The 4 Best Lasers for AR 15 – AR15 Green Sight Reviews 2023

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We’ve probably all seen the gimmicky use of a laser sight in Lethal Weapon 4 (yes, we’re old so we remember Lethal Weapon 4). Riggs’ use of the then cutting edge and unusual technology was seemingly the stuff of science fiction, making impossible shots easy, and trick shooting child’s play. While it makes for some good movie scenes, the truth is that lasers are not some sort of magic bullet direction tool that allow you to dump round after round wherever you like.

However, they are pretty darn useful, in that they give you an illuminated point on your target that (should) correspond to where your bullet will impact. That makes them extremely useful for home defense, law enforcement, military, and other tactical purposes. While unsporting for use when hunting, I doubt there is anyone who would not use one on a ranch rifle when taking down a marauding cougar or coyote. Lasers on the AR15 are strictly for serious business and find their primary use in that role. There are a lot of lasers on the market now, some very good, some very bad, and some that take advantage of advances in manufacturing techniques to make a rather affordable product. We found 4 best lasers for AR 15 for your viewing pleasure. Take a look!

Streamlight TLR-2

Streamlight is well known for their flashlights and lasers and hardly needs introduction other than to speak their name. The TLR-2 (see full specs) is a compact rail mounted laser as at home on your favorite AR as it is your favorite handgun. Because lasers and lights go together like baseball and hotdogs, the TLR-2 isn’t just a laser, it’s also a dedicated weapons light, giving you the best of both worlds. Ideal for anyone wanting a compact, high power tactical light and laser, this certainly ranks up there as one of the best AR 15 lasers for the money.

Streamlight TLR-2 HL G: Best Weapon Light...In The World!!

Ade Advanced Optics Tactical Light and Laser

Another sexy light and laser combo but wallet friendly. Perfect for a rifle that sees light duty but still must have a laser ready to burn through the night at a moment’s notice. Featuring a windage and elevation adjustable green laser with laser/laser and flashlight/flashlight only modes, and an aircraft grade aluminum body, this laser sight comes with all the frills but no gimmicks. Quite likely the best green laser for AR 15 on a budget, it is hard to go wrong with this little feature packed gem.

Sightmark LoPro Green Laser Designator Sight

And here’s an interesting specimen–a green laser sight that looks like it’s been flattened over by a steamroller. But since it’s made by the very well-respected Sightmark, you know you’re getting a quality product. Sits on top of a Picatinny or Weaver mount and is still low enough for you to look through a scope or red dot sight. Fully adjustable with windage or elevation (see full specs). The LoPro would be my choice for the best laser for AR 15 if I wanted a good, no-nonsense green laser atop a minimalist carbine something I’d be reaching for to respond to bumps in the night.

Budget Green Laser

Budgets are important, and since they make an AR at nearly any budget it would stand to reason they make a green laser at any budget. The Ozark Armament laser sight is an awesome budget laser that is surprisingly versatile. The Ozark Armament laser sight comes with a pressure switch for instant and easy on and off use. The laser also comes with two mounting systems, one for Picatinny rails, the other direct attachment to hand guards or barrels.

It’s lightweight, accurate and very easy to adjust. The laser is made from durable and lightweight aluminum that can withstand drops and falls with ease. The price is right, and honestly, if you want to play with lasers and see if they are right for you or just practice with an affordable laser, this is likely the best green laser for AR 15’s that you can buy.

AR 15’s and Lasers

The AR 15 is an incredibly versatile rifle and has served American shooters, military and law enforcement for over half a century. Because of its legacy of endurance, the AR 15 has a great number of accessories and features. One popular accessory is the laser sight, which enables rapid target acquisition and an assurance of well placed shots. However, it isn’t simply just a matter of picking the best AR laser sight, sticking it on your rifle or carbine, and calling it good.

Like anything involved with aiming your rifle, a laser will need to be adjusted for windage and elevation. Because lasers can be mounted, under, over, or to the side of the bore, it is important to adjust them so that they correspond with the point of impact of your ammo. Just like a scope, a laser should be windage and elevation adjustable so you can dial it in. And just like with a scope, you’ll probably wind up dialing it in for a certain kind of ammo. You will have radically different performance between a 55 grain bullet and a 68 grain bullet, and will need to ensure your laser is dialed in for the round you are going to use it with.

Because lasers are rarely used for sport hunting, their primary role is tactical. It doesn’t take much imagination to see the value of a laser on a tactical or home defense carbine. In a high stress situation, seeing an illuminated red or green dot on a target can give you comfort knowing that you’ll be able to place a shot where it is most important, and perhaps even give bad guys pause long enough for a bad situation to end peacefully.

Lasers are an important tool on the AR15, and should not be taken lightly. Buy the best laser for AR 15 that you can for your own particular situation. Some folks just want an absolutely basic laser for extremely casual use or to play around with. Others need a high quality combat capable laser. There are units in all price points and for all purposes, and you are sure to find the right laser that suits you. Good luck!

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