The 4 Best QD Scope Mounts – Quick Detach Rings Review 2023

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Quick detach scope mounts have become rather popular in recent years, especially given the common use of flat top AR-15 uppers and the widespread use of different optics types on hunting and tactical rifles. Simply put, a quick detach (QD) scope mount is one that fastens to a rail or grooved scope base with throw levers instead of screws or bolts. One can quickly remove or install the base by positioning it in the desired location and using the locking levers to fasten or loosen it. This is ideal for a person who may wish to transition between a red dot and a traditional scope, or who wishes to be able to quickly gain access to iron sights in case of optics failure. We poked around and found the 4 best QD scope mounts for the most popular types of scopes. Check ’em out.

UTG Max Strength QD Scope Rings

These are some of the best QD mounts I’ve seen if you are after a two piece set of rings. All of the advantages of a set of traditional high profile see through rings but with the convenience of QD mounting. Built for standard Picatinny rails, UTG’s scope rings allow you to use iron sights or your optics, and facilitate easily switching out different types of optics, or removing your current optics for cleaning and weapons maintenance. Built for rugged tactical duty and affordably priced, these are a great alternative to traditional high profile 1” scope rings.

Burris One Piece 1” Quick Detach Mount

This is an exciting QD scope mount (see full specs). Made as a one piece base, it offers reliable and dependable scope mounting for nearly any one inch scope. What I like best about it though is that the rings come with smooth or Picatinny tops. This allows you to mount a light, or laser, or IR illuminator or even a small red dot on top of your scope for enhanced tactical or self defense use. Add the famous Burris name and reputation for quality, and you’ve got yourself a one of the best QD scope mounts for the price.

Universal QD Adapter and Riser

This is pretty cool, especially if you are into red dots and compact scopes. It is designed to adapt any non QD accessory to QD configuration and will add versatility to your favorite red dot or similar item. Made of aircraft grade aluminum, black finished and having a five slot Picatinny rail, this is the perfect low cost upgrade to many pieces of equipment. Buy one for everything you want to convert to QD, from lasers to red dots and flashlights. There is no better, cheaper and easier way to get the convenience of QD attachment for non QD devices.

UTG One Piece QD Base With Rings

Much like the Burris base, UTG offers shooters similar performance and design. Featuring one inch rings lined with polymer tape to protect your scope from marring, Picatinny grooves on top of the rings, and a reinforced locking system with adjustable tension, this aircraft grade aluminum QD mount is every bit as rugged as the rifle you choose to install it on. For price and features, this is the best QD scope mounts that I’d keep around as spares or for future rifle purchases.

Quick Detach Bases and Rings

One of the greatest attractions of QD scope mounts is the fact that you can readily return your optic to its original position and preserve your zero. We first saw QD mounts on the sides of AK-47’s. The Soviets were no slouches, and the slightly clunky yet sturdy AK side scope mounts showed the world what a throw lever and a removable base could do. Quick detach scope mounts are most commonly used on Picatinny rail systems in the US, which often have numbered slots. Once you zero in your optic, you can note exactly where on your rifle you installed it and routinely return it to its original location and preserve your zero. This is important if you have several optics you like to transition between or simply for maintaining zero after disassembly for routine cleaning or maintenance. Another big advantage of QD bases is that they require no tools to install or remove, and when used with back up iron sights, allow for a shooter to swiftly remove a damaged optic in order to switch to irons.

When shopping for the best quick detach scope rings it is important to know exactly what you are going to mount. Scopes with objective lenses over about 34mm may need a riser, like the one we reviewed earlier. Typically QD bases and rings are used with tactical equipment, so little attention is given to the oversized optics used for sport shooting and some hunting applications. Another important considering is just what type of mount you need. Some people are happy with a pair of QD rings, while others want a complete base that has adjustable tension and reinforced mounting points.

Some rings will come with grooved tops so you can mount other Picatinny rail compatible accessories like a small light or red dot or laser on top. These are popular with certain types of competition shooting and for tactical purposes where having an accessory on top of your scope may be desirable.

I put my favorite scope on a QD mount for my AR. Typically it sits near the door with iron sights, but I enjoy being able to quickly stick my scope on top when I go to the range or prowl the backyard in search of coyotes that have gotten too friendly. The best QD scope mounts turn your rifle into a truly modular system, letting you switch components back and forth with ease, and should be part of every modern shooter’s bag of tricks. Quick detach scope mounts do not cost much more than their more traditional counterparts, but the ease of use more than outweighs any small price difference. They are a handy bit of equipment and will enhance your shooting experience.

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  1. I have two one piece cantilevered scope mounts each on a AR 15 flat top with Picatinney rails.Due to the different scopes , in order to get the proper eye relief the two scope mounts are positioned differently.
    On the .223 the quick disconnect levers are on the left side of the receiver and when locked the levers mash to the right towards the rear of the rifle..
    On my 300 Blackout the locking levers are on the right side of the receiver and when locked mash to the right towards the muzzle. On the 300 Blackout the rear locking lever comes unlocked when shooting. I have tightened it and it is better but the lever still comes partially open.
    Is there a right way and wrong way to position the locking levers. Do you think 300 Blackout recoil is loosening the lever forcing it to the rear?
    I’m not sure if the mount for the 300 Blackout will work if reversed due to cantilever and scope. Should locks always lock towards the stock ( not the muzzle)?

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