The 4 Best Scopes for CZ 455 – Optic Sight Reviews 2023

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CZ as a gun company is mostly known for their fantastic series of handguns. Still, most CZ shooters come for the pistols but stay for the rifles. The CZ 455 is one such rifle. It’s rugged, good-looking, and a very polished and reliable rifle.

Like most bolt action rifles, the gun can benefit greatly from a scope. Only one model comes with iron sights. As a rimfire rifle, you need a simple scope that can be used for shots from ten yards to 200 yards depending on caliber. The CZ 455 comes in three calibers, the .17 HMR, the .22 Magnum, and classic .22 LR so the scope choice should be geared towards these 3 calibers.

With these ideas in mind, we’ve done ahead and rounded up 4 optics. These are, in our humble opinion, the 4 best scopes for CZ 455 rifles.

Leupold FX-1 Rimfire

The Leupold FX-1 Rimfire is the rimfire optic for the CZ 455. I think this model matches the CZ 455 best. Not to say there aren’t other great scopes for the CZ 455. The Leupold FX-1 simply takes the cake. The FX-1 Rimfire is a lightweight, short, and handy little optic. These are some of the same characteristics of the CZ 455.

The CZ 455 has the ability to almost instantly swap calibers by changing the barrel. This allows you to swap your gun from 22 LR to 22 Magnum, or to 17 HMR. The FX-1 Rimfire is a perfect match for the CZ 455. It can easily alternate between each caliber without issue. The FX-1 Rimfire is a fixed 4 power scope with a 28mm objective lens. This 4 power magnification is perfect for rimfire rounds. These aren’t long range cartridges, and thus, this scope will work perfectly with the CZ 455.

Like any Leupold scope, you are getting an extremely high-quality model. The scope uses a simple duplex style reticle (see full specs) that is simple and reliable. The scope is one piece construction and offers a good 4.5 inches of eye relief. Scope eye relief isn’t an issue for the CZ 455, but a longer eye relief makes it faster to get on target. The FX-1 rimfire is perfect for plinking or small game hunting and is one of the best scopes for CZ 455 period.

Nikon P-Tactical

The Nikon P series of scopes have been quite popular with the P 223 and the P 300 rifle scopes. The Nikon P-Tactical Rimfire model follows the tradition of the Nikon P series but for rimfire rounds. Like all the other Nikon P series there is a tuned bullet drop compensating reticle for a specific cartridge. With this model, it is the .22 LR reticle. This allows shooters to engage targets out to a 150 yard accurately. The simple reticle is dialed into the bullet drop of most .22 LR cartridges.

The Nikon P-Tactical is a variable optic with a magnification range of 2-7 power with a 32mm objective lens (see full specs). The P-Tactical is a nice little optic that fits perfectly on the CZ 455. For those who really want to hit small targets at 100 yards and beyond the 7 power magnification is perfect. The Nikon has a nice constant eye relief. It doesn’t change as you amplify or decrease the magnification.

The Nikon P-Tactical doesn’t slack just because it is a rimfire optic. The scope is outfitted with ¼ MOA adjustments and nice tactile adjustments. The turrets even have a zero reset feature that allows you to dial in your zero, and then reset the turrets to zero. This makes it easy to make field adjustments for wind and range, and then instantly go back to zero, which will be your normal setting.

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Simmons 3-9x32mm 22 Mag

If your CZ 455 is a .22 Magnum then the Simmons 3-9×32 is probably the second best choice for a CZ 455. The best choice being the Leupold FX-1. The .22 Magnum is considerably more powerful than the .22 LR and has a longer effective range. The .22 Magnum is also a great round for hunting small game and pests. The 3 to 9 power magnification is excellent and matches the round and its capabilities well.

The Simmons .22 Magnum scope uses very nice and clear lenses. They are also fully coated for clarity and a nice bright sight picture. One feature I really love is what Simmon’s call their Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece. This QTA eyepiece gives a nice distant eye relief and makes getting a clear picture and getting on target very fast. The QTA eyepiece is one of the features that makes this an excellent hunting scope.

Small game can be tricky and they run fast. With the QTA eyepiece, you can get on target nice and fast, before the animal takes off. You can make accurate and quick shots. The scope is also outfitted with Sure grip rubberized controls. These offer a very nice grip when your hands or wet, cold, or when you’re wearing gloves. If you’re on a budget, this is a stronger contender for the best scope for CZ 455 rifles.

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Vortex Crossfire 2 2-7×32

The Vortex Crossfire 2 is one of my favorite scopes for hunting deer on bigger rifles. Needless to say when Vortex released their Crossfire 2 with a rimfire reticle I was excited. The Vortex Crossfire is an excellent optic, and it doesn’t skimp on quality when Vortex designed it for a rimfire. The Crossfire 2 is the scope I trust for deer hunting, and one I’d trust on a CZ 455 for rabbit, squirrel, and even coyotes in a .22 Magnum variant.

The Crossfire 2 is a 2 to 7 power optic with a 32mm objective lens. This is a good level of magnification for any of the three calibers the CZ 455 comes in. The scope has a nice long eye relief, which is one of the main features I look for in a hunting scope. Typically, this is to avoid scope eye and to have a faster on target time. With the rimfire variant, this long eye relief scope makes it nice and easy to get on target with your CZ 455.

The V-Plex reticle in its rimfire configuration is one of the simplest and most effective rimfire reticles. It is very thin, and this is important in a rimfire hunting scope. Often your targets are quite small, so if the reticle completely covers them you may not entirely see your target. With the V-plex reticle, this won’t obviously happen. The Vortex is an excellent option is you like changing calibers on your 455.

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Czech Yourself

The CZ 455 is a versatile and handy little rifle. Topping it with a decent scope really lets it stretch its legs. It’s reliable, simple, and an awesome option for hunting and plinking. A decent little scope really unlocks your rifle’s potential, and with any one of the above—what we consider the best scopes for CZ 455 rifles—you’ve got this covered. Good luck!

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