The 4 Best Bipod for Savage Axis Rifles — Reviews 2022

best bipod for savage axis

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The Axis is an excellent rifle produced by the famed American rifle maker Savage, but a good bipod can help any rifle achieving its true potential. High-quality bipods provide a stable but portable platform for shooters to rest their rifles.

These bipods need to be strong enough to work with harder recoiling calibers like the 30-06 and 7mm Rem Mags. The bipod should keep the rifle stable no matter the environment and needs to lock down tight and be free of any loose play. In other words, the bipod shouldn’t slip or collapse with the user intending to do so. Here are, in our opinion, the 4 best bipods for Savage Axis rifles.

Savage Bipod Adapter

First thing first, though. Most Savage models do not come with rails to attach extra gear to unless you purchase a Chassis system. Instead of a chassis system, however, consider using a sling swivel to Picatinny rail adapter. This affordable and simple to install system converts any sling mount into a small section of rail. This allows you to mount bipods with ease. The section is easily removed. With this attached, you can then attach the following with ease . . .

Armstac Tactical Bipod

The Armstac Tactical Bipod is a modern folding bipod made entirely from high-quality aluminum. The use of aluminum allows the bipod to be durable in construction and light in weight. The Armstac tactical bipod is designed to fit on a Picatinny rail which can be added to any rifle with a sling swivel stud. The bipod folds and the legs are capable of extending and collapsing to fit a variety of different heights.

The legs are able to adjust from nine to eleven inches in height, which provides a comfortable rest for different sized shooters, and allows clearance over different terrain features like rock or brush. The legs are spring powered and feature rubber feet for increased stability.

The Armstac tactical bipod is very lightweight and adds a little bulk to the weapon. At right around 8 ounces, the bipod is hardly noticeable on the end of your Axis. The Armstac is an excellent option for hunters and for competition shooters, as its light weight is a major concern for both groups. The Armstac tactical bipod is one of the best bipods for Savage Axis rifles and provides a solid platform to shoot off.

UTG Reinforced Clamp on bipod

The UTG Clamp on bipod is the option for those who already may have a sling installed they are willing to compromise on. The clamp on can also be an option for those who want to ensure a proper sight in of their weapon, and then hunt or bipod free. Whatever the reason is the UTG Clamp on is a nice and convenient method of being able to rapidly mount a bipod and unmount when not needed.

If left mounted the legs can fold under the barrel for easier storage and travel or to rest the weapon on a surface without bipods. The legs extend from 8.7 inches to 10.2, which is purposely higher than normal since a barrel is traditionally higher than the base of the stock. The legs have rubberized feet for increased stability and the legs lock out tight when extended. The Posi-lock mechanism prevents tipping when moving the rifle.

The clamp is capable of accepting barrel sizes from .43 to .74. This is important since the .223 Savage Axis is likely to have a thinner barrel than say the .308 or .30-06 version. The Clamp on is made from mostly aluminum but utilizes heavy steel components at certain friction points to make the bipod more robust and durable.

UTG New Gen Clamp-on Bipod

UTG Armored Bipod

The UTG Armored Bipod draws its unique name from the impact and scratch resistant rubber armor that is attached to legs of the bipod. This rubber aids in providing a certain robustness to the bipod. With the UTG Armored bipod, you could take this thing up the worst mountains and through the darkest swamps without having to worry about the bipod. This rubber coating protects the bipods from drops, scratches, and helps prevent rust. The bipod legs are also heavy duty and are full metal construction.

The UTG Armored bipod offers options for both a Picatinny mount and a swivel stud mount, so the bipod could transition from your Savage Axis to your AR 15 with little effort. The Armored Bipod does have a quick detach lever if you choose to mount it to a Picatinny stud adapter on the Savage Axis. This allows for rapid attachment and detachment, something that can be handy in the field.

The UTG Armored bipod has fully adjustable legs and that have 5 different notches for locking the legs at different heights. The legs are independent and can swivel separately, allowing them to meet different applications and different heights. The feet are rubberized and square to prevent any slippage. The UTG Armored bipod is incredibly tough and quite versatile and priced low. This is one of the best bipods for Savage Axis if you’re on a budget.

CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Bipod

The CVLIFE tactical rifle bipod is an extremely high-quality rifle accessory that is both incredibly stable, and extremely durable. When matched with the bolt action precision of the Savage Axis, the CVLIFE bipod is capable of acting as a portable bench, giving shooters the ability to be both accurate and consistent when it comes to making precise shots.

The CVLIFE Tactical rifle bipod is capable of being adjusted from the standard 9 inches all the way up to 13 inches, which is an impressive amount of movement. This allows for both prone shooting and sitting position. The bipod legs have a rubberized base caps for slippage prevents, and a sturdy hold. The Tip Top is certainly one of the best bipods for Savage Axis rifles.

CVLIFE Bipod with sling install on .270 Remington

Take the Shot

The Savage Axis benefits from a bipod for the same reason every other rifle can benefit from one, it provides accuracy and stability. A bipod gives the shooter the innate ability to stabilize their weapon when hunting and competition. Believe this: bipods are just as valuable as scopes on bolt action rifles, and we hope you’ll find the right one for your rifle.

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