The 2 Best .22 Pellets on the Market

Air gun pellets are used on a regular basis by hunters and plinkers alike. For those who enjoy these types of recreational activities, you want to ensure that you get the most out of your money in the air gun pellets that you choose.

Two excellent examples of air gun pellets that may be ideal for you are the JBS Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster .22 Caliber Pellets and the Crosman LPH .22 Caliber Hollow Point Pellets. These are without a doubt the best .22 pellets to consider when you need the highest possible results.

Crosman Sets a Standard for Excellence

The Crosman LPH Pellets are widely liked based on the reviews given. It is one of the most efficient and accurate hunting pellets currently on the market with the design and specification being made to give the best experience possible.

The coating material used is lead, which serves to deliver more damage. As any good hunter knows, this is an added bonus in hunting. It weighs in at about 14.3 grain and is also a hollow point. The amount of pellets distributed is 500 per tin.

As for power, it could penetrate very well. This product is also extremely important for persons who intend to go hunting, but would prefer not to use real bullets and for those who also like to indulge in plinking.

Crosman Premier Hollow Point Pellets Review

Monster Pellets Will Do the Trick

The JBS Diabolo Jumbo Exact Monster Pellets have a reputation of being the best .22 pellets on the market right now, mainly because of the quality of the pellets.

Each pellet is thoroughly inspected by expert quality control personnel to ensure 100 percent quality. This specific pellet was chosen above others to fit the most power-packed air rifles currently on sale because of the quality of the pellet. This is a performance oriented pellet since it can stay perfectly stable even at 50J and above of power levels and still be accurate.

It is admittedly a bit more expensive, but the quality and accuracy are worth the extra money. Manufactured in the Czech Republic, this product is one of the best since we strive to recommend to our readers the best quality products for the most reasonable prices.

JSB Jumbo Monster Vs Rabbits Daystate Hunstman XL .22 40 ft lbs

Choosing the Best Pellets for You

Premier pellet dies are made from a single set of heat treated water resistant metal tools to ensure each pellet is indistinguishable from the next. It is recommended that all lead warnings be observed and all precautions taken when using these highly favored products. And as always please point your airgun in a safe direction (I still remember well, when I was 10 and shot through a paper target only to forget the other side was my friend’s backyard glass door!).

If you care to know more about air guns, please visit our website for more information as well as great information on gunpowder-based firearms.

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