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The AR 15 is a professional’s weapon and to perform to professional standards, the weapon needs regular maintenance. Since the platform is popular the world over, there is a wide variety of cleaning kits out there to provide different levels of maintenance. A proper cleaning kit needs be compact and easy to pack for field operations. The kits should include a method to clean the barrel to guarantee accuracy. An AR 15 cleaning kit should also have a method to lubricate the weapon.

An kit should contain strong cleaning accessories. Any brittle or weak pieces could break off into the weapon and cause malfunctions. Another necessary addition to any cleaning kit is some form of a brush, commonly called an AP brush. This brush allows for deep cleaning and helps the weapon deal with elements exposure, and to brush away rust. A good cleaning kit as its most base self should keep the weapon running. If it does more, great; if it does less, toss it.

Here are our recommendations for the 4 best AR 15 cleaning kits on the market:

M16 Field Cleaning Kit

The M16 is simply the military designation for the AR 15 family of rifles. The military prefers to follow the KISS principle, keep it simple stupid. The M16 field cleaning kit is very simple and very effective. The kit is not designed to completely clean your entire weapon and to make it like new, but to give it an effective cleaning in the field. The M16 field cleaning kit is designed to keep the weapon running, keep it firing, and keep it rust-free and ready.

The M16 field cleaning kit is packaged in a strong, olive drab webbed-nylon sheath. This sheath is water resistant and very tough. The sheath can be attached to a belt, or to a MOLLE system with the use of Gator clips. The kit includes a variety of different tool necessary to keep an AR 15 running. This includes a bottle to add the user-chosen lubricant or combination cleaning compound. The kit also comes with 4 sectional rods with a T handle. These rods allow the user to clean up to a 20-inch barrel.

The kit also has an AP brush with both a fine brush and wide soft brush. The kit also has an eye tip to accommodate patches to clean the barrel, as well as a barrel brush to deep clean the inside of the barrel. The kit also includes the important chamber brush that metal for a good, deep cleaning. The kit is small, lightweight, and weighs less than a full magazine of ammo. If you want a simple, no-frills product, this is the best AR 15 cleaning kit on the market for sure.

Otis AR Cleaning System

The Otis cleaning system is the newest cleaning system for AR 15 style rifles being implemented in the United States Marine Corps. The kit is exclusively designed for the AR series of rifles and packs a whole lot of gear into a small package. The package is a round container that opens up into multiple layers. The kit itself features a belt loop for easy transport, and the kit itself is small enough to fit into a cargo pocket.

The Otis AR cleaning system is packed with a wide variety of different cleaning accessories, and breaks with tradition with its cable cleaning system. The Memory Flex cables included are 8 and 30 inches long respectively. These flex cables allow the user to attach a variety of different tools to the ends of them. The 30 inch can be used to clean barrels in a variety of different lengths, and can attach eyes, barrel brushes, and every other tool necessary to clean an AR.

The kit includes a small metal rod to attach a variety of included picks, an AP brush head, chamber brush, and can be equipped with a small T handle. The Otis kit also comes with a small bottle of replaceable lubrication and a small cleaning rag. The kit comes with a tool known as the BONE which is unique to the Otis kit. This combination tool is used to exclusively clean the bolt, bolt carrier, and firing pin with ease and effectiveness. The Otis kit is extremely compact, and very effective—and just might be the best AR15 cleaning kit period.

Real Avid AR 15 Pro Pack

Do not let the name of The Real Avid AR 15 Pro Pack discourage you if you are an AR beginner. I honestly think the name is a bit misleading. The Pro Pack is an excellent piece of gear for any skill level and does still lend itself to beginners. Included in the kit is a small, quick reference guide to the AR 15 rifle, which includes instructions on disassembling an AR 15, where to focus when cleaning and lubricating as well as detailed reassembly instructions.

The Pro Pack kit also includes all-brass components to avoid damaging your rifle’s internal finish. This includes six connectable rods that allow you to effectively clean the barrel. There is also a wide variety of attachments that simply screw into these rods. This includes AP brush head, an eyelet, chamber brush, bore brush, and a pic.

The AR 12 Pro Pack also includes a combination, folding scraper tool that allows users to scrape 12 of the most critical surfaces on the AR rifle series. This includes the bolt carrier group, firing pin, bolt, and bolt cam pin. The kit also includes 8 star shaped chamber cleaning pads. The entire kit is just one of the best AR 15 cleaning kits and is perfect for any beginner or skill level.

Skyline Center cleaning kit

For those looking to go big, and I mean big, the Skyline Center cleaning kit is a complete cleaning kit for your AR 15 series of rifles. The Skyline kit isn’t pocket friendly, but is still small enough to fit in a pack or a range bag. The Skyline is a complete cleaning kit that is perfect for the AR series of rifles.

The kit contains wide variety of different tools and accessories to clean and maintain your AR 15 rifle or pistol. The kit contains four cleaning rods with one T handle option. The kit also includes a variety of different bore brushes, just in case your AR isn’t in 5.56 or .223. This includes brushes for pistol caliber ARs, .30-caliber ARs, and even a 12 gauge bore brush for the M1919 AR 15 style shotgun. The kit has a total of five different bore brushes.

The kit is packed into a plastic carrying case that does well to protect the kit. The kit also has a bore patches and eyelet, as well as an AP brush and a lint-free cleaning rag. The kit includes both lubricant and cleaner for a complete AR 15 cleaning.


The AR 15 is a near perfect rifle, capable of firing rapidly, accuracy, and working well in a variety of different environments. The AR 15 does need some basic maintenance after heavy use, or after being exposed to a rough or dirty environment. Having the best AR 15 cleaning kit is absolutely necessary to keep an AR 15 running hard and strong. A good kit can make all the difference in an AR 15’s performance.

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