The 3 Best Gun Vises – Reviews of Tipton, MTM, CTK 2021

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A clean gun is a joy to own and fire. Many gun enthusiasts believe in cleaning their guns after every shooting session to remove any residue, powder, or debris that might have been left in the barrel or the chamber of the gun. Cleaning the gun can be a time consuming process and if you want to do it thoroughly, you must get a quality gun vise. A gun vise is an essential addition to the gun cleaning process of any serious gun enthusiast.

The best gun vise not only holds the gun in one place, but it also provides access to the hard to reach places so that you can clean and oil them without any difficulty. A gun vise is also useful for adjusting your gun’s scope and barrel for best use and you can even use it for gun-smithing.

If you’re in the market for a gun vise, there are certain things you need to look for before you put your money on the table. Choose a vise that is suitable for the guns you own. Make sure that it can fit your guns and it allows access to all parts of the gun.

There are many gun vise brands in the market offering their products at attractive prices. But the ultimate sign of a product’s quality is the experience of its users.

Best Gun Vise Review #1: Tipton Best Gun Vise

If you own different types of guns, then Tipton has just the gun vise for you. This gun vise can be used to work on a wide range of guns, from pistols and rifles to shotguns and more. Whether you just want to clean your gun or you want to do a little bit of gunsmithing or make adjustments to your scopes and barrels, the Tipton gun vise will come up to your expectations. The unique design of this gun vise includes a central aluminum channel and users can move the individual component into the right position to clean or adjust it.

This vise will hold your firearm in just the position you want as you can adjust the angles and elevation of different parts of the vise. For break open rifles and shotguns, this is the ideal vise as you can adjust the gun in an open position and clean it properly in the hard to reach places. The material of this vise is solvent-resistant, so even if you spill some cleaning supplies on the vise, you don’t need to worry about any damage. Putting together this vise from all the parts is simple and you can do it easily with the included instructions.

Tipton Best Gun Vise

Best Gun Vise Review #2: MTM GV-30 Gun Vise

MTM is a well known in the gun world for making their fantastic and often underappreciated gun boxes. As masters of polymer construction, they’ve jumped headfirst into making new and improved gun vises. The MTM GV-30 is a universal gun vise system that is ideal for all your gunsmithing needs. It holds nearly any long gun, outside of crazy guns like the Barret .50 caliber rifle. The rear locking section ensures your gun is held in place and allows work with a steady hand on a steady gun. The MTM GV-30 Gun Vise is a very capable option to cleaning guns, installing optics, and more.

What I love about it is the tool and work points on the bottom. The entire bottom of the gun vise is divided into sections. This allows you to stow tools, small pins, and parts, and work with the utmost convenience. This little addition makes life much easier once you start diving deep into the insides of your gun. The MTM GV 30 gun vise is well thought out and well executed. It’s priced to move, and a perfect companion for any serious gun owner. From ARs to shotguns it can do it all.


Best Gun Vise Review #3: CTK P3 Ultimate Gun Vise

You can find a gun vise with all kinds of bells and whistles, or you can get the CTK P3 Ultimate Gun Vise, which is minimal, yet highly functional. This is a simple, sturdy, and durable gun vise that can fit almost any kind of gun. The assembly of this gun vise is easy and you can set it up quickly on your workbench. This gun vise has soft padding so that you can clamp the gun without any fear of scratches or marks on the gun’s stock, or any other parts that are secured by clamps.

The foam padding is also solvent safe, so if you spill any extra solvent, you don’t need to worry about damage to the vise. Most of all, this is a stable and highly adjustable vise made from heavy duty steel, which adds to its durability. The font V of the vise is also ideal for scope installation or sight adjustment. Whether you’re using this vise to clean a handgun or a rifle, it is best suited for all purposes.

CTK Precision Gun Vise Review

After All These Gun Vise Reviews, Our Verdict:

Ideally, the choice of a gun vise should depend on the type of firearm you own, but that said, there is no reason why you can’t go for a gun vise that can be used universally for all types of guns. Of the above three gun vises, the Tipton Best Gun Vise scores over the rest in terms of functionality, looks, and price. It is a sturdy and good looking vise that is easy to set-up for cleaning all kinds of guns, from handguns to shotguns and rifles.

The excellent build quality and the material used for the construction of the vise will last for years with regular use. There are molded compartments in the vise for holding any nuts, bolts, or cleaning supplies while you’re cleaning or adjusting the gun. The Tipton Best G (see full specs) offers solid support, and anyone from hobby gun users to professional gun enthusiasts can use this gun vise to clean and maintain their guns.

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  1. Just received the Tipton Ultra Gun Vise…happy to say I’m really pleased with it. It’s not cheaply made, however I wish they made different magazine well holders for different guns other than the standard AR (M16….etc.). I have a 9mm Kriss Vector that would be nice to have the magazine well support to fit it on….even if they made it as an extra that you could buy.

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