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best wood duck call

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Duck hunting has long been a popular sport, and entire industries have developed to service the needs for various tools used in duck hunting, and in the case of duck calls, even a highly popular TV series. And it is duck calls which we are focusing on today, especially wood ducks.

Wood ducks are a popular and somewhat hard to find early season duck. Making use of the best wood duck calls will improve your chances at bringing home some tasty, tasty ducks. Duck calls are deceptively simple, yet fairly complex items. Using one or more reeds inside a wooden or plastic body, with some practice you can accurately mimic duck sounds, which can be used to lure the ducks within shotgun range. Some of the highest-rated wood duck calls are made by the famous Duck Commander company, but there are other quality ones as well. Take a look and good luck on your next hunt!

Duck Commander Wood Duck Call

Simple yet brutally effective. The best wood duck call is one that does its job and does it well. This highly rated duck call from Duck Commander fits that description perfectly. Made of rugged plastic and fitted with a single reed, this call can mimic the sounds of flying and sitting ducks. It’s affordably priced too. Not only do you get an excellent duck call, you get one for less than the cost of a good large pizza. I can think of no reason not to have this call in your arsenal of duck calls, or to even pick up a couple to give as gifts to the duck hunters in your life.

Duck Commander Wood Duck Call How-to Video

Primos Wood Duck Call

Here is a dandy little wood duck call that has a great reputation for calling in ducks. Made of quality laminated wood, and built to specifically duplicate the call of a wood duck, the Primos Classic Wood Duck call deserves a special place on your lanyard. Built for regular use, and carefully crafted to ensure long service life and realistic calls, this is an ideal wood duck call for beginner and expert alike. Affordable, attractive, and almost as deadly to wood ducks as a 12 gauge!  With a little practice, you too will be dining on wood duck for dinner with the help of this call.

Primos Classic Wood Duck ~ review #3

Haydels WP05 Wood Duck Squeal & Whine

One duck call, two duck call… TWO! TWO DUCK CALLS!  OK, seriously though, this is a fantastic bargain. For what you’d normally expect to pay for a single duck call, Haydels brings you a wood duck call and a wood duck squealer. Now you can duplicate all the sounds of a wood duck without breaking the bank. Built of durable, long life modern synthetics, this call/squealer combo should be the first and last wood duck call you really need.  You’ll be right at home in field calling in wood ducks with this combo.  This is one of the best wood duck calls for the money.

Haydel Duck Calling Tips

Duck Commander Premium Wood Call

Duck Commander’s legendary reputation and popular television show have brought us numerous innovations in the duck call industry. They make a wide variety of different calls and at a variety of price points. The Duck Commander Premium Wood series duck call looks great and functions brilliantly.

The Duck Commander uses the popular Robertson patented double-reed friction fit system to produce an easy to blow call. The high-grade wood finish gives it an old-school appearance, but the modern reed gives it high-tech performance. It’s perfect for bringing the birds in with clucks and feeding calls but is limited for high volume calls, which fortunately most calls of this type are.

Don’t Forget the Lanyard!

It’s pretty common practice to carry multiple duck calls, and the most popular way to carry them is on a lanyard around your neck. Duck Commander offers one:

It’s made of braided no-rot nylon cord, is adjustable and can hold up to five different duck calls. You will need a lanyard and these are the best duck call lanyards we could find, and are well worth the trivial investment they represent.

The Fine Art of Duck Calling

Duck calling is an art, and cannot be easily explained in a few words, but you’ll find plenty of instructional DVD’s on the subject (see a ton here).

Most duck hunters are not content with a single call, but rather keep a battery of them handy so they can quickly change between different calls for different circumstances and even species or sexes. The top wood duck calls will either be extremely good at one single type of call, or be very good at several different types. With practice you may find your call is suitable for other types of ducks as well, which will expand your hunting opportunities.

Duck hunting is an extremely rewarding sport that can put wholesome, fresh all natural meat on your table during the hunting season and beyond if you freeze your birds. Judicious use of duck calls will aid you in filling your bag limit each time you go out as long as you do your part. The language of duck calling can become confusing, which is why it is recommended you pay close attention to instructional literature and DVD’s, or simply spend some time with a more experienced and successful hunter.

Once you’ve mastered the art of calling ducks, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful duck hunter in your own right. Or, if you are already a skilled hunter, you know that you are often chasing a new call, or replacing a lost or broken one. Duck calls soon become a favored piece of gear, each hunter having one that suits them and their particular style, and it becomes a treasured symbol of the hunt and the good time spent out in the field or on the water. Duck hunting is a grand old American tradition, and we are happy to have helped you pick the best wood duck call.

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