The 4 Best 9mm Cleaning Kits — Reviews 2021

best 9mm cleaning kit

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As a responsible gun owner you know that the key to keeping your 9mm firearm in good condition is to ensure that you are cleaning it routinely. Thorough cleanings no only keep your gun looking good, but it can contribute toward ensuring that your weapon fires correctly. All too many firing malfunctions can be directly attributed to a gun that has not been properly or recently cleaned.

You can certainly accumulate a good collection of cleaning supplies that will serve you well when you get ready to clean your firearms at home. But you will find that a good basic and lightweight 9mm cleaning kit offers you all of the necessary tools, while also providing a convenient carrying case, for the best in portability. Having a good stash of supplies at home is useful, but having the best 9mm cleaning kit with you when you’re on the go can help you to ensure that you keep your gun clean and fully functional no matter where your day may take you.

UTG 9MM Pistol Cleaning Kit

This self-contained cleaning kit arrives in a sturdy and durable black box. With a slim design it’ll fit easily into your gear bag. Designed specifically for the 9mm pistol, this cleaning kit includes a two-piece copper alloy cleaning rod, with tight tolerance threads. These cleaning rods have a solid construction, and are sure to last you for many good years to come. Durable, with excellent strength, you’ll find that these cleaning rods not only help to get the job done but also help to protect your barrel during cleaning. Each half of the cleaning rod is just over 3.5” in length, and just over 7” in length once assembled. This offers ample length for cleaning the barrel of your 9mm.

The kit also includes a copper patch loop to offer you swift bore cleaning. You’ll also find the bore brushes, which include a nylon brush, bronze brush, and cotton mop brush, to be a beneficial part of your cleaning routine. The metal brush has tightly spiraled bristles so that you can rely on it to not fall apart on you when you’re cleaning.

Whether keeping your kit in your gear bag or keeping it with you when you’re off to the range, this is a compact kit with the must-have basics that you need to keep your 9mm clean and functional safely.

Hoppe’s No. 9 Cleaning Kit with Aluminum Rod, .38/.357 Caliber, 9mm Pistol

This cleaning kit for your 9mm is a good option for a starter kit, or for a cleaning kit to keep with you when you’re on the go. As you know, gun jams can happen at any time or at any location you may find yourself.

With this cleaning kit, you’ll get an aluminum cleaning rod, with handle, which is durable enough to last for a good many years. Included with the kit are a brush and two end pieces for the cleaning rod. The handle of the rod is a good length, so it’ll be easy to clean your barrel properly. The brush bristles are sturdy and will get the job done without damaging your barrel.

There are also some cleaning patches, which will come in handy when you’re on the go. The patches are good quality, so you’ll find that they last well for many routine cleanings. This 9mm cleaning kit also includes a 4oz bottle of quality cleaning solvent, and a 2¼ oz bottle of lubricating oil so that you can ensure that your gun well-cleaned and in good working order. This is among the best 9mm cleaning kits if you’re on a budget.

Classic Handgun Cleaning Kit KB003H

This 9mm cleaning kit by Kleen-Bore includes the basic cleaning supplies that you need to keep your gun clean. Keep in mind that it’s advisable to clean your firearm after every day spent shooting it. A quick clean on the range can make a world of difference toward ensuring your gun stays in good functional shape.

The durable and rugged polypropylene case of this kit is a good choice, as it will withstand a fair amount of abuse when you’re on the go. The storage case is of a good enough quality that it can be readily repurposed at a later date. The organizer tray is a nice touch, as it’ll keep all of the items from rattling around in the case when you are on the move.

The cleaning rod is constructed using high-grade steel, which will give you the reliable strength that you need. The rod has a black oxide finish to it, and it also features rotating handles.

Also included is a plastic muzzle guard that will offer protection to the crown of your gun’s barrel when you are cleaning it. The double-ended utility brush has nylon bristles that will last for many cleanings. The 100% cotton patches will also give you plenty of good use. There is also a silicone gun and reel cloth.

This kit also contains a 2oz bottle of Formula 3 gun conditioner.

There is room inside of the box for additional cleaning favorites, but this basic kit will serve you well when you are cleaning and conditioning your guns.

Hoppe’s BoreSnake Soft-Sided Pistol and Revolver Cleaning Kit (Choose Your Caliber)

This cleaning kit for your 9mm is compact and contained within a rugged soft-sided case. What sets this cleaning kit apart from some of the others is that it can readily be popped into your gear bag, but it can also be attached to your belt for on the go cleaning. If you’re heading out into the field or going to the range but prefer to keep your gear light then you’ll appreciate having this kit as an option.

This is definitely a nice basic kit, but it will meet your on-the-go needs easily. It includes a pulling tool and weatherguard cloths so that you can get keep your gun clean. Most gun jams are fixed very swiftly with a quick and thorough cleaning, so having this kit by your side could save you a fair bit of frustration when you’re away from home and away from your stash of cleaning products.

This compact cleaning kit also includes cleaning solvent so that you can get rid of any accumulated dirt and grime, while the lubricating oil will ensure that all parts of your firearm are operating smoothly each and every time that you pull the trigger. This is probably the best 9mm cleaning kit if you want a thorough, all-in-one product.


Whether you are a seasoned gun owner or you are just starting out with your first 9mm pistol, you’ll find that having a compact and portable cleaning kit can save you from a lot of frustration down the road when your gun malfunctions from lack of routine cleaning. Cleaning it at the range or out in the field is just one of the ways that you can protect your gun, and ensure it is always ready when you need it to be.

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