The 4 Best Scopes for CZ 452 Scout Rifles – Reviews 2023

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Getting a great CZ 452 Scout scope makes a lot of sense. The CZ 452 is an awesome gun—a fun .22LR bolt rifle with an amazing degree of accuracy. Like most rifles, it can be made better with a scope. An optic allows you to see further, hit your target regardless of its size, and give you a more satisfying experience. Picking the right scope can be tricky but we are here to help.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best scopes for CZ 452 Scout rifles on the market:

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone Scope

The Bushnell Optics Drop zone optics are an excellent value-based line of rifle optics designed and built around very specific calibers. The Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 22 model is perfect for the .22 LR CZ 452. It comes with the .22 BDC reticle that is built around the typically drop rate of a .22 LR round. This means the elevation hash marks are tied to specific distances. This makes it easy for you to compensate for bullet drop over long distances.

The Bushnell Optics Drop Zone BDC (see full specs) rimfire reticle is a perfectly tuned for long-range shooting and makes it easy to hit targets at various ranges. The scope comes with target turrets and that make it easy to make in the field adjustments. This likely won’t be necessary, but it’s a nice feature to have regardless. The CZ 452 Scout is a crazy accurate gun and for some of you skilled shooters, you’ll appreciate the ability to make those fine adjustments.

As far as optical quality goes, the Bushnell is well-suited for .22 LR ranges. The quality multi-coated optics makes it easy to see in all light conditions minus total darkness. The Parallax adjustment ensures everything is properly aligned at all ranges. As far as price goes, Bushnell is hard to beat, plus they have one of the best warranties in the business—which makes this one of the best CZ 452 Scout scopes for the money.

Bushnell 2-7x32 AR/22 Rifle Scope Review

Barska Plinker .22 Scope

One of the best things about a .22 LR rifle is how cheap it is to shoot. We all have budgets and .22 LR guns make it easy to stick within those budgets and still enjoy our hobby. Like budget rimfire ammo, the Barska is easily one of the most affordable scopes you’ll find for your CZ 452 Scout. It’s built specifically for .22s and is priced to move. There is no reason to spend a ton to shoot with a .22 LR.

If you aren’t afraid of a bare bones scope then the Barska Plinker is a great way to scope your 452. The Barska Plinker is a traditional 3-9 powered scope that allows you a lot of versatility in a small optic. From shooting tiny targets up close or big targets far away, a 3-9 scope will do it and do it well. It lacks fancy reticles, fancy target turrets, and other features, but it does provide a precise and accurate optic.

The Barska is a durable optic that is water-shock and fog-proof. It’s sealed and ready to go out of the box. Speaking of Barska is even kind enough to include scope rings so you can take it out, toss it on, and hit the range.

Marlin .22 at 50 yds with Barska scope (complete sight in)

Nikon ProStaff Rimfire Scope

When it comes to optics, what doesn’t Nikon make? They produce a wide variety of different optics for everything from cameras to rifle scopes. Their sporting scopes line is massive, and the ProStaff series stands out significantly. The ProStaff line is currently in its 5th generation, but the Rimfire model sits outside of those generations. It stands alone, and it stands tall. The Nikon ProStaff Rimfire is equipped with a BDC reticle out to 150 yards and is designed around the velocity and drop of .22 caliber ammo.

The ProStaff does incorporate a ton of features into a small package, this includes spring-loaded instant reset turrets. This ensures you can easily return your gun to its normal zero with ease if you ever make adjustments to accommodate wind, elevation, or a different load. The ProStaff Rimfire has a magnification range of 3-9 and has a 40mm objective lens. It’s quite standard and will fit the capabilities of your CZ 452 Scout well.

The ProStaff Rimfire has full multi coated optics for a bright and clear picture that allows for excellent light transmission. The ProStaff Rimfire also packs a punch for long range performance. The glass is top notch and allows you to get way out there. This would be my go to scope if I was hunting small game at an increased distance, which makes easily makes it one of the best scopes for CZ 452 Scout rifles around.

Nikon Prostaff Rimfire Rifle Scope 3 9x40

Burris Droptine Rifle Scope

Burris is one of my favorite optics manufacturers. They are who I go to when I need a good optic at a great price. The Burris Droptine is a handy-dandy rifle scope designed for .22 LR rifles. It’s a perfect match for the CZ 452 in my option.

First, the scope is short and lightweight (see full specs), which are musts on a lightweight .22 LR gun. The CZ 452 Scout is more accurate than your average bear, and the Burriss is a very precise scope. The optic has a 1-piece design that aid in both strength and precision.

The Droptine also comes in the 2-7 power varieties. I feel this is the perfect magnification range for a .22LR projectile. It’s well suited for both close up precision shooting on a small target and powerful enough to extend down range and hit a target with ease. The Droptine is an excellent scope for target shooting, for making small groups, and hitting the heads of squirrels at 20 yards. It can do it all.

Burris equipped the optic with excellent glass that gives you amazing clarity. The glass is incredibly clear and the fully multicoated lenses will give you excellent range in low light conditions. The Droptine isn’t the most affordable .22LR scope, but it’s among the highest quality ones out there. It fits your rifle like a glove.


The Best Scopes for CZ 452 Scouts – Czeching It Out

The CZ 452 is an outstanding rifle and it needs an outstanding optic. Of the 4 listed above, any will be well suited for your rifle. They will make the gun easier to shoot, more precise, and will increase your effective range with an extreme degree of precision. The CZ 452 Scout is an excellent gun for a variety of tasks, and when paired with the right optic, it’s even better. Good luck!

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