The 4 Best Single Reed Duck Calls – Reviews 2021

best single reed duck call

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Duck hunting is a rapidly growing sport, and the excitement and skill that is required to take mallards out of the sky is unique and wonderful. Duck calls are used to emulate a duck’s call and bring them to you.

A single reed call is often the more challenging call to use and allows the hunter to reach out and signal ducks at longer ranges. Single reed calls need to be able to simulate a variety of different calls, and accurately emulate a mallard’s call. These calls should also be lightweight, waterproof, and durable.

The single reed duck call is often made from a tough acrylic or polycarbonate material that allows the call to carry over long distances. Single reed duck calls are for the serious duck hunter, one who may not be an expert, but one looking to invest in the sport on the long term. Here are the 4 best single reed duck calls on the market

Flambeau Gold Series

The Flambeau Gold series duck call is a single reed design that faithfully reproduces the loud and rich tones of a mallard hen. The male duck is a fickle and cautious creature and any unknown or unquantified tone of call is likely to limit a mallard response, and even drive them away. The Gold Series duck call reproduces the hen’s call in an accurate but also loud way. The call is capable of reaching across ponds and gathering the attention of mallards.

The Flambeau is incredibly durable, and construction is top notch. The call feels very solid in the hand. It is certainly not sensitive to the cold or extreme heat. The use of acrylics means the call remains waterproof and lightweight. Waterproof is of course important when it comes to duck hunting, since ducks prefer waterfront homes. Lightweight is also important since this device is going to be worn around the neck.

Flambeau is a field proven brand, and the Gold Series is their top of the line series for duck lures. The Gold Series duck call is an excellent lure at an excellent price. The Gold Series is perfect for both beginning and experienced duck hunters looking for something durable, lightweight, and affordable. It is one of the best single reed duck calls for the money.

Shadow Duck Call

The Shadow is a sleek duck call that the manufacturers took the extra time to throw in some nice aesthetics. Of course, the look of a call means very little as to how practical and effective it is. Luckily with the Shadow, however, function follows form. The Shadow is a single reed design that is a combination of black and grey translucent polycarbonate, which is lightweight, durable, and completely weatherproof.

The design is made to withstand the cold and miserable environment of some states, and the hot humid environments of others. Water, wind and temperature have no effect on the Shadow. This duck call is easy to use, and would be a good beginner’s call, but is viable for the seasoned duck hunter.

The Shadow emits a raspy call, which is a design feature that the Shadow uses to attract mallards. This call emulates the call of a hen and is perfect as an easy to use mid range duck lure. The Shadow allows users to execute quacks, feeding chuckles, and long, low calls. The Shadow is less than 5 inches in length and its weight is best described as feathery. The Shadow is not the cheapest of duck calls, but its value is apparent and it is extremely good duck lure.

Primos Easy Mallard Call

The Primos Easy Mallard Call has the best descriptor in its name: this call is extremely easy to use. The single reed design gives you much more versatility than double reed designs, but is most often more difficult to use. This mallard call allows hunters to simulate a variety of different calls, quacks, and tones over a long distance. The single reed design is also capable of being blown when wet.

The Primos Easy mallard call allows hunters to call across big lakes and down long rivers and bring the ducks to their boat or blind with little effort. The Easy Mallard uses an extremely thin thin Mylar reed that works with very little force. You will not go red in the face trying to emit call or a series of short quacks with ease.

Amateur duck hunters may not have the experience to know if their calls or accurate or not, but with the Primos, the only evidence they need is the amount of mallards responding with their own calls and eventually flying in. The Primos call is an all-weather design, remarkably lightweight, and of course, easy to use. It is one of the best single reed duck calls for the money.

Duck Commander Uncle Si

There is no doubt that the Duck Dynasty family has brought a new generation of hunters to the duck hunting sport. Ignoe the family’s TV show and humorous hijinks; the Duck Commander brand was extremely popular well before the family’s fame. The Duck Commander calls are known for their remarkable, lifelike call, and their overall extremely high quality. The Duck Commander Uncle Si is one of Duck Commander’s few single reed calls and has become one of their most popular.

The Uncle Si is a raspy, realistic, lifelike call that allows hunters to reach out and bring the ducks to you. The call is easy to use, and requires little blowing effort. A seasoned caller can make the call ring and ring, and a beginner can learn the basics of duck calling. The Uncle Si is for the more intermediate and expert hunter—or for the beginner with an expert’s guidance.

The Uncle Si is a lightweight polycarbonate that is weather resistant, waterproof, and ready for every environment. The Uncle Si is useful for quacks, calls, and multiple cadences. You can bring the ducks well within shooting distance of a shotgun with ease. The Uncle Si is an amazing duck call and it carries the tradition of Duck Commander well.


Duck calling is a traditional technique used to bring in ducks and aid in a successful duck hunt. Duck calling is so prevalent that there is even a sport built around how realistic your call sounds. The best single reed duck calls are a necessary piece of gear for duck hunters these days, unless you’d prefer waiting in a cold blinding and hoping the ducks would magically come out. A good duck call is a minor investment when it comes to the hunt, but it is one that pays dividends.

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