The 4 Best EOTechs for AR15 – AR 15 Optic Sight Reviews 2023

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Buying an EOTech red dot sight for your AR is sometimes a difficult choice. They aren’t cheap, but they are worth every penny and more that you spend on them. To make matters worse, there are a bewildering array of similar yet radically different EOTech sights out there, plus an unholy amount of cheap knockoffs and even outright counterfeits.

By using a laser diode to create a non-magnifying holographic reticle, EOTech sights are the stuff of science fiction, yet are readily available for consumer purchase in the United States. This means you get an advanced sight that is much more expensive than your normal red dot or holo sight, but one that is light years ahead of the competition. While they have obvious military and law enforcement applications, and are of course widely used in those fields, there is no reason why any AR owner who is looking for a high quality sight should not take a closer look at what EOTech has to offer.

Here are the 4 best EOtechs for AR15 rifles on the market:

The EOTech NV Series

This is EOTech is pretty amazing. At the heart of it is the laser diode that makes the famous EOTech holographic display. It has a battery life of up to 600 hours, is submersible to 33 feet, and has 30 brightness settings, 10 of which are designed for night vision use. Yup, that’s right. As if it wasn’t enough to mount one of the most hardcore holo sights on your rifle, this one is designed especially for use with night vision goggles. If you want one of the most versatile holographic products around, this is among the best EOTech AR 15 sights.

The Almost Ultimate EOTech

The EXPS3-2 is another military grade EOTech. Built first and foremost for military operations, it is available to any American consumer who wishes to own one. Obviously, this too places it in the realm of the best EOTech for AR 15. Compatible with night vision goggles, featuring up to 600 hour run time and calibrated for the .223/5.56 round, this EOTech sight is ideal for home defense, hunting, law enforcement and security work. As a bonus, this EOTech can be mated with a magnifer that turns it into a 3 power scope (see our article on the best magnifiers for red dots), making it a fine choice for somebody needing high end optics on their AR.

The EOTECH Advantage

The Ideal EOTech

This is the best EOTech for AR15 rifles that isn’t designed around being a professional door kicker or extreme use. Granted there is no reason why this wouldn’t stand up to the rigors of professional use, but you can’t use your night vision gear with this one. Like all EOTech sights you get up to 600 hours run time on a single lithium ion battery. It mounts to any standard Weaver or Picatinny rail, making it extremely easy to install on your AR. This is the one I’d put on my rifle, as it has everything a casual shooter needs, without all the military grade enhancements you don’t.

The Basic EOTech

If you don’t demand the smallest, lightest EOTech, and don’t mind a tiny bit more real estate being taken up on your rifle, then this is the best EOTech for the AR 15. A bit larger than other models, it’s usually cheaper too, which in my book is always a win. You won’t be sniping enemy wildlife through your night vision gear with this one, but you’ll be enjoying all the benefits and accuracy that come from owning and using an EOTech holo sight. What is nice about this model is that it uses two easy-to-find AA batteries as a power source, meaning you’ll always be able to find batteries for it. Otherwise, it packs the same great EOTech features and technology that other models do, but at a more approachable price.

Why an EOTech?

EOTech pioneered the laser holographic sight and continues to lead the industry in creating advanced holo sights. EOTech sights have been used in combat operations by the US military and our allies, and are popular with law enforcement, security professionals, competitive sport shooters, and private citizens who just want a darn good sight for their home defense carbine or sporting rifle.

When picking the best EOTech for the AR 15, you need to first figure out what you are going to do with it. Some folks simply want the absolute best they can get, and will happily pay for that. For that, we’ve seen a magnified unit that costs more than most AR 15 rifles, but is without a doubt one of the best products EOTech offers to the general public.

Any of the EOTechs we reviewed will sit well on top of a home defense or knockabout ranch rifle too. After all, if they are good enough for the US Military, they are good enough to ride in the back of a pickup truck, or sit by a door, ready to be used at a moment’s notice. To that end, I prefer to shop by price point. While a couple models are specifically calibrated for the most common .223/5.56 rounds, and are certainly worth looking at if you want a more precise, out of the box experience, there is no reason to use that alone as your primary reasons for purchase.

Because the EOTech holo sights offer no magnification, unless you are pairing them with a magnifier, they are iron sight replacements. The primary advantage to using a holo sight over irons is that you get a bright, crisp sight picture, a scope like aiming reticle and can rapidly acquire and transition between targets. That makes holo sights fantastic for varmint hunters and competition shooters. In fact, if you are going to play the 3 gun competition game (see our article on the best scopes for 3 gun competitions), or any sport shooting requiring rapid transition between targets you pretty much NEED a good sight like an EOTech on your AR. No matter which EOTech you wind up running with though, you will be pleased to own a military grade holo sight made by a Michigan-based company that serves our soldiers and law enforcement with pride. And we hope you’ve found the best EOTech for AR15’s here. Good luck!

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