The Best Gun Grease Reviews — Tetra Gun Grease, Hoppes Gun Grease, and Others

Best Gun Grease Review

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Best Gun Grease on the Market for Smooth Movement of Gun Parts

When you own a gun, it becomes your responsibility to keep the gun working in perfect order. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the gun is essential to ensure it works perfectly when you need it. When you clean your gun, applying grease on some parts of the gun can help in the smooth movement of the gun’s components.

Many people have doubts about whether they should apply grease or oil to certain parts of the gun. The solution is really simple. Grease is thicker and its application can help in the smoother movement of metal parts that slide against each other and go through heavy usage. One example is the slide mechanism of your gun. Every time you fire a shot, the slide goes back and forth, which can lead to wear and tear in the long run. Once you’ve cleaned and oiled your gun, a light coating of grease on the slide can work wonders for the slide action of your gun.

The best gun greases are also ideal for the times when you plan to use your gun in adverse weather conditions, such as extremely dry or wet conditions. Remember, grease and oil both get affected by weather conditions, so apply both with prior knowledge of how these might affect the firing action of the gun.

There are many different kinds of grease available in the market, and selecting one brand of grease over the other can be a tough choice. Here are some gun grease reviews of the top selling brands grease for firearms.

Best Gun Grease Candidate #1: Tetra Gun Grease Review

Tetra gun grease is a quality product that offers ease of application. The grease is white in color when it comes out of the tube, but once you rub it into the metal, it becomes colorless and provides a protective, low friction coating to the gun’s parts. This grease can be applied on any parts of the gun that rub against other parts. Also, this product is a great handgun, rifle, and shotgun grease and everything in between.

The best part about this grease is that it’s not sticky, which means it won’t attract dirt or powder like many other brands of grease does. The small tube of Tetra Gun Grease can last you a long time as you need to apply only a small amount at one time and then you can rub it into the metal with a piece of cloth. Use of this grease results in the smoother action of any moving pieces of the gun as it doesn’t leak or flow like oil. This brand of grease has an extreme temperature range and you can use it in any kind of weather and rest assured that your gun will be protected from the worst of it.

Tetra® Gun Grease on Semi-Auto Pistol Rails

Best Gun Grease Candidate #2: Hoppe’s Gun Grease Review

Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Grease is perfect for the times when you are not planning to use your guns for some time. If you’re storing your guns, it is important that you treat them with grease so that the parts work smoothly when you take the guns out of storage. Just a small amount of the grease rubbed into the metal parts of the gun can offer protection from the elements and prevent problems such as rust. This small tube of lube is the perfect addition to your gun cleaning kit.

You can also use this gun grease to give your guns a thorough cleaning once you’re done shooting at the range. In case you have guns that are jamming or their action is not smooth enough, just apply a drop or two of this grease and rub it in. You will see and feel a remarkable difference in the way the action feels when you shoot the gun next time.

Hoppe's Gun Grease

Best Gun Grease Candidate #3: Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease Review

The TW25B grease from Mil-Comm is an original formula gun lubricant, and it is just the gun grease you need in your range bag. This small 1.5 oz tube comes with a tapered tip that makes it easy to apply the grease on any metal parts and it is also perfect for filling grease in a syringe for close application. The gun grease offers protection from elements to the gun parts that are exposed and it also prevents the buildup of powder, residue, and debris in the parts of the gun. It is easy to apply on the gun and you can rub it into the metal for a better effect.

If you’re using your gun in adverse weather conditions with a lot of moisture, heat, or dust, this gun grease can help to protect your gun’s components. When it’s time to clean, you can easily wipe it off and apply a fresh drop of grease on the different parts. As this grease can work flawlessly in a great temperature range, it can be used on all types of guns in all climates. The grease is also non-toxic and environment friendly.

Our Verdict on the Best Gun Grease

In case you’re planning to store your guns for a considerable time, it is better to apply some grease as it doesn’t evaporate like oil and it can hold up better against all kinds of weather conditions. Of the three top selling brands mentioned above, you can go with the Tetra Gun Grease without a doubt. Though all grease brands offer protection from the elements and the smoother action of moving parts, Tetra scores above all as it is a heavy-duty grease that can help to smoothen the action of a wide range of guns.

Just a tiny drop of the grease is enough for a small area and it will prevent rust and corrosion for a long time. If you clean your guns after every shooting session, the Tetra Gun Grease is a must have in your gun kit. It will add to the life of your gun and also make the shooting experience more enjoyable with smooth action on all sliding parts. Get this one today!

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2 responses

  1. Tetra Gun oil was applied to my POLYTECH AK47 BLUED FINISH to prevent rust and that it did but it polish the surface and it scared me because I WAS AFRAID IT MIGHT BE REMOVING THE SURFACE. I DON’T THINK IT DID. I like a flat black surface on military type of gun. I WASN’T trying to polish it, just protect it. But to be fair it didn’t hurt all the guns I check so far.

  2. I used Tetra grease in the barrel of my bolt rifle over twenty five years ago. It used to shoot one and a half inch groups at 100yds with cheap ammo but after Tetra, they shrank to 3/4 of an inch. With handloads, it’s 1/2- 3/4″ at two hundred. Not bad for a fifty year old factory Remington. Still my most accurate and reliable rifle and I attribute that to the Tetra treatment from many years ago.

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