The 4 Best 1911 Shoulder Holsters – Reviews 2023

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There are quite a few things to consider when you are considering the best shoulder holster for your 1911. You need to consider your frame, whether you want a vertical or horizontal holster, and what material makes the best holster for your needs.

Choosing the best shoulder holster for 1911 handguns is a very personal choice because you will be wearing it so you want to make a choice that offers you the comfort that you want and the accessibility that you need. Of course any holster should securely hold your gun until you have to pull it out.

While it can be tempting to choose a rig based on looks, comfort is going to be far more important; in other words, that holster that Dirty Harry had, while cool-looking, might not be the best fit. A rig that has all the show and not enough go can be a bad idea. Remember when choosing the best 1911 shoulder holster that you and your gun are partners so you want to choose one that will best serve you and protect your gun.

Here are 4 great choices.

Galco Jackass Rig Shoulder System for 1911


  • Adjustable horizontal holster
  • Right hand draw
  • Patented connectors
  • Fully modular system

This Jackass Rig was initially introduced by the “Famous Jackass Leather Company” in the 1970’s. Galco reintroduced it about a decade ago. This horizontal holster is easily adjusted to offer a more vertical carry for comfort. The harness is made from premium steer hide and each of the four parts of the harness swivel independently of each other to give an exceptional quality fit. It is a modular system so you can customize it to carry what you need. The interior of the holster is brushed suede to keep your gun from getting scratched up as you pull it out and reholster it.

Review of the Galco jackass shoulder rig holster

NEW Barsony Nylon Gun Concealment Shoulder Holster w/ Double Mag Pouch


  • Double Shoulder Pads
  • Four way size adjustment options
  • Belt loop tie down on both sides
  • Ambidextrous
  • Double mag pouch

This nylon shoulder holster solves one of the biggest problems that you find with all leather shoulder holsters. Leather holsters tend to snag and drag around on your clothing. This nylon holster stays put and does not snag your shirts. The double belt loop tie downs add to the security and stability of this holster. It is height adjustable, width adjustable and can easily fit chest size up to 60 inches. It is a great shoulder holster because it is completely customizable in so many ways. The fact that this is an ambidextrous design works out great for lefties. The interior of the holster is fully lined to protect your firearm, and is without a doubt, one of the best 1911 shoulder holsters.

New Barsony Shoulder Holster Update Video

Armadillo 1911 shoulder holster


  • Horizontal carry
  • Magazine pouches included
  • Tie downs on both sides

The Armadillo is a fine leather shoulder holster designed and built for your classic 1911 pistol. The Armadillo mixes a bit of new, with a bit of old and forms one well thought out and extremely comfortable holster. The leather is form fitted for the 1911 platform for increased retention and comfort. On one side sits the holster and on the other sits a dual magazine pouch. Both the holster and mag pouches are fitted with leather loops to allows the easy attachment of the holster to the belt. The Armadillo uses wide straps to help deal with the weight of the 1911 and makes it quite adjustable. The Armadillo is an awesome system for the 1911 fan out there.

Pro Tech Double Horizontal Shoulder Holster


  • Double holsters
  • Removable holsters
  • Spring action thumb break
  • Corduraballistic Nylon
  • Padded shoulders
  • Vinyl vapor shield
  • Padded holster

This is a very versatile product, one of the best shoulder holsters for 1911 handguns. It comes with 2 holsters and the rig plus a mag holster. You can use it as a double holster or you can remove one holster and add the mag holster. All of the Velcro closures are covered to avoid picking up debris. The harness is fully adjustable to offer the best fit. This rig is geared toward both function and comfort. The holsters are lined with padding and a vinyl vapor shield to keep moisture out. The double stitched construction ensures a strong harness.

Protech Outdoors Shoulder Carry Holster Review


There are plenty of advantages to choosing a shoulder holster over other types of holsters. When you consider that a shoulder holster offers:

  • Easy access while seated
  • Takes the weight off your back
  • Gets your hand on your weapon without drawing attention
  • Keeps your weapon and spare ammo close by

The shoulder holster gets a bad rap a lot of times from die hard shooters who feel that the only way to carry a gun is in a side belt holster. When you are seated like when you are sitting in a car it can be very hard to slide your weapon out of a side holster. As a matter of fact it can be impossible but reaching into your shoulder holster is easy.

One of the largest demographics that choose shoulder holsters happens to be pilots and bodyguards because if they are sitting down they can easily still draw their gun if the need arises.

A side holster also weighs you down, literally, it wears on your lower back and can pull your waist band on your pants down. The heavier guns can be a real burden in a side holster, and while the 1911 isn’t the 500 S&W Magnum in weight, it’s no plastic Glock 26. Therefore, a shoulder holster nicely distributes the weight without wearing you down. You also do not have to limit your wardrobe to pants that have sturdy belt loops. This makes shoulder holsters a favorite of women.

People that suffer with lower back problems would also do well to consider a shoulder holster to take that additional weight off their lower back.

Of course it is also easier to just cross your arms with one slipped into your shoulder holster than it is to reach for your side arm when there is a threat.

Shoulder holsters are also a very convenient way of keeping both your ammo and your gun very close by in one easy to reach location. You can load up your rig with your ammo and your weapon and have it ready to go as you head out the door. With side holsters you have to thread the holster and the ammo holster through your belt every time you want to wear your holster. Shoulder holsters are a great option.

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