The 4 Best IWB Holsters for Glock 23 – Concealed Carry Review

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Regardless of where your daily routine leads you, you must have comfort and ease of accessibility with the in-the-waistband holster that you select for your Glock 23. There are a number of factors that come into play when it comes to the selection of a new holster, so it’s important that you consider all of them in order to ensure that you are making the best purchasing decision for your needs.

When you are dressing to conceal carry, you dress around the needs that come from carrying your gun. The right IWB holster can make it infinitely easier to conceal your weapon, while still allowing you to dress for your day or night. Concealability is generally the primary objective when you are selecting your new concealed holster for your Glock 23, but the right holster should be a comfortable fit for your body type, work well with the clothing that you are wearing, and should securely attach once in place; it should definitely not shift once it has been fastened. Another important factor is that the holster should fit closely to your body, in an effort to minimize printing. You don’t just want any holster but the best IWB holster for Glock 23 handguns! 

Pro Carry Leather Holster

At just 4.8oz, this leather holster is available for both left-handed and right-handed individuals. The light weight of this holster assures you of a barely-there feel, even with your Glock holstered in place.

Designed using soft top-quality leather, with double-back stitching at stress points, you are assured of the ultimate in durability for this holster. Offered at a budget-friendly price, this holster is an affordable and durable option that will easily meet your concealed carry needs.

American made, this holster is a comfortable choice whether you are standing or sitting down. The smooth leather lining of the holster makes it easy to draw your weapon swiftly when needed.

Breaking in leather holsters can often take a fair bit of time, which can be a problem if you need a holster to be as ready to go as you are, when you are. This holster has a reputation for being ready to go with just a day or two of wear, with a Glock 23 in place.

The gun-blued metal clip assures you of a snug fit once the holster is in place. When your holster is in place, it’ll keep your Glock 23 low and comfortable, so that you can avoid being painfully jabbed in the side. The secure clip will keep the holster in place when you draw your pistol, so that you don’t need to worry about fumbling with the holster in a situation where time is of the essence.

This leather holster will also work comfortably and well with your 19, 32, and your 36, but is among the best Glock 23 IWB holsters.

Fobus Standard Holster

With a low profile, the lightweight Fobus Standard Holster is just 2oz., and if you’d prefer light holsters, this product might be the best Glock 23 holster. These holsters were originally developed in Israel, as a solution for military and other armed security forces; having proven itself in combat, the Fobus Standard Holster is a good choice for the civilian and law enforcement alike. The holster has been heavily used in the field and can stand up to the most extreme of elements, which is a positive thing when reliability and durability are important.

Injection molding with high-density plastic is used to create the one-piece holster; the result is a durable and lightweight holster that boasts unmatched retention. The rubberized attachment paddle is steel reinforced, to further assure you of durability in wear.

The holster fits easily over your pants, without the need to worry about the placement of belt loops. This will help you to get the perfect position and fit from the holster. The paddle has quality retention tabs that offer exceptional grip so that you can be assured that the holster is not going to pop loose.

One of the key differences between this holster and leather holsters is that leather tends to have a bit more give when it comes to fitting a range of guns. The Fobus Standard holster has been molded to fit just a specific number of guns. The end of the holster is open so that longer muzzles are not going to be a concern. The holster will work comfortably with your handgun and will also prove suitable for your 17, 19, 22, 31, 34, and your 35, making this not only one of the best holsters for Glock 23 handguns but for small Glocks period.

The Fobus Standard Holster is maintenance free, and will not need to be oiled or otherwise kept up. It don’t sweat or breathe, and can be kept clean by washing it with a mild and non-abrasive soap and warm water.

Drawing from this holster is easy, but it needs to be deliberate with a smooth and even motion. It’s recommended that you spend a bit of time practicing with it so that you have your draw down pat when it matters most.

Unlike some holsters that have an adjustable cant, the Fobus Standard Holster has a fixed cant, which is not always something some are comfortable with.

Above all, this is a reliable and proven holster that will meet the needs of those on a budget. Whether for concealed carry or for accompanying you on a trip to the range, this is a neat and durable holster you can’t go wrong with.

Galco Kingtuk

At 12.8oz, the Galco Kingtuk Holster is a bit heavier and heftier than other holsters reviewed, but it has been designed with comfort and ease of wear in mind. Made with a combination of soft Nappa leather and the plastic compound Kydex, the holster assures the wearer of comfort and strength.

Right out of the box, the Galco Kingtuk Holster can oftentimes result in the pistol hiding too high, which can also lead to printing. This is readily remedied by adjusted the belt clip positions. The adjustable metal belt clips allow you to get the custom fit that you might need. The holster fits with belts up to as large as 1 ¾”.

Comfortable and easy to attach, this IWB holster is a good off-duty choice for law enforcement, and is of course a suitable and budget-friendly option for the civilian looking for a holster that will move with your movements. Whether sitting, standing, or engaging in other activities, the Galco Kingtuk Holster will be an effortless addition to your daily routine.

Drawing from the holster is smooth, which makes it a good option that you can rely on when it matters the most.

Among the best IWB holsters for Glock 23 handguns, the Galco Kingtuk Holster is also a good choice for your 17, 19, 22, 26, 27, 31, 32, and 33. It is not considered a good choice for firearms that are as compact as the 42 is.

Gould Goodrich B890

Offered in both an option for left-handed and right-handed wearers, the Gould Goodrich B890 Holster is a comfortable and lightweight option that is suitable for everyday wear. At 3.2oz, this holster is a good option for off-duty law enforcement and civilian concealed carry alike. With a holster as lightweight as this, it’s almost easy to forget that you are carrying your firearm.

Designed using top quality leather, this black holster features a sturdy metal clip that will secure your holster in place when you are wearing it. It works smoothly with belts up to 1 ¾” and is a good option for both men and women.

The leather is top-quality to assure you of durability, while the stitching at the potential stress points on the holster will ensure that this is a holster that lasts for many good years to come.

Drawing is a smooth and almost effortless process, but as with all new holsters it’s recommended that you put in a bit of practice time so that you can perfect your technique.

Designed and molded to fit with Glock in mind, this holster is among the best Glock 23 holsters, but will also prove to be a good choice for your 19 and 32. Compact firearms, like the 42 or firearms with longer muzzles will not be a good fit for securing in this holster.

Regardless of your choice in new IWB holster for your Glock 23, you should give yourself a minimum of wearing it for a week prior to making it your primary holster. The longer that you wear your holster in place, the more comfortable you will become with having it as a permanent part of your daily routine.

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