The 3 Best Gun Cleaning Kits – Universal Cleaning Kits Reviews 2022

best gun cleaning kit review

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Cleaning a gun is a task that you should handle with the utmost seriousness. After all, a clean gun is a gun that will fire perfectly, perform as expected, and give you an excellent firing experience every time you pull the trigger.

Gun enthusiasts can often get as passionate about gun cleaning kits as they are about their guns. For many gun owners, a clean and well maintained gun is a matter of pride, and a joy to own too. This is why every serious gun enthusiast invests in the best gun cleaning kit that money can buy. When you shoot a lot, you’ll need to keep your guns clean, and without a kit, you’ll be at a loss for finding quality gun cleaning supplies.

Every time you fire a shot, the bullet leaves powder residue and small debris in the gun’s barrel and chamber, which can build up over time if not cleaned properly. Such residue and debris can be a hindrance in an enjoyable shooting experience and it can even lead to gun malfunction. If you live in areas with high moisture or you use your gun in areas with high moisture content, your gun might also get rust that can cause irreversible damage to the gun’s internal parts. Remember, a dirty gun will not only affect its accuracy but also affect its overall life.

Here are our gun cleaning kit reviews of the top 3 cleaning products available in the market:

1st Best Gun Cleaning Kit Review: Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit

Remington is known for quality gun maintenance and care supplies, and this product might just be the best universal gun cleaning kit. No matter the caliber of your gun, you can find the cleaning supplies for it in the Remington gun cleaning kit.

This kit contains a Rem Squeeg-E that is perfect for removing any powder residue or debris from the barrel of the gun. The Rem Flex Rod Cables are coated to keep the barrel finish of your guns looking as good as new. The Rem Pad included in the kit protects the guns or parts from scratching the surface they’re placed on while you’re cleaning them.

The kit also contains other cleaning supplies, such as cleaning brushes, brush adapter, gun cloth, 1 oz. Rem oil, and a .5 oz. Bottle of Rem All In Bore Cleaner.

The high quality of the cleaning supplies as well as the kit itself has made it a top gun cleaning kit for enthusiasts. Also, the kit has ample space in it so you can store any other gun cleaning supplies or accessories.

remington universal squeeg-e cleaning kit review

2nd Best Gun Cleaning Kit Review: Otis Tactical Cleaning System with 6 Brushes

When you need a portable but capable gun cleaning kit, the Otis gun cleaning kit can save the day. The Otis Tactical Cleaning System comes with six brushes that are ideal for different calibers of guns, from .17 to .50 caliber.

The brushes answer the common problem faced by firearm owners, that of copper deposits and fouling in the barrel of the gun. The brushes are perfect for cleaning a wide range of guns, such as pistols, shotguns, and rifles. If you own different types of guns, then this cleaning kit is what you need to keep your guns clean and well maintained.

The T-handle and obstruction removal tools in the kit can clear any kind of barrel blockages and jammed cases. The memory flex cleaning rods included in the kit have tensile strength of over 750 pounds.

In all, this cleaning kit is small in size so you can easily carry it with you in your gun bag. It contains quality brushes that allow you to do basic gun cleaning in a thorough and detailed manner. For gun enthusiasts on the go, this is the top gun cleaning kit.

Otis Tactical Cleaning Kit-Millimeters from Perfection (Part 1)

3rd Best Gun Cleaning Kit Review: Outers 25 – Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Tool Chest (.22 Caliber and Up)

A gun cleaning kit can be a joy to own, and when it looks like the kit from Outers 25, it can be an absolute delight. This kit has the looks and the supplies to make every gun cleaning session something that you will look forward to.

The universal components in the kit make it easy to clean a wide range of guns, from pistols to rifles and shotguns. The rods are made of brass with high quality tips and also include mops and brushes. The wooden tool chest looks classy and it has ample space inside it to store all kinds of cleaning supplies and accessories easily.

What’s more, you can also use this gun cleaning kit as a gun vise when you’re cleaning your guns. With included patches, mops, loops, and jags, this is simply the perfect gun cleaning kit.

Outers 25 Piece Universal Wood Gun Cleaning Tool Box - Review

Our Verdict on What is the Best Gun Cleaning Kit

So which gun cleaning kit should you go for?

Looking at all three, the Remington Hunting Cleaning and Maintenance Kit surely scores over the others in terms of its size and the functionality that it provides. The Remington Gun Cleaning Kit contains quality supplies and accessories that can add a sense of joy to the task of cleaning your guns. The quality of the Remington supplies is well known and all these come in the highly durable bag that can handle the rough usage of an outdoor lifestyle. Also, the bag has ample space in it so that you can store any other accessories or supplies that you wish to include in the kit.

If you’re in the market for the best gun cleaning kit, you can simply choose the Remington without a doubt in your mind. However, if you prefer something smaller, the other two products would probably work better for you. Really, all three products are terrific, and we doubt you’ll be ever less than satisfied with any of the three.

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