The 4 Best Remington 597 Bipods – Reviews 2023

remington 597 bipod

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The Remington 597 is an all American option for a well made, easy shooting, and fun .22 caliber rifle. And like every other rifle, the 597 shoots more accurately when paired with a bipod. A good bipod for the 597 should be lightweight and compact since the rifle itself is lightweight and shouldn’t be bogged down with a heavy bipod.

A good bipod needs to be capable of supporting the weapon and providing a stable platform for the shooter to accurately place shots. The Remington 597, when supported, is capable of amazing accuracy. Due to the modularity of the platform and the long magazines it can accept, the bipod may need to provide a greater level of clearance. (A reminder, though: you might have to first install a bolt stud [see some here] to install a bipod to the 597.)

Here are our finds for the 4 best Remington 597 bipods on the market:

NCStar Precision Grade Bipod

The NcStar precision grade bipod is lightweight, tactical bipod that is an excellent option for the Remington 597. The NcStar bipod is made from aircraft grade aluminum and reinforced with steel but remains lightweight at less than a pound. The bipod comes with three different adapters for different mounting methods, and most 597 owners will simply attach the bipod to the rifle’s sling stud.

The NcStar is adjustable for different heights, with the lowest setting at 8 inches and the highest at 12 inches. The NcStar bipod allows the user to choose due to different accessories or to shoot over certain terrain features. The NcStar bipod has round, rubberized feet for a sure grip on the ground below and to prevent any sliding when the shooter puts weight behind the weapon.

The bipod also folds for simple and easy storage, or to get simply get it out of the way when carrying the weapon. The bipod is very strong, and quite capable of withstanding some abuse. The NcStar Precision grade bipod can take some abuse, and since the 597 is such a light weapon it hardly stresses such a strong bipod. The Ncstar bipod gives the Remington 597 a capable, adjustable, and easy to use mobile platform for shooting. It is easily one of the best Remington 597 bipods.

UTG Combat Bipod

The UTG Combat Bipod is a simple folding model that keeps things easy and affordable. The primary material in its construction is durable aluminum that is both lightweight and strong. The bipod feels good in the hand and goes hand in hand with the simple Remington 597 rifle. It’s easy to mount and locks in place nice and solid.

The bipod actually has two options for mounting, the tactical Picatinny rail mount and the more simplistic swivel stud mount. The bipod locks on rock solid and stays put. The bipod allows panning from left to right to allow the shooter to establish a solid position and still have a little play in their aiming. The scope itself has a post lock feature that prevents the Remington 597 from tipping.

The UTG bipod allows users to simply fold the bipod forward, for easy storage. The bipod can adjust a half an inch, from 6.2 inches to 6.7 inches. The UTG bipod has two steel combat stands for feet, and they lock in nice and tight into the ground. The bipod may lack some features but when it gets down to brass tacks, the bipod does exactly what it’s supposed to do: provide a stable platform to increase the weapon’s accuracy.

UTG Tactical Bipod 6-8" Review

CVLIFE Tactical Rifle Bipod

The CVLIFE tactical rifle bipod is one of the most versatile and useful designs for the Remington 597. The build quality is top notch and made from a durable aircraft grade aluminum with steel reinforcements around the frame, which results in a very light but durable product with a long service life. The bipod attaches via Picatinny rail, with the quick lock attachment that makes mounting and dismounting a breeze.

The bipod has a wide range of different heights, ranging from 9 inches to 13 inches. This wide range allows clearance for accessories and terrain objects. The base caps are rubberized and prevent any slip at the base of the bipod. The CVLIFE is certainly a top of the line bipod and offers a lot of bang for the buck. It should belong on anyone’s list of the best Remington 597 bipod.

CVLIFE Bipod with sling install on .270 Remington

Armstac Tactical Bipod

The Armstac tactical bipod is lightweight, durable, and is the perfect bipod for the Remington 597. The lightweight aluminum body and legs give the bipod a high level of durability and its lightweight keeps the weapon from becoming front heavy when not in use. The Armstac bipod features adjustable legs, with the ability to go from 9 inches to 11 inches with a simple twist of the leg release.

The Armstac bipod is light and handy, just like the Remington 597 itself. The bipod attaches via rail and is rock solid and secure once it’s mounted. The legs are spring powered for increased durability that locks in place and keeps steady. The Armstac also utilizes rubberized feet stands that keep the weapon rock solid when it’s on the ground.

The Armstac bipod has position-lock legs that keep the bipod from tipping or swerving. The Armstac is available for a great price and is one of the best Remington 597 bipods for the money.


The addition of a bipod makes any rifle more accurate, and the more accurate a rifle is, the more success you’ll have with it, whether it’s hunting, plinking, or small bore competition. The Remington 597 is one of the most accurate and reliable rifles on the market, and the addition of the right bipod only increases its overall effectiveness as a rifle. Good luck!

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