The 4 Best Padlocks for Gun Cases – Lock Reviews 2022

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Finding a good padlock for your gun case is a must. After all, keeping your firearm secure and locked up is invaluable for many reasons. Guns are expensive of course, but more importantly than that, they are dangerous weapons. Losing an investment is one thing but having someone potentially hurt or killed is inexcusable. For this, you need a safe and plenty of cases for storage and transportation.

For that reason, we’ve gathered the most modern gun locks on the market. These are designed to secure your gun case and protect it from unauthorized users of all kinds. (If you’re thinking of TSA-specific locks for travel, don’t. As this USA Today article makes clear, TSA wants you to use non-TSA locks for your gun case, like the ones below.)

There are our recommendations for the 4 best padlocks for gun cases on the market:

Master Lock Magnums Padlocks

If you want to keep things nice and simple, the Master Lock Magnum solid steel padlocks are going to be an outstanding choice overall. The Magnum locks feature extra-long locking bars that allows you to easily lock down a gun case and allows for plenty of room to easily unlock the case when needed. The Master Lock Magnums are made from straight solid steel and are made to be resistant to any external effort to open them with extreme prejudice. These are heavy duty locks that are designed to take a beating.

The Master Lock Magnums use a tough cut octagonal boron carbide shackle that is 50% tougher than average locks. It redefines what bolt cutters need to be to get through this lock. This won’t be defeated easily and if you lose your key you are better off trying to cut through the case than these locks so make sure you don’t lose them easily. The Master Lock Magnums are rock solid locks and you can order them in sets of 2 and 3 all keyed to the same key.

This makes them perfectly well suited for long gun cases that have multiple locking points. The Master Lock Magnums are simple locks but are incredibly effective. They are designed for use indoors and out and are well suited for air travel (remember: TSA does NOT want TSA locks on gun cases). Sometimes the best padlock for gun cases is the simplest one.

Firearms Safety Devices Corporation Cable Padlocks

The Firearms safety devices corporation, also known as the FSDC, makes numerous locking systems for guns and gun cases. These cable locks serve two purposes. They can secure a case, as well as the gun itself. A great many handgun cases feature two slots that are built for locks. These cable locks can slide through both slots and secure both sides of the case with a single lock.

This is a set of 3 cable locks and outside of locking the case these cable locks can further secure the gun inside the case. These cable locks can slide through the action of a handgun and secure the handgun itself. These cable locks look dainty, but they are actually very hard to get through without a torch. The shafts are wired and make it very hard to cut through manually.

These cable locks are exceptionally affordable and as a common keyed three-pack you can lock a single long gun case several times over. These simple locks have long been proven to be an effective form of security. These cable locks are approved by both the California DOJ and Massachusetts State police approved to secure a firearm. The FSDC locks are rock solid and well-made, perfect for securing handgun cases and firearms themselves. Two layers are always better than one.

Crystal Vision Alarm Lock Padlock

If you are like me, you are always interested in how technology can improve your life, and if you are securing a firearm in a case, why not get a lock that can also double as an alarm? The Alarm Lock (see full specs) is a simple padlock and appears to be just that. However, should the lock sense disassembly, cable clipping, or breakage, the lock will emit a 130 dB alarm. This ultra-loud alarm will draw instant attention to any thief or unauthorized user.

It’s perfect for both a handgun or rifle case. The Alarm Lock secures like any normal padlock. I think this would be perfect when traveling by vehicle for a long road trip. Should I stop to stretch my legs, get a soda, use the restroom or get gas I know that my gun is secured. Should anyone try to break it out, bam, the alarm is now going off bringing hell down on a potential thief.

The Crystal Vision Alarm Lock is a very strong lock physically. The lock uses a 10mm double-locking carbide reinforced hardened steel locking pin that is durable and extremely strong. The Alarm Lock is made from forged stainless steel. The lock uses a replaceable CR2 battery for the alarm, and that battery will last a year. The lock is weatherproof and perfect for all environments. Hands down, this is one of the best padlocks for gun cases for the money.

WGCC Bluetooth Padlock

Remember how I mentioned I loved technology? With that in mind, I love the WGCC Bluetooth Padlock. This lock is a digital innovation that allows you to lock your gun case and allows for quick and keyless entry into your gun case. The WGCC Bluetooth Padlock as a system utilizes an app that allows you to connect multiple locks to one set of fingerprints. You can program your fingerprints, your spouses, or another trusted user and allows easy access to your gun.

The WGCC BlueTooth Padlock (see full specs) means there is no need to remember a password or worry about losing a key. The lock allows you to quickly access your weapon should you need to utilize it for self-defense as well. This high tech lock is rechargeable and will last 30 days on a single charge. If your fingerprints fail for any reason, you can always access the app and unlock the lock via the program.

The WGCC will contain up to 15 fingerprints. The lock is made from stainless steel for superior cut resistance and the lock body is made from an aluminum alloy. It can be used both indoors and out and is perfect to protect both rifle and pistol cases.

REVIEW: WGCC Fingerprint Smart Lock (Bluetooth, FB50)

The Best Padlock for Gun Cases – Locked Up

Choosing a case for your gun is a very important consideration, a case will protect the gun from being dropped, exposed to the elements, and make it easy to transport. Choosing a lock is even more important. Securing your gun in a case can be paramount to its security and it can be locked without a padlock. Be picky, and be willing to choose a quality option to secure your weapons. Good luck!

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