The 4 Best Jungle Boots on the Market – Reviews 2024

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There are many different kinds of outdoor boots available on the marketplace that are each designed for different purposes. The boots that you would use for hunting in the snowy mountains are not at all the same kind of boots that you would use for a desert hike, for example.

All the same, some boots are produced that are designed strictly for jungle use. The original ‘jungle boots’ were actually combat boots made for jungle warfare in environments that were hot and humid (think Vietnam). In these kinds of conditions, your typical leather boots that you may use for the woods are simply not going to stand up well in the jungle conditions.

It’s vitally important that you use specific jungle boots for trekking in the jungle because they are the only kinds of boots that permit enough ventilation and water drainage to keep your feet dry. Otherwise, your feet could become the victim of trench foot and similar diseases that not only impede your ability to walk through jungles and swamps but threaten your life as well.

Here are 4 of the best jungle boots to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you (and we go into what you should look for when selecting the right trekking boots after the reviews):

Under Armour Men’s UA Jungle Rat Boots

A huge feature that your jungle boots must have is the ability to repel moisture and water. The Under Armour UA Jungle Rat Boots not only accomplish this, they do it without surrendering the breathability of the boot as well.

Constructed out of both nylon and leather, this is a minimalist jungle boot (see full specs) with drainage vents on the side that ensure your feet will keep dry, in addition to a sock liner with anti-microbial properties to resist small bacteria from wrecking havoc on your feet. With a total height eight inches, these are among the best waterproof jungle boots you can buy

Under Armour Boots #GoWhereYouDontBelong #IWILL

Mil-Tec US Jungle Combat Boots

These were the exact same jungle combat boots that were adopted and used by the U.S Military in Vietnam. There are many reasons that this boot was good enough for the army. For one thing, it’s constructed out of a mix of 100% cotton leather that has been coated in PU on the outside. On the inside of the boot, the primary materials are nylon and EVA, which is an insulated foam that will keep your foot warm. The heel has been reinforced to provide your foot with plenty of absorption while walking and running over rough terrain.

All in all, this is a military grade combat boot that is one of the best jungle boots options you can buy. It served its purpose well in Vietnam and continues to be used by military, law enforcement units, and civilians of today.

Mil-Tec ARMY black leather boots

U.S G.I. Olive Drab Jungle Boots

Made out of a mix of black leather and OD cordura, this is another high quality combat jungle boot that has found equal favor among militaries, law enforcement agencies, and civilians. The collar of the boot is made out of nylon webbing while the insole has a cushion for added comfort that can also be removed if you do not so desire it.

Total height on this boot is eight inches, which is a must on any jungle boot in order to shield your leg from water in wet and marshy areas. These are among the best jungle hiking boots period.

1st and 2nd pattern USGI desert jungle boots

Stansport Men’s USA Knee Boots

These might not win any fashion awards, but if you want 100% waterproof “jungle boot,” these suckers just might be thanks to its PVC material on the outside. The real standout of this boot is the height: sixteen inches, or twice the height of the other boots on this list and provides even more protection for your lower leg than the other models.

Additional features of this boot, beyond the height, that make it worth looking into include the strong heel for better shock absorption and a skid resisting sole that offers you superior traction.

What Kind of Qualities Do You Need in the Best Jungle Boots?

Swamps, jungles, and rainforests alike are places of mystery and beauty. Yes, they are wet, hot, and humid, but they also contain more species of plants and animals than any other place in the world, including many new species that we have yet to discover yet. This is what makes jungles a fascinating place to explore.

At the same time, there’s no denying that swamps and jungles are very dangerous places as well, and there is simply no other environment on Earth that is a bigger enemy to your feet than the jungle. That’s why you need jungle boots, or boots designed specifically for the jungle, that will keep your feet protected.

One quality that your jungle boots must have is a tall height, or a minimum of eight inches. Not only does this taller height protect your calf against water that you may be wading into, but it also shields it away from deadly creepy crawlies such as venomous snakes, which thrive in jungles.

Your jungle boots need to be breathable and have vents on the sides for water to exit for when (it’s a question of when, not if, in the jungle) water enters them. If they don’t have these vents, then water will become trapped in your boots and soak your socks and feet. Not only will this lead to an unpleasant hiking experience, it also accelerates the process of trench foot that, assuming it goes too far, can lead to gangrene that can in turn lead to a medical amputation.

Finally, the best jungle boots need to have plenty of traction. Jungles are not a dry location in any sense of the word, which means slipping or falling on mud or wet rocks is a real possibility. Boots that are designed for hiking in deserts or temperature forests simply don’t offer the same kind of traction as jungle boots do because they don’t need to. Jungle boots, on the other hand, have even more traction to steady your balance as you walk.

Obviously, the comfort of your boots is another must but you can only decide which boots are comfortable for your feet by trying them on. Consider testing out different boots at your apparel or sporting goods store before making a purchase (or, find an online retailer with a no-questions-asked return policy so you can just pick a few then return the ones you don’t want). Good luck!

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