The 4 Best Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles — Reviews 2023

anti fog airsoft goggles

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Every Airsoft player knows that wearing a protective set of goggles is an absolute must for safety reasons. At the same time, almost every Airsoft player is also aware of the fact that goggles can fog up quite easily and greatly impair your ability to see the battlefield.

Fortunately, many companies have Airsoft goggles with anti-fog properties available on the market to ensure that you have the ability to protect your eyes without sacrificing your vision. We’ll go over four of these the best anti-fog Airsoft goggles on the market, and after our reviews, we go into what you should look for when selecting such eye protection:

Pyramex I-Force Sporty Dual Pane Anti-Fog Goggles

The Pyramex I-Force goggles utilize a very light design that automatically get rid of a lot of the heftiness and bulkiness that are commonly associated with other Airsoft goggles. The Pyramex also comes equipped with an elastic strap so that it can fit comfortably around virtually anyone’s head.

But the reason why these goggles (see full specs) are anti-fog is for multiple reasons. Part of it is the dual pane lenses that isolate the difference between the temperatures of the inside and the outside of the goggles. Another reason is because of the ventilation system that allows a maximum amount of airflow into the goggles but without having any holes big enough for the possibility of an Airsoft BB being shot through them to damage your eyes. Finally, polycarbonate materials were used for the outside part of the lenses to protect the goggles against the environment, while the inside part of the lenses are designed out of acetate that further inhibits fogging.

Pyramex V2G Safety Glasses

Another pair of anti-fog goggles from Pyramex is the V2G Safety Glasses. While these were initially intended for use while ATV or motorcycle riding, they have become rather popular with Airsoft players as of late because they provide excellent protection for the eyes while the lenses are also treated with effective anti-fog technology that doubles as a scratch deterrent. The foam padding on the inside of these goggles also aids in keeping debris out and fogging to a minimum while ensuring a soft and comfortable fit. Bar none, these are among the best anti-fog Airsoft goggles on the market.

Neiko 53875B Anti-Fog Safety Goggles (Wide Vision Version)

The Neiko 53875B is a universal fit pair of goggles that can be used for everything from laboratory work to construction sites, and of course to Airsoft games. The lenses are constructed out of polycarbonate, which makes them impact and scratch resistant. Meanwhile, the interior part of the lenses are coated with an anti-fog technology to make your visibility as clear as possible. The PVC frame and adjustable strap also work together to accommodate practically anyone.

Lancer Tactical CA-221 Airsoft Safety Goggles

The Lancer Tactical CA-221 Airsoft Safety Goggles will offer you long lasting comfort, complete protection for your eyes, and crystal clear vision. The goggles (see full specs) are fully sealed with a foam liner that both blocks out debris and causes them to fit like a glove around your eyes. The strap is also incredibly adjustable and can either fit around a helmet or just around a head. Slanted vents are installed along the side of the goggles to keep the goggles ventilated and further prevent fog.

What to Look for in a Pair of the Best Anti-Fog Airsoft Goggles

There are a great host of different models of Airsoft goggles being sold on the market, but the overwhelming majority of them (contrary to what the manufacturers may claim on the labeling) are rather ineffective at keeping the fog away for long.

Fogged goggles are one of the most annoying aspects of any Airsoft game. It’s absolutely imperative that you wear a pair of goggles in the first place to ensure that your eyes are kept safe from a battlefield filled with flying BBs (which can cause you to lose vision in your eyes with just one shot), but wearing a pair of goggles that only fogs up every few seconds is going to make your game a lot less fun.

Fortunately, if you look for the goggles with the right qualities, you can negate this from happening to you. But first it’s important to understand why goggles can fog in the first place. The primary reason why is because there is a difference in temperature between the goggles and the face of the user. If the face is warmer than the goggles as a result of physical activity, it heats up the interior part of the goggles between the lenses and your eyes, and fogging ensures.

However, if that air has a means to escape your goggles, the fogging decreases as the temperature is balanced. This is why the most important quality to look for in a pair of anti-fog Airsoft goggles is not only ventilation slits on the sides or around the lenses, but ventilation slits that work. Most goggles these days already sell with ventilation slits, but they don’t provide enough air circulation and as a result the temperature stays unbalanced to ensure fogging.

One way to find the best anti-fog Airsoft goggles with slits that actually provide for enough air ventilation is to simply read reviews online and find what people who actually used the goggles are saying. Each one of the Airsoft goggles that we have listed contains well-ventilated slits as told in the reviews of them.

But sometimes, well-ventilated goggles are not enough. If you’re playing hard and running from cover to cover, you’re going to start perspiring sooner or later and this only makes fogging worse. To combat this, many Airsoft goggles manufacturers have treated or coated the interior part of their lenses with anti-fog film or chemicals.

This creates a hydrophilic surface, which means that any moisture that collects in the goggles will be non-scattering instead of forming in larger droplets that will block out sections of your vision. These same lenses should also be treated with a durable material, such as polycarbonate, on the outside to ensure that they are scratch and impact resistant. Remember that scratches can impede your vision through your goggles too, and once your goggles become scratched no amount of anti-fog properties are going to change anything. Good luck!

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