The 4 Best CQB Scopes and Sights — Reviews 2023

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Close quarters battle, also known as CQB, is one the most dangerous fighting situations you can find yourself in. At close range, speed, and precision are the dominating factors in victory, so standard iron sights aren’t cut out for it. A good CQB optic, however, is capable of being both precise and fast, and provides the shooter the ability to acquire targets rapidly, and put rounds on target.

These optics are designed exclusively for close quarters and typically do not always excel at long range without the assistance of a magnifier. Close quarter battle sights need to be tough and dependable as well, and they need to have an illuminated reticle so it can be eye-catching, and quick to acquire. The best CQB scopes and sights should be easy to mount, and easy to use. Here are 4 we wholeheartedly recommend:

EOtech XPS3

The Eotech brand is the absolute king of close quarters battle when it comes to holographic sights. The Eotech design is extremely efficient and easy to use, and the wide reticle is perfect for close quarters battle. The reticle features a 68 MOA circle that simply requires the user to fill with the target before pulling the trigger. The XPS3 is the compact variant of the traditional Eotech optics that only uses a mere two and three-quarters of rail space.

This makes the optic perfect for short carbines, short barreled shotguns and submachine guns, all weapons with limited rails, and all extremely handy in close combat. The XPS3 (see full specs) is also lightweight and weight savings is incredibly important when it comes to close quarters battle. The lighter your weapon, the faster you can move it.

The XPS3 is capable of running for up to six hundred hours on a single 123 battery. The open box design allows the shooter to have a wide and unlimited field of view, another important concept in close quarters combat. The XPS3 can be used in coordination with night vision and features fog proof internal optics. The XPS3 is capable of being submerged up to 33 feet and is tough enough to go to war. This just might be the best CQB sight on the market.

EOTech Review and POV Shooting

Aimpoint M4s

The Aimpoint M4s is Aimpoint’s flagship optic that has been widely adopted across the world. In current use with the U.S. Army, the Aimpoint M4s is Aimpoint’s highest rated optic and is their highest quality one too. The Aimpoint M4s is a compact red dot optic that is designed around close quarters battle. The Aimpoint M4s is equipped with an integral mount and can be customized with a variety of spacers to fit a variety of different weapons.

The Aimpoint M4s (see full specs) used a 2 MOA red dot as its reticle. The reticle is as simple as it gets, as is its method of use: put the red dot on the target and pull the trigger until the threat is done with. The Aimpoint lenses are coated with a unique coating that reflects the red dot reticle to increase its efficiency. The M4S has a battery life of 80,000 continuous hours–that is, years of time.

The Aimpoint M4s is night compatible and has 9 daylight settings and 7-night vision settings. The M4s has an unlimited eye relief and can be used with a magnifier as well, for when CQB becomes a bit longer in range. The Aimpoint M4s is a very durable, very capable optic, perfect for close quarters battle. This might be the best CQB scope on the market (even if the scope is actually a red dot sight).

Vortex Strikefire 2

The Vortex Strikefire 2 is a red dot optic designed for close quarters battle. The Vortex Strikefire 2 actually has the option for red or green dot reticles, which is important for those with different versions of color blindness. The Strikefire 2 is a tube design with a non-magnified lens. The optic is compact and lightweight, and capable of accurate, close range engagements. The optic weighs only 7.2 ounces and is 5.6 inches long. The Strikefire 2 is also capable of co witnessing with the standard AR iron sights.

The Vortex Strikefire has a battery life of three hundred hours on the absolute brightest setting and six thousand hours at the minimum brightness setting. The lowest two settings are compatible with night vision, and there is a total of ten different settings. The Strikefire 2 is a 30mm tube design, and the reticle is a 4 moa dot.

The Strikefire 2 is perfect for those needing high quality optics on a budget. The Strikefire’s wide 30 mm lens gives the user a nice open view for target engagement and observation. In close quarters the 4 moa dot provides an eye catching red dot. The Strikefire 2 is sealed with an O ring to prevent moisture and debris from entering the optic. The Strikefire is 2 is one of the best CQB sights for target engagement at close quarters battle.


Just because you are on a tight budget doesn’t mean you cannot own a quality close quarters battle optic. UTG, a maker of well known budget firearm accessories, produced the ITA for people who need an optic on a tight budget. The UTG ITA is available for a song and offers a variety of features that are invaluable on a close quarters optic. The ITA has unlimited eye relief and provides an excellent field of view.

The ITA also features a quick detach internal mount that attaches to any standard 1 inch Picatinny or Weaver rail. The 4 MOA reticle can be changed from red to green and vice versa, allow the reticle to adapt to multiple backgrounds. The optic can cowitness with standard AR sights and with most carbines.

The ITA has a nice and wide 30 mm objective lens and allows the shooter to have a wide field of view. The non-magnified optic allows for easy use in close quarters, and is compatible with the UTG Magnifier. The ITA features a wide variety of different brightness levels and has a no reflection high tech emerald coating. The ITA is an excellent close range optic, and can be used for a variety of purposes, including home defense, which the ultimate close quarters combat. This just might be the best CQB sight if you’re on a budget.

CQB Buster

Most people assume they will never involved in CQB confrontation and fail to realize that is exactly what a home defense shooting will be. The best CQB scopes and sights can be valuable tools on any firearm dedicated to home defense, be it a shotgun, a rifle, or any other firearm designated as your home defense weapon.

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