The 4 Best Gun Belts for IWB –Reviews 2023

best gun belt for iwb, inside the waistband carry

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Inside the waistband carry is one of the most popular methods of concealed carrying a firearm. To do so comfortably and successfully you’ll need a good holster and a good belt—and the belt is often the most overlooked part of carrying a concealed firearm.

To carry IWB comfortably, you’ll need a rock solid support system, which comes in the form of a belt. A good gun belt will support your holster and weapon with ease. A good gun belt needs to be durable enough to keep the weapon stable through everyday carry. Lastly, it needs to be supportive, durable, and most of all comfortable.

Below are our recommendations for the 4 best gun belts for IWB. Take a look, why don’t you?

5.11 Tactical trainer

5.11 is a well-respected and well-known company in the tactical world. They make everything from holsters to pants. So it makes sense their belts would be perfect for concealed carry. The 5.11 Tactical Trainer belt is a nylon mesh combination that comes in a variety of colors. The belt uses a stainless steel buckle with a six thousand-pound rating. The belt buckle is stainless steel but is not shiny. In fact, it’s coated and finished in black to avoid drawing attention.

The belt is 1.5 inches wide, so keep that in mind when choosing a holster. Some holsters work better with 1.75 inches, and some work better with 1.5-inch belts. Everything about the belt is reinforced, and incredibly strong. There is a length of Velcro to secure the belt to itself. This keeps everything looking nice and tight so no sloppiness here.

The 5.11 Tactical Trainer belt is quick thick and very strong. It would easily support the weight of a full-sized, all-metal gun like the CZ 75 or 1911 with ease. The mesh material will not fray, or stretch, or become dented by the clips used to hold IWB holsters in place. The belt is extremely supportive and designed with concealed carry and tactical applications in mind. It’s one of the best gun belts for IWB period.

5.11 Trainer Belt: Superb Support for Concealed Carry

MagpulTejas Gun belt

The Magpul gun belt is for those who want a low-profile belt. One that doesn’t look like it’s anything special. In fact, it’s quite plain, but for incognito carry that’s perfect. The Magpul Tejas gun belt is designed explicitly for the concealed carry of a firearm. It’s made entirely of leather and features a polymer insert to maintain a rigid nature. This allows the belt to support the weapon not only throughout the day but throughout years and years of heavy use.

Magpul has is one of the more famous firearm accessory makers on the market and are well known for their high-quality gear. Their extension into gun belts is interesting. Largely because their firearm accessories are always ultra-modern whereas this gun belt (see full specs) appears to be a more simple, traditional affair. However, the use of both polymer and leather has created a new style of concealed carry belt.

The exterior leather is bull hide and is a top grade choice cut. The polymer interior keeps the leather from becoming too soft and slacking out. The Magpul Tejas is made in Texas and carries a great warranty with it. It’s unlikely you’ll need it. The holster is well made and will give you years of proven performance. Your IWB holster will ride nice and comfortable each and every day.

Tejas Gun Belt by Magpul

Elite Survival Systems shooter’s belt

The Elite Survival Systems belt is well made and extremely comfortable. The belt is made from a nylon webbing construction and is extremely durable. It’s actually built to mil-spec standards and is incredibly resistant to the elements. If you are the type who works outside on a day to day basis, then this belt is probably perfect for you. When it comes to carrying a gun the belt is excellent.

The buckle is nice and strong, resistant to weight. The belt (see full specs) is thick, and is not very flexible, which is a good thing in a gun belt. The belt is resistant to fray and tearing, especially the fray caused by an IWB holster’s clips rubbing up and down on it all day. The barrel is 1.5 inches wide and will fit most holsters. The belt features an internal stiffening device to support the weight of not only your IWB holster and bun but extra pouches and magazines if necessary.

The belt is good for outdoors folk because it fends off moisture, sand, and even salt water. The belt is resistant to the elements regardless of your location. If you want to carry with confidence, regardless of the environment, this belt is for you. It’s indeed one of the best gun belts for IWB that we could find.

Elite Survival Systems CO Shooters Belt with Jansen Jones - Product in Focus

Daltech Force Steelcore

The Daltech Force is one of my favorite belts of all time. It’s designed to look like a regular belt. There is nothing tactical or special looking about it. To the untrained eye, it’s just a nice leather belt. To the man or woman wearing it, it’s best designed for concealed carry. Inside the belt is a steel core designed to provide reinforcement to the belt. As the owner of one of these fine belts, I will testify there is no way you can just roll the belt up and put it away.

These things provide an outstanding degree of support for firearm’s carry. The super stiff material will support almost nay handgun, and certainly any handgun being used for IWB carry. The belt will not sag, twist or spin in any way. It’s doing a simple job, but it does it so well. Not only does it work well, but it looks great too.

After a year of wearing mine I am absolutely in love with it. It looks as good today as it did on day one. It’s superbly comfortable and soft against the body. The belt is 1.25 inches wide and features 9 holes each placed ¾s of an inch apart. This allows for easy adjustment with or without a holster.

Daltech Force - Premium USA Gun Holsters, Belts, & Apparel


The best gun belts for IWB make a big difference when it comes to concealed carry. Without one, you will notice a severe discomfort. Indeed, without a good belt, you are relying on your pants to support the gun, which is never a wise decision. Always remember when ordering a belt for IWB carry to size it a little large. They say a gun adds a few inches to the waistline, and I tend to agree. Good luck!

  • Owner of, Boyd Smith is a major handgun enthusiast, and although he owns Glocks, he prefers the revolving wheel type. His go-to guns are a Smith & Wesson 642 Performance Center for carry and a Ruger GP100 in the nightstand biometric safe (he has kids). He loads both revolvers with old-school 148-grain Federal Gold Medal .38 wadcutters. It’s OK if you think he’s a wimp. Email him.

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