The 4 Best Scopes for Remington 700 Rifles – Reviews 2023

Best Scope for Remington 700 Rifle Reviews

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The Remington 700 is a classic American hunting rifle and even has been used to build custom sniper rifles for military and law enforcement applications. It is as much a part of American shooting culture as a single action six gun or the 1911. Truly, the Remington 700 is America’s hunting rifle, and multiple generations of hunters have been raised on it.

Because it is so popular, one common question is “What is the best scope for Remington 700 rifles?” Well, that is difficult to answer, but there are a few basic standards that carry over. We combed through hundreds of scopes to find some good ones, ranging from high end models that cost nearly as much as the rifle, to affordable low cost options that will do the job. The scopes are as varied as the versions of the Remington 700 and as diverse as the men and women who hunt and shoot with them. Enjoy!

Burris Eliminator

This is one wild scope. One of the all time best scopes period, it is right at home on top of your customized and built-up Remington 700. Featuring 4-16 power magnification, 50mm objective lens, lifetime warranty, and factory tested to ensure accuracy and function it is hard to find a better scope. Granted it’s also an expensive scope (see full specs), but if you are a custom rifle builder or are enjoying a Remington 700 that has been built up and pushed to the very limits of accuracy and precision, there is no question that you need this scope. This is like the best Remington 700 scope period.

Burris Eliminator III 200 300 400 yards on Steel

Nikon Buckmaster

A more moderately priced riflescope that is still jammed full of high dollar features for your Remington 700. Designed to be an affordable and reliable scope for hunting and target shooting, the Nikon Buckmaster (see full specs) features 4-12 power magnification, a 40mm objective lens, nitrogen purged body and waterproof construction and a rugged aluminum alloy body. Perfect for hunting in almost any condition and equally suitable for target shooting, the Buckmaster is one of those scopes you buy and watch your children and grandchildren learn to shoot with too. A classic scope for a classic rifle.

Bushnell Banner Dusk and Dawn

This is my go to scope for when I’m trying to keep things cheap. After all, I often carry Bushnell binoculars, why not use a Bushnell scope? One of the best scopes for Remington 700, the Dusk and Dawn is optimized for use in low light conditions with its specially coated and designed 40mm objective lens. With 4-12 power magnification, this water and fog proof scope is as much at home in the autumn woods as it is on the rifle range. Low cost, backed by Bushnell’s reputation for quality and service, and rugged enough for your favorite deer or elk caliber, this scope is all but begging to go on your Remington 700.

Simmons 8 Point

If you need a simple and rugged scope on a budget the Simmons 8 point is an excellent choice. Priced real well, the Simmons 8-point, 3-ounce scope with features. It’s a 3-9x50mm scope that offers a bright and clear sight picture. The Simmons 8 Point utilizes a simple Truplex reticle that’s well proven with hunters for decades. The scope is outfitted with turrets that offer ¼ MOA adjustments that give audible and tactile feedback. The 3.75 inches of eye relief makes it an excellent choice for even the most powerful of calibers. The Simmons 8 point is even water, fog and, shockproof, so it can stand the test of time, and take whatever the field throws at it. This among the best scopes for Remington 700 rifles if you’re on a serious budget crunch.

Simmons 8 Point Rifle Scope

Scoping the Remington 700

The Remington 700 dates back to the early 1960’s and was designed to be easily machined from round bar stock on automatic lathes. This lead to an inexpensive, yet precision built rifle that was out of the box accurate for most shooters, but could be readily rebuilt and overhauled for greater precision. During the Vietnam War, the Model 40 target variant of the 700 was adopted and modified by the US Marine Corps as a standard sniper rifle and is still in use today, which is a powerful testimony as to the accuracy potential of the Remington 700.

Naturally a hunting or sniping rifle needs a good scope. And since there is precious little difference between a sniper rifle and a custom target rifle, and because the Remington 700 fills all those roles, we looked at scopes in all ranges. However, there are a few things that are going to be in common no matter what your intended use for your Remington 700 is.

The best scope for Remington 700 rifles naturally is the one that does what you need it to do. I think we’d all love to own a high-end scope but even when given the chance I suspect most of us will buy a more realistic and modest scope. While it’s pretty hard to buy too much scope, it is very easy to buy not enough scope. The Bestek we reviewed is fine and dandy for the casual shooter, or the person who sights in their scope, and then goes out to shoot a magazine full of ammo every fall to make sure they are still dialed in, and then goes out hunting. On the other hand, it would be horrible for a person who regularly uses their rifle for sport and hunting, and utterly useless to somebody who sank a couple grand into their Remington 700.

The flip side of course is that a precision target rifle needs a precision scope. The reality is most of us want a good middle of the road scope like the Nikon or Bushnell, because we are running middle of the road guns. Every American shooter needs a good scoped rifle with a good scope on it, and it’s increasingly easier and cheaper to do. The scoped high powered rifle is as much a part of our great American culture as muscle cars and heart-clogging bacon cheeseburgers. You’ve already got the rifle, now get the best scope!

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