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best snow goose call

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Snow geese are curious creatures. They are certainly in the goose family, but they are a separate beast when it comes to calling. Snow geese are noisy and loud, and they make distinct calls, and probably have the most variation of sounds in the goose family. This is why a good call is so important. The call needs to be made for snow geese because a normal goose call will not work.

Snow geese calls have to be versatile, capable of creating a wide variety of sounds with ease. A good call requires very little air to activate, and if you’re blowing till you’re red in the face, I suggest making an upgrade. Another major consideration is element resistance. Snow goose hunting is done in marshes, on lakes, in the cold, and a wide variety of miserable places, but at the end of the day it’s well worth it.

Here are, in our humble opinion, the 4 best snow goose calls on the market:

Haydel’s Snow Goose Call

The Haydel’s snow goose call is a simple and easy to use call, with a good amount of versatility. This call is designed exclusively for snow goose hunting and allows users to successfully replicate the calls of the noisy snow goose with ease. The Haydel’s call is well reputed for its ease of use for beginners, and the amount of different noises a seasoned snow goose hunter can make. The Haydel’s call is of a newer short reed design that is specifically designed for snow geese.

The call itself is very easy to blow. You certainly won’t find yourself red in the face blowing all the air you suck into the call. All you need is short breaths and little huffs to make the call go and go. When it comes to hunting snow geese, it’s done when the temperatures are south of comfortable. Trying to huff and puff cold air is not a pleasant affair.

The Haydel’s call is designed and made primarily from polymer blended materials. This protects the call and makes it waterproof. Most snow goose hunting is in marshy area and often fingers are numb from the cold so if you drop something it’ll be exposed to water. The call is also extremely light at only three ounces, and is easy to carry via pocket. This is one of the best snow goose calls period.

SN 04 Snow goose call for snow and blue geese

Sean Mann Super Shorty Snow Goose Call

While it is far from the cheapest option out there, the Sean Mann is the choice of professionals worldwide. The Super Shorty Snow Goose Call is designed to give the most accurate and the most realistic Snow Goose call out there. While it’s easy to go loud and obnoxious, you can also go for more specific sounds. You can create barks, murmurs, growls and hiccups.

You can replicate the subtle nature of the snow goose and really capture its complex vocal skills. The snow goose is a complicated but delicious creature. Sean Mann has probably forgotten more about these animals than I’ll ever know. You know, he designed the system to work, and he does charge for the skill and expertise he put into every call.

The Super Shorty will bring all the snow geese to the yard. You’ll connive, convince, and trick the little (or not so little) critters right to you with this call. It’s simple to use, durable and ultimately very reliable. It’s the choice of experienced and professional hunters for a reason, and if you want versatility, this is one of the best snow goose calls for the money.

World goose calling champion Sean Mann

Primos Shaved Reed Snow Call

If there is an animal to hunt and a call can be utilized, Primos makes it. Primos has designed hundreds of different calls over the decades and have made huge advances in game calls. The Primos Shaved Reed Snow goose call is one such design. The Primos is the same size as your typical snow goose call, but it contains some massive volume. The Primos utilizes ever potential amount of air you put into it, and turns it into a loud honk, a bleat, or even an alarm call.

The Primos is made from quality materials. The external design is a polymer material that is resistant to the elements, and doesn’t lose its durability in the cold. The Primos call uses a precisely shaved reed that may vary from 9/1000th of an inch to 14/1000th of an inch. This work has to be precise and is guaranteed to present loud, engaging calls.

The Primos Snow goose call requires very little air but also allows the user to replicate several different geese at a time. An experienced user can replicate a variety of calls so efficiently and so fast he or she could be having a goose conversation with themselves.

Primos® Shaved Reed Speck Goose Call

Quaker Boy Frosty Snow Goose call

The Quaker Boy Frosty Snow Goose call is an excellent option for beginners looking to try their hand at calling geese. The Quaker Boy is a very simple design that is also very affordable. This call uses a short reed design, and short reeds were basically designed for hunting snow geese and replicating their unique calls. The Quaker Boy replicates the unique and authentic call of the snow goose.

The Quaker Boy call requires a minimal amount of air to produce a loud but not piercing call. The short reed allows users to practice the easier snow goose calls and then as the hunter progresses replicate more and more calls. The Quaker Boy is lightweight but a little longer than the typical call. It would certainly stick out of the pocket, but it is still light and easy to carry.

The Quaker is an attractive call, resembling white ivory, and is remarkably smooth. The call is made from acrylic, which as we talked about before is tough, durable, and weather resistant. The reed is made from Mylar, another tough, water resistant material. The Quaker boy Frost snow goose call is one of the best snow goose calls for beginners at a rock bottom price. You won’t be disappointed.

Quaker Boy - Frosty Snow Goose


Hunting snow geese is an exciting sport and far from easy. Dedication is required to wake up and shiver for hour after hour. It would be a real shame to go out and do this without snagging a goose or two. The top snow goose calls greatly increase the chance you have at taking a few geese. Good luck!

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