The Best 3 in 1 Oils for Guns – Reviews 2023

3 in 1 oil for guns

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In a world of high-tech lubricants and supposed high tech gun oils, the classic 3 in 1 gun oil keeps coming out on top. The 3 in 3 in 1 oil stands for clean, lubricate, and protect, and of course, as one, the oil is expected to do everything.

Three in 1 oils are designed to be used mainly in firearms and here it has proven to be an incredibly capable oil. This oil keeps your weapon running shot after shot, at the same time protecting the weapon from corrosion (aka rust). The oil also makes it much easier to clean your weapon and lifts carbon, copper, and lead.

Here are our recommendations for the best 3 in 1 oils for guns on the market.

Breakfree CLP

CLP, or clean, lubricate, and protect oil, was one of the founding fathers of 3 in one oil. Breakfree CLP has been around long enough to be close to perfect.

CLP is a favorite of the United States Marines, who like to use things that are well proven, and simple. Marines also like it because they tend to work hand in hand with corrosive saltwater. Breakfree has proven to be protective and resistant to corrosion. The CLP can be used hand in hand to clean any rust that may occur as well.

Breakfree CLP is quite pliable as a liquid, and can fit into every crevice of a rifle. CLP can work with rags and brushes with ease to both clean and lubricate the most important parts of a rifle, handgun, and shotgun. Once in place as a lubricant, it is not adversely affected by extreme temperatures both high and low. The compound has been proven to work in negative 65 degrees and at over 400 hundred degrees.

The compound works after even being ducted in both salt and fresh water. Breakfree CLP can be exposed to dust, dirt, salty air, and anything else you can throw into it. The lubricant keeps your weapon running regardless of what it’s exposed to. If it’s good enough for the Marines, then it likely qualifies as the best 3 in 1 oil for guns.

Clenzoil Field and Range

Clenzoil is a modern take on an old idea. Clenzoil is designed to work with firearms, but it can also work with anything that needs a little cleaning, lubricating, and protecting. Clenzoil is also a veteran-owned company, and a portion of every sale is given to the paralyzed veterans of America.

Clenzoil is an extremely effective oil and is designed to lubricate a weapon regardless of the conditions. Clenzoil is designed for firearms that are going to be fired in mass quantities. This means once you slap on some Clenzoil, you can shoot, shoot, and shoot without issue.

Clenzoil, of course, also protects your weapon from the field environment. This environment includes dirt, dust, and moisture. These conditions are common in the field, and more so when hunting ducks, geese, or other game near water. The oil is also safe for polymer, wood, and composite materials, it can clean them, and will not degrade or destroy them. Clenzoil is designed to be used for working guns, guns used in a variety of different ways be it a hunter, farmer, or rancher. A work oil for a working gun.

Armory Labs CPL 9

A relative newcomer in 3 in one oils, Armory Labs has created a very modern CPL, a cleaner, lubricant, and protectant. The CPL 9 solution is designed for modern high quantity shooters and is designed for more modern rifles and weapons.

With that being said, the fluid is capable of working in older black powder and muzzle loading weapons. This could be classic cowboy revolvers or even replicas of 18th century weapons. On the other hand, CPL 9 can also be used in modern machine guns for the serious gun collector or military users. CPL 9 can keep everything from your Heritage Arms .22 LR revolver to a modern M240 medium machine gun in great operating order.

CPL 9 does not contain Teflon, moly, or graphite, but is capable of reducing friction even when exposed to the extreme heat of rapid, or full auto fire. The liquid resists becoming gummy when it gets cold and is proven to work in negative 50-degree temperatures. The material is also safe on plastic, rubber, and even painted surfaces. The solution is designed to attach to the metal, and lift carbon buildup, making it easy to wipe out and clean. Without a doubt, Armory Labs CPL 9 is one of the best 3 in 1 oils for guns.

Sage and Baker CLP

Sage and Baker CLP is perfect for any weapon, at any time, and in any environment. Sage and Baker CLP is designed to be incredibly efficient, and capable of deep cleaning any weapon.

The material lifts and removes carbon, lead, and copper with ease. It can be used to clean receivers, inside and out, it can be used to clean your bore, and pretty much anything else you can think of. The material can also dig in and remove rust, even if it’s dug in and caused pitting. And when it comes to cleaning, it’s nearly impossible to beat. Once the Sage and Baer oil are applied to your weapon, it is in place to protect the weapon from rust.

The solution itself (see full specs) is also biodegradable and completely non-toxic. The materials are not harmful to the skin, and it’s also not harmful to your weapon’s wood finish, any polymer, or other synthetic materials. The solution lubricates all moving parts to effectively reduce both friction and heat. This improves the reliability of a weapon and prevents the weapon from jamming, failing, or causing any other malfunctions.

Sage and Baker comes with a handy applicator that makes it easy to get the lubricant on the small parts of any weapon. It should be on anyone’s list of the best 3 in 1 oils for guns.


Three in 1 oils are nothing new or revolutionary. Like the 1911 and Colt Single Action army, they’re timeless classics that remain popular even to this day. Modern CLPs are used throughout the military, with countless police forces, and trusted with countless civilian shooters. Therefore, needless to say, they’ll be perfect for your guns too. Good luck!

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3 responses

    • Truth be told, I still use WD40 on all my guns but only as a solvent. I lube with a gun oil.

  1. My grandfather fed his family with firearms that used nothing but 3 in One Oil (the Original that still comes in the same little can. The same stuff granny used to keep her ‘foot peddle’ Singer sewing machine singing has a sacred spot on my cleaning table.
    WD 40 (not a gun oil) jammed my 1911 and a dose of that old 3 in One got it running again. Never the less, the newer stuff is pretty good too. I like Ballistol in either the little spray can or the liquid 12 oz. can.

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