Snake Gaiters vs Snake Boots – Which Are Better? (ANSWERED)

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So why get snake gaiters or boots? Because going into the woods means dealing with the any potential hazard they can throw at you. One of the many most people fear is the venomous snake. It’s a rightful fear and one should take caution when you enter their territory.

This means being prepared, and being prepared means wearing either snake boots or snake gaiters! However, which is best for you?

We hope to answer the question of which wins in the Battle of Snake Gaiters vs Snake Boots today:

Snake Gaiters vs Snake Boots Rd 1: Snake Boots

Snake Boots are specifically designed to beat snake bites. They are high rise boots that are anywhere from 14 to 17 inches tall from the arch. That extra height protects you from a big bad snake from reaching anywhere up your shin. Snake boots offer the highest level of protection possible, not only from snake bites but briars and other sticky situations. Snake boots have a few advantages over snake gaiters.

They are bigger and stronger. They tend to last longer and offer their users a nice waterproof option in most cases. What’s great is once you find your size you’re good to go. You don’t have to adjust them or strap them over your feet and legs. Put them on and go. If you put snake gaiters on improperly they may slip and slide, which doesn’t happen with snake boots.

This makes them easier to wear, and they require less effort for a perfect fit. You won’t have to worry about snaps or buckles breaking or coming undone ever. Snake Boots are a permanent choice for snake protection.

LaCrosse Men’s Adder Snake Boot

LaCrosse makes more than expensive polo shirts with alligators featured. These Lacrosse Snake Boots are made from a mixture of leather and fabrics. The sole is rubber and features a nice section of tread for moving over rough terrain. Specifically, you are getting full-grain leather and 1000 Denier nylon. This gives you an extremely durable, and rugged, waterproof boot. They are 17 inches from the arch and provide a high level of support when worn properly.

Not only are they great snake boots (see full specs), they are great boots in general. They provide a supportive structure and give users a comfortable and easy wearing snake boot. They offer excellent protection from water as well. Inside the boot, you have a waterproof barrier to keep your socks dry and to keep you happy. The added camouflage and leather finish makes them sleek and stylish. You’re protected against rattlesnakes, moccasins, and more with the Lacrosse Adder boots.

First Look: LaCrosse Snake Country Snake Boots

Irish Setter Vaptrek Boots

If you prefer boots with laces for a custom fit then the Irish Setter Vaptrek Boots are for you. They do sacrifice some water resistance, but the ability to really tie them down is invaluable to some. They are still water resistant and have no issues trudging through heavily dewed fields, and over shallow creeks and puddles. They do feature UltraDry waterproofing system that protects you against anything up to a heavy rain.

These boots are 17 inches tall from the arch and are made from full grain leather. They utilize Irish Setter Snake Guard construction to impede fangs and spikes, and thorns of any kind. These boots have no issues dealing with the biggest and nastiest of snakes. They are also coated with an ArmaTec abrasion resistant coating to keep them looking good even after getting their butt kicked.

Irish Setter VaprTrek Boot - Mossy Oak Product Spotlight

Snake Gaiters vs Snake Boots Rd 2: Snake Gaiters

Snake gaiters are simply strap on armor to protect your feet and shins from the brutality of a venomous slithering serpent. Snake gaiters are often made from a hard, and thick cloth material that is perfectly capable of resisting snake bites. Most will even use some polymer reinforcing to keep things simple. The biggest advantage to snake gaiters is the fact you can use any boots you want. Snake gaiters are perfect if you have a favorite pair of hiking boots, or maybe your shoe size is unusual. Gaiters just strap over your boots and that is it.

Snake Gaiters also tend to be lighter weight (see full specs). Of course, the less weight on your feet the less fatigue you’ll feel over time. The lighter and thinner nature also means less heat build up. For Floridians like me, this is a major concern. I don’t like to sweat more than I have to. Gaiters are also typically cheaper than boots and much easier to clean and wash. Lastly, you can easily remove a pair of gaiters when they aren’t needed.

Knight and Hale Snake Gaiters

One of the most affordable options for protecting yourself against snakes is these gaiters from Knight and Hale. Strap them over your boots, and legs and protect yourself from anything snakes can throw at you. They are made from an internal polymer and coated with ballistic nylon. These sides make you feel like you are strapping on some heavy duty armor. It works and works well though. The biggest menace will be kept at bay.

The gaiters strap on via three buckles that attach with ease and are simple to take on and off. They are fully adjustable and a one size fits all design. They are rugged and can take a beating. They also manage to be surprisingly lightweight and cool. A must for those in the humid environments snakes tend to love.

Snake Gaiters | Knight & Hale | Product Video

TurtleSkin SnakeArmor

Approach protecting yourself with a little retro style. The TurtleSkin SnakeArmor harkens back to the old days of gaiters with their khaki appearance on one side and the reversible side features camouflage. They cover 17 inches from the ankle and provide you a strong but a lightweight source of protection.

The SnakeArmor weighs only 6 ounces each. That’s nothing, but they still provide the protection you need against snakes, briars, thorns and more. The gaiters fold very easily and can be put away with very little effort. They zip up easily, and come in standard and husky sizes.

TurtleSkin Snake gaiters vs Cactus

Snake Gaiters vs Snake Boots Conclusion

In the gaiters versus boots argument, you really gotta weigh what you need versus what’s offered. If you live all over snake country I’d probably take boots. If it’s an occasional concern then gaiters are the better choice. Good luck!

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  1. I guess my biggest concern with the snake gaiters is that the boots worn with the gaiters would also need to be snakebite resistant. Wearing them with my cool and comfortable Merrell MOAB boots wouldn’t give my feet and toes a sufficient amount of protection from snake bite I think. . . . .

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