points that will fast make it your go-to holster when you’re on the move.

BLACKHAWK! Serpa CQC Carbon Fiber Appliqué Finish Concealment Holster

If you are looking for a holster that is favored by some law enforcement officials, you can’t take a wrong turn with the carbon fiber holster from Blackhawk.

The holster comes with both a paddle platform and belt loop, so that you have options in how you wear your holster. There have been some who feel the holster is not suitable for conceal carry, but it is a durable and comfortable option if concealment is not necessarily a concern for you. Keep in mind that some of your clothing options can also help to make it easier to conceal your weapon and its holster.

The holster boasts an incredible level of security for your Glock, with its patented SERPA auto lock release that gives you the best position for a comfortable drawing motion. Unlike some holsters that require a bit of additional work to secure your firearm, this one offers immediate retention and a satisfying audible click when you re-holster it. This is among the best holsters for Glock 17 handguns on the market.

Glock Sport Combat Holster, 9mm/40/357

Made by Glock, for Glock pistols, this holster boasts an ambidextrous design that will allow it be comfortably carried by both left and right-handed shooters. The holster has been constructed using the same durable polymer that Glock owners are familiar with, so you can be assured of durability and reliability for many good years to come.

Compatible with all Glock pistols, including 9mm and .40, the holster boasts a trigger guard retention feature that will securely click your pistol into place when you re-holster it.

The holster is more than durable, it is lightweight at just 4 ounces. This makes it a great choice for concealing beneath your clothing when you are on the go. The holster can readily accommodate belt widths up to 2 ½ inches and is one of the best Glock 17 holsters for the money.

Safariland Insight XTI Procyon 6378 ALS Concealment Paddle Holster

Offered in both a left and right-handed version, this paddle holster is a good choice for those looking for a low-profile design that is suitable for concealment. With a slim profile, this holster is sure to fast become your favorite.

The automatic locking system will secure your firearm once it is holstered, locking it in place without the need to perform any additional steps. The draw from the holster is simple and straight, so you don’t need to worry about any delays should you need to draw your firearm swiftly. Simply deactivate the automatic locking system with your thumb and you’ll be all set.

The paddle design makes it a snap to get the holster on and off without much hesitation. You are assured of a comfortable fit, even with all day wear. The inside of the holster has a suede finish, which will help to provide a measure of protection to your firearm

The holster will fit belt widths between 1.5 inches and 1.75 inches, so you have great options in wear.

Gould Goodrich B804 Gold Line Shoulder Holster

Shoulder holsters are often overlooked when it comes to purchasing a holster for conceal carry. Their popularity waned once better options become plentiful on the market. Some report feeling constricted and very uncomfortable when wearing a shoulder holster.

This horizontal style shoulder holster, however, is fully adjustable and can give you the customizable level of comfort that you are looking for. Many other options in holsters can be uncomfortable when you are sitting behind a desk or behind the wheel for extended periods of time, which is what makes the shoulder holster such a great option.

The straps lay flat and offer you the superior concealment and comfort that you are looking for. The leather used in the design of this holster has been vegetable tanned, so you are assured of a top quality finish. The craftsmanship of the holster is second to none, so you are sure to thoroughly appreciate both the way this shoulder holster looks and feels. The best holster for Glock 17 handguns might just be the best for Dirty Harry too: a shoulder holster.


You have many options in holsters, and the type that you select will depend largely on your personal preferences. It doesn’t hurt to have more than one holster on hand, so that you are always ready for different situations. Boot holsters are also a great choice, and many women actually prefer them over other types of holsters. Belly band holsters are another option, for both men and women.

Regardless of your final choice, you’ll appreciate just how comfortable it is to conceal carry.

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