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The 6.8 Remington Special Cartridge, or 6.8 SPC, was born out of a perceived need for a better cartridge than the currently used 5.56mm round in the M-16. The result was a round with a larger and heavier bullet, and what some claimed were superior ballistics. Based off the old .30 Remington case, an AR-15 can be converted to the more potent 6.8 SPC with just a barrel, bolt and magazine change, or by simply keeping a second upper and some mags around.

Ideal for hunting, personal defense and other tactical use, the 6.8 SPC has developed something of a following, and the following naturally is looking for the best 6.8 SPC scope. Well, we are always happy to oblige on that sort of thing, so ranging from the high-end kick-butt optics to to the everyman affordable ones. So here are our 4 top choices.

ACOG With 6.8 Reticle

Well, if you’ve got change burning a hole in your pocket, you might as well stop reading. There can certainly be no better scope for the 6.8 SPC than an ACOG, but then again you already knew that, right? With its fixed 4-power magnification, 32mm objective lens, daytime fiber optic illumination and night-time tritium illumination, and well, the fact it’s an ACOG, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better optic. Add in a 6.8 SPC specific reticle, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a combat proven optics package!

Trijicon ACOG What's the Big Deal?

Redfield Revolution

This is just one of those quietly brilliant scopes that slip under the radar, but are loved by those who use them. Featuring an ideal 4-12 power magnification range, a healthy 40mm objective lens, and of course, multi coated optics, water, fog and shock proof construction, and backed by the famous Redfield “No Excuses” Lifetime Warranty, this is a no brainer 6.8 SPC scope for those who demand high end but sadly do not have an ACOG-sized wallet.

To me, this is a sort of Goldilocks scope for an AR platform rifle, “just right” in size, magnification and objective lens. Some scopes are too compact to be comfortable, while others look like something NASA would put into orbit to hunt for aliens. Don’t overburden yourself or suffer with some tiny tactical scope. Just run with the Redfield–it’s one of the best 6.8 SPC scopes period.


Bushnell Trophy

If you are like me, you often wind up sinking all your cash on a good barrel and trigger, and then stand around wondering how you can sport high grade optics with the change you found in your couch, and the money you got from recycling the beer cans in the garage.

Well, fortunately the Bushnell Trophy is just fine and dandy for the task at hand. With perfectly rational 3-9 magnification, a comfortable 40mm objective lens, multicoated optics for maximum light transmission, durable water, fog and shock proof construction, this is one heck of a 6.8 SPC optic. Bottom line: it does the job, without burdening the pocketbook.

Bushnell Trophy XLT

Simmons 8-Point

If you’ve been following our reviews, you’ll see this scope come up a lot in the hardcore budget category. I’ve used one on late 1940’s match-grade Mossberg .22’s, on my sporterized Krag, and there is even one living on one of my AR-15’s right now. Quite likely the ultimate inexpensive scope, if you want to get your 6.8 SPC rifle out to the range, this is the quickest and most affordable optic to throw on there that is actually suitable for centerfire use.

Featuring 3-9 magnification an oversized 50mm objective lens, water, fog and shock proof construction, this scope will serve you as well in the woods as on the range. And at this price? Get two, they make great gifts. This is one of the best 6.8 SPC scopes for the money.

The 6.8 SPC and You

Developed back in 2002 when the US Army realized it might want something with more power than 5.56, but in an M-16/AR-16 sized package, the 6.8 SPC ultimately became a compromise between the ballistic perfection of a 6.5mm round and the power of a 7mm round. Designed to function in magazines sized for the AR-15 mag well, the 6.8 SPC, only requires a few caliber specific parts to function on a standard AR-15 or M-16 platform.

While the Army had dead terrorists in mind with the 6.8 SPC, your average private citizen is mostly concerned with dead bears or hogs or perhaps home defense. There are of course many legitimate tactical applications for citizens and law enforcement, and no matter the application, you may find yourself looking for optics for your 6.8 rifle.

Obviously while any number of big tactical brands and models such as the ACOG (see full specs) will come to mind if you are building a rifle purely for social purposes, the 6.8 SPC really shines as a hunting rifle. While other calibers such as the .300 Blackout have taken the AR world by storm, the 6.8 still is not going anywhere, as it is absolute murder on deer, hogs and other medium-sized game. To that end, you’ve got to ask yourself exactly what you need out of an optic.

If you are just punching paper and going out on the odd fair weather hunt, save yourself the money and go with something reasonable. Because let’s face it, it’s really nice to have a hardcore, do all, be all military quality scope, but the reality is it’s overkill. Save the big spending for your barrel and trigger, and get a basic scope.

But if you actually use your rifle beyond ideal shooting conditions, it’s time to step up to the plate. Demand excellence, and don’t hesitate to pay for it. We are looking for extra rugged optics, extra precise glass, and a long tradition of serving the optics market. The Redfield (see full specs) is perhaps the best all-around compromise there between price, rugged duty and overall quality, but you may want to poke around some of our other scope reviews for more mid to high grade suggestions. Building a rifle can be difficult, but we are doing our darndest to make picking the best 6.8 SPC scope easy!

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