The 4 Best Airsoft Goggles – Eye Protection Reviews 2021

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Airsoft is a very fun sport, but the number one rule when engaging in it is safety. And the most important part of the safety aspect of airsoft is eye protection. Heading into airsoft combat without wearing goggles over your eyes is downright stupid, because all it takes is one hit from an airsoft BB to your eye to make you suffer a partial or total loss of vision.

In this article, we are going to cover 4 of the best airsoft goggles on the market so that injury will never happen to you. Each of these goggles not only can withstand direct hits from airsoft BBs, but they can also shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, are fully adjustable, and are installed with anti-fog ventilation systems so your vision will not be clouded in the middle of a battle.

U.S. Marine Corps Airsoft Safety Goggles

These lightweight and yet sturdy airsoft goggles will fully protect your eyes even if they are met with a direct hit from an airsoft BB. But the benefits of the U.S Marine Corps goggles don’t end there. These goggles also act like sunglasses in that they are installed with dark UV absorbing polycarbonate lenses that will shield your eyes from the sun’s glare.

In addition, if you’ve been playing airsoft long now you know that it’s easy for goggles to become fogged up and cloud your vision. Fortunately, these goggles are installed with an anti-fog ventilation system to ensure that this doesn’t happen. What’s also cool about these goggles is that a percentage of the sales will go to the Wounded Warrior project.

Pyramex Highlander Safety Eyewear

Thanks to their dual lens feature, these goggles will provide your eyes with the maximum protection that they need and can easily withstand direct hits from airsoft BB’s. But there are more features that the Pyramex Highlander goggles offer besides that.

Most notably, these goggles are incredibly comfortable to wear as a result of a soft foam around the inner edges of the goggles that both seal and pad the area around your eyes for the ultimate combination of protection and comfort. In addition, the lenses are scratch resistant and can shield your eyes from over 99.9% of any bad UV rays that would otherwise hurt your vision. No ifs and buts—these are among the best airsoft goggles period.

Lancer Tactical Airsoft Goggles

Lancer Tactical has designed these airsoft goggles to fully seal themselves around your eyes while also offering direct comfort in the form of a foam liner around the inner edges of the goggles.

The lenses are constructed out of a durable polycarbonate attached to a polyurethane frame. This not only allows these goggles to withstand direct hits from airsoft BBs, but it also gives you a wider frame of view in comparison to other airsoft goggles so you can have a more complete view of the battlefield. Finally, Lancer Tactical has installed their Ultra-Vent system in these goggles to prevent the lenses from fogging.

Pyramex I-Force Airsoft Goggles

Also sold by Pyramex is their I-Force airsoft goggles. These are very stylish looking goggles but more importantly you will also notice the lightweight of them so your head won’t be constantly weighed down by your eye protection. The elastic strap is fully adjustable thanks to a quick release system, and an installed ventilation system will prevent any fog from setting in even in the most humid of weather conditions.

However, even if the ventilation system fails to prevent the fog, Pyramex has further installed these goggles with an acetate lens on the inside that is naturally fog resistant. Meanwhile, the outside part of the lenses is constructed out of polycarbonate, which is scratch resistant against dust and debris. These should be on anyone’s list of the best airsoft goggles.

What To Look for in Airsoft Goggles

By reading this article you can now see that there are several different options of airsoft goggles for you to choose from, and each have advanced features that meet the right combination between safety and functionality. However, these aren’t the only four airsoft goggles that you can buy. As long as your goggles meets four certain qualities, they will be a viable choice for you to wear in an airsoft battle.

The first quality that your airsoft goggles must meet is adequate protection for your eyes. Otherwise, what’s the point of wearing the goggles in the first place? This means that not only must your goggles fully cover your eyes, they also have to be able to withstand damage and direct hits from airsoft BBs without problems, such as with dual lens technology.

Another quality that your goggles should meet is being fog resistant. Nothing can ruin an otherwise fun airsoft game more than not being able to see because your lenses fog up (other than being hit on the eye, of course!). Your goggles should either be well-ventilated or have an anti-fog technology on the lenses.

The third quality that your goggles should meet is having fully adjustable straps. Goggles that are too tight will constrict themselves around your head, leading to discomfort and headaches. On the flip side of things, goggles that are too loose may not properly seal around your eyes and could lead to injury. Goggles that are fully adjustable allow you to fix your goggles so that they are right for you.

Finally, the best airsoft goggles should offer you UV ray protection since you can’t exactly wear sunglasses over or under your goggles. This is something that you will especially want when playing on a sunny day where the sun’s glare could inhibit your vision to see what’s happening on the battlefield just as much as fog would.

Any one of the four airsoft goggles that we have recommended meet these four qualities, but there are many other airsoft goggles available on the market that do as well. That’s the beauty of capitalism—choices galore. Good luck!

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