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Because the AR 15 is used for everything from casual target shooting to serious tactical operations and everything in between, one of the most in demand accessories is a bipod. Bipods help stabilize the rifle by providing a pair of legs which telescope out from under the rifle to provide a ready to go stable shooting position. The best AR bipod will be one that mounts to a picatinny rail, folds under the barrel and has height adjustable legs. Some AR 15 bipods are even built into a vertical foregrip which serves as both a bipod and foregrip. We’ve pulled some of the most popular models of bipods for you to look at and decide which the best one is yourself.  These are, in our opinion, the 4 best AR 15 bipods for the money:

Armstac Adjustable Folding Bipod

A popular choice for the best bipod on a budget, Armstac offers a feature rich bipod at a rock bottom price. Designed to fit a standard picatinny rail, this all aluminum bipod folds for storage, has lockable legs, and is spring loaded for stability. Handy tool free thumb screws allow easy mounting and removal. If you are a casual shooter or just after an inexpensive, yet sturdy bipod, you would do well to examine the Armstac.

UTG Adjustable Bipod

Another contender for best bipod for the AR 15 on a budget and a rather nice one at that. UTG offers a picatinny rail or sling swivel mounted bipod that attaches with a thumbscrew, or regular screwdriver. Adjustable from 6.2 inches to 6.7 inches in height, collapsible and foldable for easy use, UTG builds a fantastic and wallet friendly bipod for hunting and sport use. At this price and ability to mount on nearly any rifle, there is no reason not to get more than one of these little gems.

Caldwell AR Bipod

The Caldwell AR 15 bipod is designed for the modern tactical rifle. Often times a rifle requires a sling stud to mount a bipod. The current generation of rifles is often more unlikely to have a simple sling stud, and feature a rail option of some sort. The Caldwell AR bipod attaches directly to a rail. The bipod attaches quickly and effortlessly to the weapon and is capable of providing both pivot and cant. The bipod can change height and has a no wobble feature that locks the legs into place. It’s all topped off with rubber feet for outstanding grip. It’s lightweight, simple, and easy to use—certainly one of the best AR 15 bipods out there.

Harris Engineer 6 to 9 Inch Bipod

Without a doubt, this is one of the best Harris bipods for AR15 right now. The company has been building the best bipods for years. This extremely rugged model fits any Picatinny rail, has legs that extend from six to nine inches, folds up underneath your rifle when not in use, and has spring loaded legs for maximum stability and support. If you are looking for the absolute best, most reliable and most well known bipod for your rifle that you can find, you need to look no further than this offering from Harris.

One caveat, though: you’d need an adapter. Luckily, they’re super-cheap, and by making use of the Harris Bipod Adapter, (see it here) you can enjoy the legendary Harris performance on any Picatinny rail-equipped rifle:

A Few Further Thoughts on Bipods

A lot of times when people think of bipods they think of sniper rifles or WWII machine guns, and certainly those are two classic examples of bipod use that should illustrate why bipods are just so useful. The job of a bipod is to provide a stable platform from which to shoot your rifle when none are available. They also serve to give you an elevated platform from which to shoot. When shooting from a bench, a bipod is often more comfortable than piling up sandbag rests, and still provides a highly stable shooting platform.

Another popular use for bipods, outside of obvious tactical roles is hunting. While not so important when deer hunting or the like, varmint hunters make great use of bipods when hunting, as they are often engaging multiple small targets in a fashion that calls for a stable shooting position. And, of course, they are just cool gun accessories to have. Since they are easy to install and remove, there is no reason not to at least keep a bipod in the back of the gun case or in a range bag.

What Makes a Good Bipod?

Trying to figure out what the best AR 15 bipod for the money is means figuring out what makes a good bipod in the first place. Now, the foregrip bipods are going to be an exception to this, as they are in a class all by themselves, and serve a compromise role between a full blown bipod and none at all. But other than that, all the best bipods will have a few things in common.

The obvious of course is that they will mount on a picatinny rail. This is pretty much the standard for AR 15 accessories, and is also a military standard. Some will come with an adaptor to let them mount on a sling swivel which will allow you to use your new bipod on a number of different rifles, thus expanding its usefulness. Next, you want your bipod to collapse and fold underneath your rifle when not in use. While detachable, most people prefer to mount their bipod and leave it in place so they can readily deploy it when they want to.

The best AR15 bipod will have adjustable height legs and an adjustable angle. A single height and angle detracts from the usefulness of a bipod. Being able to adjust the height and angle of the legs ensures that you can rig your rifle at just the right height and stabilize it on most any terrain or rest. Lastly, the legs themselves will be spring stabilized. Some have internal springs, some use external springs, but these springs provide added support and strength to the entire assembly. Picking the right bipod doesn’t need to be hard, or confusing. Once you’ve settled on a budget, find the one with all the correct features, and you’ve got yourself the best bipod for AR 15 rifles.

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