The 4 Best Ruger Charger Scopes – Reviews 2023

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The Ruger Charger, especially when coupled with a scope, is one fascinating firearm. It’s technically a pistol but was originally designed as a rifle. Since it’s also a small, fun pistol, the gun needs a certain kind of scope, one that’ll work well with handguns. Needless to say, like for any scoped weapon, the optic should allow you to enhance your ability to hit your target. A scope needs to complement the weapon, and the Charge is a unique weapon for sure.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best Ruger Charger scopes on the market:

Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn Scope

The Bushnell brand is well known and well respected for their well made but affordable optics. These optics are designed for hunting, and the Bushnell Dusk and Dawn is a perfect option if you want a variable optic on your Ruger Charger. The Dusk and Dawn is a 1.5 x 4.5 power optic with a 32 mm objective lens. The optic itself is a long eye relief scope, meaning your face can be further from the actual optic. On a pistol, this is absolutely necessary since you don’t have a stock to rest your cheek.

The Dusk and Dawn has a six-inch eye relief that allows the user to keep the stable in a standing position and is perfect for bench rest shooting. The variable magnification gives you the ability to see and hit small targets at longer ranges. A Ruger Charger equipped with this optic will be a terror to small game and a hunter’s best friend. Rabbits and squirrels would be waving white flags if they could.

The Dusk and Dawn name comes from the multi-coated lenses. They are designed to enhance the amount of light that’s transmitted through the optic. This allows you to see at both Dawn and Dusk clearly. Since most hunting is done in the morning and evening, this is a force multiplier. Needless to say, this is one of the best Ruger Charger scopes for the money.

Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn 1-4x32 circle x scope

Burris Fastfire 3 Red Dot Sight

One of the primary benefits of the Ruger Charger is how lightweight and handy the gun is. It’s much smaller than the standard 10/22. If you want an optic that doesn’t take away the Ruger Charger’s ability to be compact and small, the Burris Fastfire 3 is the optic for you. This miniature red dot optic will easily mount to the Picatinny rail included with most Ruger Charger pistols. The Burris Fastfire is actually designed for pistols so it is a perfect fit for the Ruger Charger.

The Fastfire 3 features a wide 8 MOA red dot reticle that is easy to see with the weapon extended in front of you (see full specs). The Fastfire 3 is a very well made optic that carries a lifetime warranty. The Fastfire has three different brightness settings and has an automatic setting that will adjust the brightness for you as the outdoor environment changes. The Burris Fastfire 3 is designed to be a reflexive sight for close quarters shooting. Out to 50 yards, you’ll easily hit your target and ring steel over and over.

The Burris Fastfire 3 is also very lightweight and is hardly noticeable on top of your Ruger Charger. The Fastfire makes shooting the Ruger Charger easier and gives the user an easy and intuitive optic for shooting just about anything.

UTG 3.8 ITA Red Dot Sight

UTG is an interesting brand that takes risks and offers decent gear at a good price. The Ruger Charger is a .22 LR rimfire pistol that’s quite large. Needless to say, recoil is almost nonexistent. With that in mind, you can toss on an affordable UTG optic and not worry about it breaking or losing zero. The UTG ITA is a full sized red dot optic that mounts to Picatinny rails with ease. The UTG ITA is easy to use optic that features both red and green reticles.

Green tends to work better indoors and is easier on the eyes in low environments. Red is much brighter in most cases and is used for shooting outdoors. The sight is very simple and delivers a clear and crisp 4 MOA reticle. The optic features an emerald coating to increase clarity, reduce glare, and increase light transmission.

The system comes with a simple but effective integral mount and has a 30 mm objective lens. It offers a 95-foot field of view at 100 yards and weighs only 7.4 ounces, which makes shooting the Ruger Charger more enjoyable and makes teaching new shooters a lot easier. Sometimes, a budget opinion proves to be the best Ruger Charger scope.

UTG Golden Image 38mm Red Green Dot Sight Review

Burris Scout Scope

The Ruger Charger is a small, lightweight precision-driven .22 caliber pistol that’s built on a rifle. It’s an interesting design, and the Burris Scout Scope is a perfect companion to the Ruger Charger. Since the Charger is a handgun, you’d need a long eye relief scope to be effective. The Scout scope provides 8.5 to 14 inches of eye relief, which is perfect when it comes to handgun scope.

The Scout Scope has a 2.75 power magnification setting that allows for a zoomed-in picture without a lot of wobble or movement. One of the hard things about Scout scopes is, the higher the magnification, the more wobble. When the optic is mounted on a handgun, you have to extend your arms forward, and without a stock, you get lots of wobble. On a 2.75X scope, there is minimal optic sway and movement. Once it’s mounted, the Burris Scout Scope allows for precise shots out to 100 yards.

The Burris Scout Scope is easy to use and install. The heavy plex is easy to see, and the reticle is quick to get on target. This makes it easy to take precise shots or to hunt small game at various ranges. The Burris Scout Scope is small and lightweight, so it doesn’t weigh down the lightweight and compact Charger. The Scout Scope is a great choice and one of the best Ruger Charger scopes period. It makes shooting small game, small targets, and anything else simple.

Charged with Scopes

The Ruger Charger is a neat little gun that can serve a variety of needs. It’s very simple and built on a classic Ruger design. The Charger comes with simple iron sights, but an optic makes it much easier to hit your target. Tossing on an optic makes shooting your weapon easier, more accurate, and overall more precise.

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