The 4 Best 1911 Concealed Holsters – Reviews 2023

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The 1911 is now well over a century old and it is still one of the most produced firearms in existence. American’s around the world carry the 1911, or attempt to carry the 1911, and often many people fail because of the size of the gun and their holster.

The 1911 is a heavy gun, and you need a holster that can really support its weight. The 1911 also needs a holster that emphasizes the strengths of this thin but powerful weapon. So, without much ado, we’ll go into the 4 best 1911 concealed holsters on the market and why we picked each one (its strengths and advantages over other concealable holsters for the 1911).

Galco King Tuk

The Galco King Tuk holster is an inside the waistband holster. This means it is held between your body and pants, almost completely concealed by your pants.

The King Tuk is a hybrid style holster, meaning it uses both Kydex polymer material and natural leather material. The leather is supple and soft saddle leather that feels great against the skin and makes it possible for you to forget about carrying such a large weapon. The polymer Kydex material is rigid and keeps the weapon from moving once in place. Kydex is extremely durable, and will withstand multiple drawings and reholstering. The rigid polymer makes this movement easy and smooth.

The Galco King Tuk (see full specs) had adjustable clips that allow you to change the height and tilt of the weapon rapidly and easily. Because of features inherent to its design, the Galco King Tuk you can rapidly draw and fire the weapon. Throughout your day, the weapon is extremely concealed and for its thinness disappears with easy.

The 1911 is well supported in the Galco King Tuk and ready for action at any time. The Galco King Tuk is a well-built holster that rides well and conceals easily. It’s hard to ask for much more in a holster, thus making this one of the best 1911 concealed holsters around.

Relentless Tactical Pancake holster

Relentless Tactical is a company dedicated to building quality leather holsters for a wide variety of firearms. The Relentless Tactical pancake holster is made entirely of leather and built to strict standards. They don’t mess around when it comes to holsters, and their pancake design is perfect for OWB concealed carry. The Relentless Tactical Pancake holster clings tight to the body and helps conceal the big 1911. Pancake designs are some of the most concealable holsters on the market when it comes to outside the waistband carry.

The Relentless Tactical Pancake holster has three different belt slots, with two forward to allow the adjustment of holster cant. Leather if a malleable material so it can cling closer to the body than most materials out there. The Relentless Tactical Pancake holster is an open top design that makes drawing rapid and easy. The tension for holster, body, and belt keeps the gun held tight to the body.

The Relentless Tactical Pancake holster is an outstanding option for concealed carry. Relentless tactical makes amazing holsters, and this heavy leather pancake holster is an outstanding option for concealed carrying a 1911. It will accommodate the heavy weight of the gun without issue and provide you with a concealable, strong, and easy to access holster.

Bianchi Remedy

The Bianchi Remedy is a classic design with modern influences. Some concealed carriers will always prefer the classics. If you are already carrying a 1911, you are probably a fan of the classics so a classically styled leather holster is perfect for the 1911.

The Bianchi Remedy is an excellent choice for the classic enthusiast. While the Bianchi Remedy retains the classic looks of a leather holster, it is modernized to improve a user’s ability to draw the weapon and reholster it. This is done with proper reinforcement to key points on the holster. This is what’s known as a pancake holster, meaning it’s held flat and close to the body. This is an outside the waistband holster, so concealability is critical. You’ll need a shirt to cover it, but that is it.

The Bianchi Remedy is designed to ride high and keep it tucked under the shirt for increased concealment. The Remedy uses two loops to keep the holster flat and close to the body. The 1911 itself is quite thin, especially for a .45 ACP, so the pancake style holster is an excellent choice for the 1911. The holster really emphasizes the 1911’s profile and makes it easy and comfortable to carry. For the best 1911 concealed holster, this product is really hard to beat.

Galco Miami Classic II

The Galco Miami Classic is a, what else, classic leather shoulder holster. The holster gains its namesake from its days as the famed shoulder holster of Crockett of Tubbs and Crockett fame in Miami Vice.

Galco made a wise move and overnight made shoulder holsters extremely popular. The Galco Miami (see full specs) is more than just a popular holster—it sets the standard for shoulder holster quality. With full sized weapons like the 1911, weight is always an issue and in a shoulder holster, this could mean shoulder and back pain. However, the Miami Classic has wide leather strips would dissipate and balance the weapon’s weight.

The leather is high-quality saddle leather and nice and soft against the skin. The holster is incredibly adjustable and can be fitted to men and women without much work. The Miami Classic is an extremely high-quality holster, and very, very, comfortable. The weapon is worn under the weak arm, and on the opposite side, you get a double magazine pouch.

The Classic is the shoulder holster you want if you go the shoulder holster route. It’s well-built, designed extremely well, and capable of holding the 1911 nice and tight throughout the day. Of course, a shoulder holster will require an overshirt to conceal, but it’s one of the best ways to hold a full sized firearm for smaller people.

The Classics

The 1911 is a classic firearm, designed for combat, designed for war, and designed to keep kicking when the bets are off. Carrying a 1911 can be a challenge but with the proper holster, the handgun can be quite easy to carry. The platform is known for its power and its ease of use, so carrying one is going to be a popular option. Get the best 1911 concealed holster you can buy, and the handgun won’t feel like a boat anchor tied to your body.

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  1. Not for concealment, but the WW2 tanker holster easily supports the bulk of any 1911. Great for long walks in the woods.

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