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From that first moment that an early handgunner picked up a backpack, people have been asking the same question. “What is the best backpack holster?” Well, that means different things for different people. For most, they obviously just want a way to comfortably carry a handgun inside their backpack–covert operations, simple transport, or a way to stash a gun for ready retrieval at a later time.

Whatever way, we’ve come a long ways from the days of flintlocks shoved in bedrolls and then strapped over your back. So what does the modern and well-armed traveler or hiker need? Well, an equally modern backpack holster, and here are 4 that have our recommendations.

Roma Daypack with Holster

Sometimes you just need the simple basics. This is one such backpack holster. Because we are looking for the best, we found one that is waterproof, tasteful, affordable, and yet expandable and rugged. Black is a universal color, be it for the office or the trail, and the MOLLE compatible webbing ensures a wide range of custom options are available. A built in holster secures your pistol, while the waterproof coating secures your goods. Perfect for urban or outdoor use, this high quality entry level pack is at home as a bugout bag, camping pack, or just for a trip on the bus across town to the library. You want a tactical backpack with holster support? Here it is.

Case Club Tactical 4 Pistol Backpack

Let us say the zombie apocalypse has happened. Or AM talk radio host’s worst nightmares have come true and US civilization has broken down into civil war and economic collapse, while we are overran by vicious hordes of sea monsters or something. You need a backpack holster that holds more than one gun. How about four of ’em (let’s make them a 1911, a Glock 19, a .357 Magnum, and a Charter Arms .44 Special for chuckles)? In nice padded compartments?

Oh make the backpack MOLLE compatible and put a rain fly on it? You got it. Here you, go, perfect for range trips, the end of the world, or impressing your easily impressed neighbors, and it won’t break the bank. Stylish, affordable and roomy, this is the best backpack holster if you are after true utility.

Sling Backpack

Tactical Tailor is a name synonymous with high quality tactical gear. Their Concealed Carry sling pack is designed to pack all the tactical features you know and love without looking tactical. It features three pockets, including its rear hidden pouch. The hidden pouch is coated with hook and loop and comes with a universal holster to discreetly carry a handgun. The front pouch has a nice included organizer and the main pouch is large enough for a laptop, books, and all your other daily gear. It’s not the cheapest bag but will likely last forever. In other words, one of the best backpack holsters regardless of price.

Kelty Tactical Sling

Let’s face it, the active, well dressed, on the go gunslinger needs something hip and urban for their day to day activities. Enter the Kelty Tactical Sling. With words like “tactical” and “sling” you know not only will this be one of the best backpacks with gun holsters, but also that it will still manage to blend in discretely with an urban environment. Resembling the ever popular messenger bag style of pack, this unique holster secures your handgun as well as the basic everyday items you need to have with you. Just don’t pull out your Glock when reaching for your tablet!

Backpacks with Gun Holsters Explained

The reality is, there are a thousand and one ways to carry a handgun, and there is no one right way. When looking at backpack holsters, we settled on looking for packs actually designed to carry a handgun in them, as opposed to simply strapping a holster to the outside. The criteria was simple: a backpack holster should be useful for more than just carrying a gun, they shouldn’t scream “tactical,” and they should be as useful in the city as they would be in the woods.

This leaves two kinds of basic packs, traditional daypacks and messenger style bags, each of which have strengths and weaknesses. Personally, for day to day use in an urban environment where a person just wants a few essentials, I’m all for a messenger style bag. We looked at a couple of those, and each not only offers sufficient storage for a pistol and spare ammo, but also a few electronics, or snacks or what have you. A larger model is actually sufficient for use as a day bag on a trail or just for a long day at work.

On the flip side of the coin are actual full blown backpacks. At their heart, the two we examined are glorified tactical bookbags, which means they are roomy, rugged and built for hard use. Each are in a fairly neutral black, which is suitable for keeping a low profile, and each are expandable with MOLLE style webbing, a military feature that has carried over even to many common civilian bags.

Each of these full-blown bags could be suitable as a range bag, an oversized day pack, a 24-48 hour bugout or get home bag, or even for a light overnight hiking trip. The Case Club (see full specs) is built for range trips in mind, and can safely carry four handguns, plus ammo and accessories; the Roma (see full specs) could become an excellent focal point for your daily use or emergency purposes.

No matter how you slice it, the best backpack holsters are very useful tools. The utility of a pack is expanded when it can holster a handgun and it allows for discrete transport and carry of a pistol. There are times when having a gun on your person is not desirable, yet having it in ready reach is important. Here a good backpack holster shines, and offers potentially life-saving utility.

Either way, be it regular conceal carry use, tactical or outdoor use, or simply the utility of a quality bag that also secures your favorite carry piece, there are a number of high quality backpacks that will fit your needs. Good luck!

Thru Hike Concealed Carry

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