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The 50mm scope market has grown as people have begun to discover the relationship of exit pupil to magnification. The larger the objective lenses, the higher exit pupil you’ll have, which gives you a clearer field of view.

Like all other riflescopes, however, 50mm scopes should still have a solid level of lens coatings to make sure that 50mm lenses can do its job. You should also have a good magnification range, anything less than 3-9x is a bit of a waste of the 50mm objective lens.

Here are our recommendations for the 5 best 50mm scopes on the market:

Simmons 8 Point 50mm Rifle Scope

Typically when you start upping magnification and objective lens sizes, you start seeing prices rise or quality greatly dropping. That’s mostly true, but not entirely. There are different scales of quality. There is core quality and then quality related to extra features. The Simmons 8 Point is a 3-9x50mm scope that has excellent core quality but is skinny on extra features. The benefit to this system is the fact you get good quality with an affordable price.

When it comes to core quality, you are getting fully coated lenses with high-quality glass used in the lenses. This provides you with a nice, clear and bright sight picture. The 50mm objective lens, of course, helps this by providing a substantially larger exit pupil than smaller objective lenses. The Simmons 8 point is also water and fog proof, and of course recoil proof. This means you can toss on even your most powerful rifle and rock and roll. The 3.75-inch eye relief also ensures the scope doesn’t get you in the eye.

The Simmons 8 Point’s 50mm objective lens 10.5-foot field of view at 9 power at 100 yards and a 31-foot fov at 3x. The adjustments are ¼ MOA that provides both audible and tactile feedback, ensuring you are positive you’ve made each. These systems are also reinforced with the TrueZero Windage and elevation locking system to keep the adjustments true. Hands down, this is among the best 50mm scope around.

Simmons 8 Point Rifle Scope

Nikon ProStaff 3-9x50mm Scope

Nikon is one of the masters of optical engineering. They designed and built some fantastic optics that are used from everything from filming movies to hunting deer. The Nikon ProStaff is perfect for the latter task and much more. The Nikon ProStaff is a 3 to 9 power optic, which you’ll likely recognize as a favorite of most hunters. It’s a versatile magnification range that gives you a solid base for both close and distant shooting, as well as scouting.

The ProStaff is designed for and by shooters and incorporates a number of features shooters of all skill levels will appreciate. It’s relatively compact and nice and lightweight, adding very little bulk to the overall profile of the weapon. The ProForce has the Nikoplex quick focus eyepiece that allows you to rapidly get a clear and bright sight picture when shouldering the rifle. When hunting deer, you don’t have time to stop and take your time to sight in when hunting.

The optic is nitrogen filled to keep the fog out, and of course, it’s shockproof. In fact, it’s tested up to .375 H&H Magnum for durability, so most deer rifles won’t be an issue. The ProStaff has zero reset turrets, and a spring loaded adjustment knobs. Of course, the optics are fully multicoated and the optic is sealed to prevent dirt, debris, and moisture from coming in.

Nikon 3-9x50 and Savage Axis .308 - Donnie D

Trijicon TA55A

The Trijicon TA55A is proof big scopes can be combat orientated. The Trijicon TA55A is the biggest Acog and is designed for long range combat shooting. Because it’s a fixed 5.5 power scope, it’s nowhere near as large as most 50mm scopes, which is incredibly beneficial for keeping rifles light and compact. This scope is designed for moderate and long range rifle in .308, and provides a reticle dedicated to the .308 round. This ballistic drop compensating reticle is designed to allow shooters to reach past 1000 meters and easily engage targets.

With an ACOG, you know it’s a scope made for a brutal life of rough and tough use. These things are made for war and have proven themselves in wars and conflicts around the globe. This model is no different. It uses an illuminated reticle that’s powered by the glorious sun. The mix of tritium and fiber optics power the illumination and charge the reticle for day or night use. It will also automatically adjust to the light it’s exposed to.

The TA55A is easy to both use and zero. The Acog system is very intuitive due to its simple ballistic reticle. Generations of young Marines became expert marksmen using the Acog system with just a couple weeks of training. This is the best option if you need a light, bright, and powerful scope for a battle rifle.

Barska Varmint Target 6.5-20x50mm Rifle Scope

If your goal is to hit tiny targets at long ranges, I have the scope for you. The Barska Varmint Target features a higher magnification range than a hunting scope and uses a specialized reticle. The magnification range is 6.5 to 20, which is a higher level of magnification, but the exit pupil is less affected due to the higher objective lens. The Varmint Target uses a thin target dot reticle to ensure you can see those small targets at longer ranges without issue. The dots make it possible for you to compensate for bullet drop when you begin reaching out a bit further than normal.

Now, bullet drop of an inch or two is a big deal on a small target. It’s the difference between a hole in one and a clear miss. The scope is also outfitted with an adjustable objective for parallax correction, which is again invaluable for hitting small targets at closer ranges due to effects of parallax. Another feature designed for hitting small targets is the ⅛ MOA adjustments. These small and refined adjustments are designed for hitting those teeny, tiny targets.

The Barska Varmint Target does provide a nice and clear picture, due to its multi coated optics and wide 50mm objective lenses. The Varmint Target is also waterproof, shockproof, and fog proof. Lastly, it’s priced quite well and offers budget shooters a good option in the higher magnification and objective lens. It’s among the best 50mm scopes for the money.

Ruger 10/22 with Barska 6.5-20X50

Vortex Optics Crossfire 50mm Scope

Now if you don’t mind having a larger budget and spending a bit more money, there is one outstanding option available. Produced by Vortex, the Crossfire is designed to be tough, dependable, and crystal clear. The Crossfire is a 6 to 24 power scope that is designed for long range shooting. It’s a good choice for hunting, sniping, and competition target shooting. The Crossfire uses a 30mm tube so plenty of mounts are available, and these larger tubes complement the 50mm objective lens well.

The Vortex Crossfire isn’t the lightest scope, weighing in at over 23 ounces (see full specs), but it’s made to be solid and dependable. The one piece tube design keeps the tube rigid and makes the scope overall more precise. The Crossfire features rock solid reliability and is going to be able to take some serious abuse via the gun and the field around you. If you’ve been hunting in some harsher environments you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The Crossfire is even backed by Vortex’s lifetime warranty, which offers no questions asked protection. So feel free to use and abuse the poor scope. The lenses feature high-quality coatings that touch all air to glass surfaces. This helps in providing that crystal clear sight picture when you need it most.

Vortex Crossfire ii Scope Review

50mm Rifle Scopes

The best 50mm scopes can fulfill a lot of roles. For hunting, it’s perfect for those low light situations, where the sun is just about to set or is barely rising. For hitting small targets, the scope allows you to clearly see them, and draw a bead on them. The 50mm size is best used for those tasks where precision is key over speed, and that’s where it really shines. Good luck!

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